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It's something about driving in u'r car n relieving u'rself that's relaxing. I have rubber floor mats, so I use the floor a lot My previous trucks, were already smelly from after work, (sweaty, musty and sometimes soak n wet) so peeing in them wasn't hardly noticed the next morning. That long ride hm because very relaxing knowing I didn't have to worry if I got caught in traffic n had to run in the house when I got hm, I even started doing it differently ways to make it interesting. 

What I would suggest might help, if you plan to peeing more. Because you can't only soak your seat so many times b4 the smell is overpowering. I would challenge myself with my newer car, by coming up with different ways and I can't never do the same way twice. That way the damage is limited. (Unless my wife decides to finally play along [and I doubt that] or someone on this website wants to play,  I won't mind doing it again. 

Anyway Enjoy 



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When we were kids our car seats always had water proof liners on them.

That way they were protected from all kinds of things kids would stain a seat with. 

These liners where like a fabric which feels nice but waterproof underneath. You could take them off and put in the washing mashine.

I think about getting one of those, maybe it would be a good investment for you too?

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2 hours ago, Bilove6967 said:

I actually had my first (and only, so far!) car pissing experience about two months ago. I was making an eight hour road trip alone and with all the water and energy drinks, I have to pee a lot! And I hate stopping so much. Plus, I’ve always been turned on by it and wanted to try it. So, I covered my seat in a sheet, and like three towels. At first, I tried to just let a little out at a time…but I’m never real good at that lol

After only about five minutes, I was driving with my tits out, no panties, and power pissing alllll over my steering wheel, floor, seat, and door. Honestly - the best feeling I’ve ever had. I’ve never squirt and cum so much in my life 😳 

I do have video clips of this if anyone’s interested in me posting them 😬 sorry if this is the wrong thread - just thought I’d respond anyway! I vote you do it again and again! 🙂

I'd love to see them and I'm sure others would too!

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On 7/15/2021 at 5:10 PM, Bilove6967 said:

I do have video clips of this if anyone’s interested in me posting them 😬

Please post it. I already know I will love it. 😄

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