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Fun with my (now) ex

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2 hours ago, windy55 said:

     My ex-wife before our marriage totally fell apart had gone to see a therapist. My wife was living with another man but we thought it would be worth one last try to reconcile. During one of the early session my interest in voyeurism, watching women peeing, and sharing the toilet with my wife when we both needed to pee came up. I was hesitant at first to discuss my interests, but the therapist reminded us that we were all grown ups. The sessions took place approximately place about 75 miles from where we lived and my wife and I would have something to eat before starting home. My wife and I would consume large drinks of ice tea with a sandwich then get directly into the automobile and get on the road. Three quarters of the way home we both both came desperate for a pee and I would ask my ex-wife if she was up for some roadside peeing. She did not need much plodding to said yes.

     I would pull off the interstate and drive about a quarter of a mile on the secondary road then turn into a side road. I would barely be able to disengage the gear and turn the automobile off before my ex was climbing out of the auto, unbuttoning her shorts or lifting her skirt, pulling down her panties, and halfway squatting down. By the time I had come around the auto, she was in full stream, sending a forceful gush of champagne-colored pee splattering on the gravel or dirt of the edge of the road. I would stand directly behind her, extract my dick from my pants, and send an equally forceful stream of piss to play on the surface behind her large,mature ass cheeks. She would often tell me not to piss on her which was a good idea on her part in that it was so tempting a thought to squirt a bit of my piss on those magnificent ass of hers! I found the experience to be especially exciting when occasionally another auto would drive us as we watered the side of the road.

     By the time we got home we both would need to pee once more. I would often sit on the toilet stool and my ex would would sit spread legged on my thighs. My dick would immediately begin to harden and I often just be able to send a weak dribbling piss falling into the commode. My ex on the other hand did not seem to have much trouble going pee. She would sent a golden stream from her urethra to not only to fall into the commode but to drench my dick and balls. The wetness, the odor and hotness of her urine as well as the shared intimacy caused my dick to become full erect. We would...well, you know!      


Sorry to hear about the marriage, but I bet the pee fun was great!

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On 7/8/2020 at 7:05 AM, jeanswettingfan said:

She had gotten very desperate and we were both very horny so, with her bathing suit still on, she let go on top of me.

That is so hot, thanks for sharing! Sorry to hear she's only an ex - I understand that you miss those times!

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