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My life as a diaper fetishist

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I am very confident that my dysfunctional stress incontinence caused me eventually became a diaper fetishist who taught me to enjoy to drown diapers and it was then that I discovered I had multiple of dry orgasms every time I drowns out diapers. Of course I took with pleasure against this unique gift and developed it even more. My dysfunctional stress incontinence has been one of many permanent symptoms of a neurological disability and a very good reason why I became a diaper fetishist. As a 100% diaper fetishist, I am very curious as to soon make a video and drown the new diapers to rate them.

I keep secret, of course, that I am a very experienced diaperfetishist for the surroundings because in my country there are many prejudices and preconceptions about almost everything even the diaper fetishists. Prejudices and preconceptions about people with disabilities and unemployment people are here in Sweden as well, therefore I call now my country for it "prejudiced country." But incontinence is of course very common today as it ought to be no prejudices even against diaper fetishists.

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