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Site Question / Help Attachments not working?

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Hi @PeePeePete - 

Are you trying to add a picture / video to a posting in (for example) Pee Pictures or Men Peeing...   if so it's done like this:

- For a video, note that the site doesn't let standard members post videos direct, there isn't the space for it.  Instead you need to host them somewhere else and then post a link.

- To attach a picture to a post, the easiest way is to create your post (for example in a suitable area such as 'Pee Pictures' click on the 'Start New Topic') or if you're adding to someone else's existing post just click on 'Reply to this topic'.  You can them type in any written content and then below the text area you'll see the 'Drag files here to attach or choose files' shaded box.  (On a mobile device perhaps just 'choose files').  Then you can as the link suggests put your pictures in there and when you click to complete your post they'll appear in there.

(The Gallery option in the '+ Create' at the top of the page is indeed greyed out. Video Gallery is a Gold Member feature).

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Hi @gldenwetgoose . Ah ok, I was trying to add video directly whithin my personal area, I assumed I could add some pictures etc to my profile, I didn't expect it to appear in the video gallery area which I know is something as a  Gold Member I can view but which admin manage. I take it then that entering things in as you say, the mens pee forum, they will then also appear as an attachment in my profile?


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Well, the way it generally works (and the easiest way to explain it) - on your profile there's the profile pic and banner pic which you've already got.

As you browse around the forum in general, you may find a topic already in a subject area which you'd like to add some photos into.  You do that by replying to the post and can add the images directly in there, for example by browsing them from your computer or uploading from your phone's photo gallery.  You could also import from a webpage using the URL of the image.  In the same way you could create a new post in an area and import photos into it.

Any photos that you add to the forum in that way - either in posts or if you happen to send images to another member in a message - will appear in the 'attachments' section on your profile.  Note that you post them on the forum first and then they appear in Attachments in your profile, you don't upload images to your profile in order to use them on the forum.

If you're thinking about adding images to your profile as a sort of introduction, there is a section of the forum for introductions - you can create a post there including your pics.  You can always then copy its URL and paste that into your profile description.

Just on the video front again - a gif type image can be posted just like a still image.  Other videos though (mp4 etc) need to be hosted elsewhere, for example on Erome, Youtube or even somewhere like Dropbox.  Then you can paste in the URL for that video as a link into your posts or on your profile page.

Hope that helps!

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The other thing to say - which I've just thought of...

If you're thinking of content on your profile to help people get to know you, bear in mind they can only see the first page of your profile and also your activity.  The 'attachments' tab is private to you, so won't be visible to other users.

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