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Let me start off by saying I was overjoyed to find this site. Thank you Admin, and all Moderators, and folks who made me feel welcome here. As a freebee here I do feel like a drag on the site. Unfortunately, at this time I an unable to pay 10 dollars a week to be a gold member, and I do apologize for that. Times are tough right now. I'm having all I can do to keep my head above water. I do hope you get the help you need to keep this site afloat. I cherish it.

That said, I can leave if need be.

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@steve25805 summed it up perfectly. Contributions to the site definitely aren't always financial. You should never feel guilty at all for not donating , especially when you are adding to it in terms of activity here. 

The recent pushes for new gold members have simply been because membership has (understandably) dropped due to coronavirus implications. The pushes are only aimed at people who wouldn't hugely notice the £5 a month  (but get a lot out of the site), -I completely understand it's not an option for everyone though and that's no issue at all, you are definitely not being a drag in any way. 

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I was a member for many months enjoying the content and I totally agree with you about being overjoyed to find the site.  As you'll have found yourself from chat it's far more than just a paid porn site.  I never once felt any pressure that I should subscribe, it's a very recent personal choice to do so.

As the guys above have said, everyone who contributes to the site makes it a better place - doesn't matter whether it's by clicking a like icon, posting a photo or comment, chatting or just being there - every aspect is valuable and you are too.

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