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I've been here a long time but not yet managed to work out how to attach jpgs to private messages.  You seem to be able to add images from URLs but that's all.  If anyone with better tech knowledge than I have (which wouldn't take much, by the way) could shed light on that I'd be very grateful.   

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I wonder if it's a 'perk' of gold membership or even VIPs as well? As I have the option and I am a gold member. Since it's not there for the original poster and they aren't gold (or staff/ VIP) suggests that it may be the case. I could be wrong though so will let admin confirm.

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Hey @Adyguy6970 sorry for the confusion. 

@lovestoseepee is exactly correct.

This used to be a feature available to everyone, but since attachments are the biggest site cost, a while back I decided to limit attachments in conversations to gold/staff only.

All members can obviously added attachments to their public posts.

And also, all members can still send images in private messages, you just have to import it from a URL. So if you are trying to 'upload' a new image, you'd have to upload it to somewhere like imgur.com and then link to it.

For the privacy and convenience of uploading directly to peefans, you'd need to be a gold member. 

Gold members also get all other PM limits removed, so they can send unlimited pm's, get unlimited storage space, and even have private live chats. 🙂 

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