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Teach your adult kids to pee?

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Certainly, years ago (15 years or more) I was questioning what other parents, neighbors or friends might think if I allowed, encouraged my boys to pee outside, as in the back yard, parks, alleys, ect. My first thought was mothering, parenting chat boards, where I search similar questions and ultimately asked my own. I always felt that I was probably one of very few moms who actually encouraged this sort of thing, but my research proved different. As I found, even half of mothers thought if perfectly fine for boys to pee outdoors and most (75% to 85%) tolerate them doing so. I also learned that most moms assume that guys pee in showers and floor drains, especially in locker rooms. I've had many moms through the years positively comment when they've noticed my boys going outside, wishing their boys would do so at times as well. I've also noticed that while most young men do pee outdoors and in other places, the vast majority are terrified to do so around their moms, or even have their moms find out they've done so. This fear seems to extend into adult boys as much as teens, which I find to be quite ironic, as many moms see nothing wrong with guys doing so.

Where, back yard, road side, parks, alleys, public showers, locker rooms, beach, pools.  Why, because it's more convenient for me and them, no looking for restrooms, no tracking into the house.

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