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Official News PeeFans Accepting Cryptocurrency

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Cryptocurrency is an attractive idea for adult sites and its users.

Firstly, it provides anonymity and discretion - there's no reference to an unknown site on your statement, and the transaction can't be linked to you in the same way as a 'normal' credit card / bank payment. 

But additionally, it facilitates instant worldwide payments with virtually no fees, which means any money exchanged isn't being eaten into by a middle man. Which in our case, means more money to re-invest in improving the site. 

I am pleased to say PeeFans has now accepted its first cryptocurrency payment, and from now on anyone is welcome to choose crypto as a payment option. This can be Bitcoin or an agreed upon altcoin / stablecoin. 

To pay for gold membership with cryptocurrency, please message me (admin) on the forum.
The price of gold membership will then be converted into the cryptocurrency of your choice, and your account will be upgraded once you have paid. 

If you are unfamiliar with how to use cryptocurrency but like the idea, you can also PM me about that too. With user-friendly exchanges like Coinbase, this is a simple process. 

Of course, normal payment methods will still be an option too if preferred. 

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Personally I think this is a great idea!!

It's also a great investment. if you buy now bitcoin for 100EUR next year it will be 500EUR 😛.

Just make sure it is very secure.

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I have removed the poll, and can confirm we are now accepting cryptocurrency as a payment option. 

If there proves to be reasonable demand for this, we will add coinbase integration to automatically process payments and make the whole thing even smoother. But for now, please simply send me a message if you'd like to pay (or donate) using cryptocurrency, and you'll be provided with an address to send to. 

Thank you.

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