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Hello fellow pee lovers, I'm glad it's not just me!

I have been into watersports for all my adult life. It all started with my first girlfriend, we were young and drunk. I needed to pee and she asked me to pee in her mouth, she always had me cum in her mouth and swallow it just like she did my pee! Of course I had to repay the favour 🙂

After that we added pee to our sex life, but as they say, all good things come to an end and we broke up.

Since then it had mostly been a fantasy, i bought it up with an ex and she said she fantasised about peeing on a guy. Of course, I took the lead, letting her do it thinking it would turn her on and would want me to do the same to her, she didn't she dumped me the next day 😄

I guess my likes are just the normal peeing on each other and in each others mouth or into ass and pussy. I have recently started to watch the outdoor pee scenes which I like. I've not really been into the diaper/nappy, bed/carpet/furniture wetting or peeing on yourself aspect, I might just be a prude 😄

I think that just about sums up me, myself and I.

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