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have you peed in your own bed?

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I tried peeing in my bed several months ago while I was renting an upstairs bedroom and after several times I was hooked. I will purposely not pee when I go to bed so that I will pee while sleeping.  I pee in bed as much as I can. It feels so good to just pee in my bed and sleep in it.  Then I wake up in the morning and do it again.  Some times I have peed multiple times in one night. Peeing in my bed turns me on so much,  it would be so hot to have a woman to share it with.

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Only accidentally, twice, before telling my partner that I enjoyed pee. So I was actually really scared and had to do my best to cover it up (if he noticed he never said) 

But now we are open about it I think I'd wake him up and just enjoy the moment. 

Peeing the bed is a huge turn on for me though so hopefully it's something I can do on purpose soon. 

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Oh no @Bacardi - how horrendous for you, and guess your child suddenly became aware Mommy had an accident.  One of those laugh, cry or just bawl at them moments.


For me, also never intentionally as an adult.  A couple of years back I'd been out drinking with my normal buddy on a midweek night and perhaps had one pint more than normal. I knew I was on the wrong side of drunk as I staggered and weaved home.  Normally I'd stick with a cutoff point to stop drinking, but that night I'd stumbled over that line.

Somehow I think I managed to get to bed without crashing about enough to wake my sleeping wife. I think I got to sleep pretty quickly too - the next thing I knew was the alarm clock going off as normal in the morning. I got up feeling remarkably fresh, but quickly noticed my boxer shorts feeling very clammy against my skin.

As I looked down, fairly snug fitting light grey boxer shorts were two shades of grey with a vertical line right down their front and back, all one side being warm and damp.  Also to my horror was a circular wet patch about 2-3ft round where I'd been lying down, both on the sheets and also the quilt where it had been in contact with the mattress.

My wife tends to sleep in heavily, so in a silent panic I tried to towel dab as much moisture off the bed as I could and left the quilt folded back, doubled over her as much as I could. In the hour or so before she woke it seemed to dry a reasonable bit and fortunately because of the drink involved my pee must have been pretty clear - no smell or colour to my wet patch.

Somehow and I still don't know how, I seemed to get away with it...   Nothing was ever said. The only conversation about drinking less was the one in my own head.


Sorry too if you've been reading this expecting an account of me deliberately having an orgasmic personal shower in my bed - kudos to those who enjoy the practise, it wasn't a deliberate thing and I'm not sure I'd do it through choice.  But hey, life would be very different if we all loved the same things... 

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I have never peed in my bed for some reason it seems wrong to me idk maybe because i have an really really REALLY expensive bed but would have had an accident 2 times both times made it home and fell asleep and while sleeping and in the morning peed my pants after drinking hard but never made it to bed neither time first time passed out on a rug and the second in the living room floor

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I occasionally wet the bed when I was still a child, the last time it happened by accident I was 12 years old I think. After that I began to sometimes pee on my bed for the pure excitement of it. This was years ago when I'd just discovered my pee fetish, I enjoyed experimenting around with it which lead to a phase where I peed on the matress whenever I felt the need to. Mostly at night or early in the morning because I was to lazy to get out of bed. I always used to lift my pillow and soak the matress underneath it and then use the pillow to hide the wet patch from my mom. I remember it being quite arousing even though I stopped doing it a few weeks later.

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Honestly, the only disadvantage is you can hear the rustling of the vinyl. And the vinyl could be a little warm.one other suggestion is something I tried is to put a coth mattress sheet on top of the vinyl.  I did that for a while but I did not like it as I love puddles on my when my pee soaks through the sheet to the vinyl.  If you can get past the rustling vinyl, I would highly recommend you giving that a try.

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I think only once as an adult - in a hotel room at Disneyland Paris many years ago where we were staying with the in-laws, including brother-in-law's children and our kids. My wife and I had taken advantage of the on-hand family babysitting resources and gone off for a meal at one of the other hotels. We'd drunk quite a lot, and were both very tired after going round the rides etc all day with the kids. It was the last day we were there. I remember getting into bed, having sex, and falling very deeply asleep. When I woke up in the morning it was in a big patch of my own wetness. My wife was not hugely impressed, but amazingly hadn't woken up before me. We just took all the bedding off the bed, lifted the mattress off the bed and stood it upright against a wall (I don't really know why) and left a note for housekeeping apologising.

The idea of the cleaning up, coupled with a wife who isn't particularly into the fetish means I just never consider it, though it would probably be lovely.

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