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Pee Stories That Make The News

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11 hours ago, Kupar said:

I think this counts


The perks of fame and fortune!  So presumably she wants to avoid sitting her bum where someone else has sat, but has the downside of meaning nobody else can claim to have sat on the toilet seat after Beyoncé. Well, I wonder if the roadies who have to install and remove the seats do so - I bet she doesn’t install it herself.    Alternatively, maybe she leaves the seat after she moves on - the report did say a large crate of toilet seats….

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I didn't know whether to put this one on YouTube Finds or include it here as it meets both criteria.  It is a news story on the TV which has been posted to YouTube about people peeing in public and the local business owners now being too happy.  There is quite a bit of coverage of the actual peeing although it is blurred.   

I've put the link and screenshots on the Youtube Finds page:



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