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Red flag, Yellow streams: The Soviet Republic of Pisuaria. (From Omorashi.Org)

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3 hours ago, Ms. Tito said:

Me: 'Im gonna continue my story!' 


Also me: *struggling to write a college paper* 


I wish I could continue to write about the land of urinals, but between school and family encroaching on my every private moment, idk.

Yes, do take care. I totally get what you mean, I moved back in with my family last year after years living apart, and since then it's been much harder to find time alone to write. 

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1 hour ago, Ms. Tito said:

Chapter 6.5: Katarina 

Katarina was an entry level government official. An office secretary, with almost no sway over political dealings within the Communist Party of Pisuaria. She was happy, however. She lived a quiet, simple life in her one-bedroom apartment, spending her days running numbers and occasionally fooling around with anyone who needed release in the office. That would soon change, as her superiors would give her a promotion. 

"You're sending me to America?! But, why?" She asked over the phone with shock. 

"We need your help setting up an embassy in the United States" The man on the other end of the call replied. 

"With all due respect, comrade, I have a life here. I can't just uproot my entire world. Even if I were to work in a foreign country, wouldn't it be better if I lived in one of our allied states? Lavatria, Kaymala, hell even Jiyu, and that is halfway across the planet!" 

"Because, we want the United States to see us as a legitimate, independent nation. An embassy only further solidifies our recognition as a state. I know you'll be able to handle it." 

Katarina, protesting one last time, asked "I guess you're right, but their society is so bizarre and barbaric. Women aren't even allowed to be topless in public over there!" 

The higher-up again assuaged her concerns. "We still need you over there. Don't worry, you will have a house where you can relieve yourself and be nude as you please. When you get off the plane, take the bus to Kalicone Wilderness. Your home should be near there." 

Katarina reluctantly agrees to the arrangement and asked when she is to leave for America. She began to pack her backs, and move her life overseas, where her work will be done. 

Sounds like a promising set-up 🙂 

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3 hours ago, Ms. Tito said:

(It's finally here! The 7th Chapter of the somehow miraculously acclaimed Pisuaria series! Slight warning that there is a little hardcore BDSM in the background. Nothing too much, just a collar and spanking. After a year of procrastination and a week of development, hopefully it's worth the wait.)


Chapter 7: Foreign Intimate Relations 

As a small, reclusive socialist island nation, much of the international community ignores Pisuaria, so most of it's trading is done with Cuba and China, however Russia, Belarus, and even the unrecognized breakaway Pridnestrovie Moldovan Republic, or Transnistria, trade goods with Pisuarians, despite the Russian Federation and it's allies' feelings towards so-called "gay propaganda." While Pisuaria has a shaky relationship with her mother country, Russia, they are no friends of NATO either. They've frequently spoken out against the US-led interventions in Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, and most recently Ukraine. However, Pisuaria has friends of its own, found in the similarly omorashi-inclined nations of Lavatria, Kaymala, and Jiyū. Titled the "International Pact for Free Love and Expression" by the Pisuarian government, the member states of this union have one common trait. Public urination, nudity, and sex are all legally and socially acceptable. The pact was started by Lavatria and Kaymala in 1948, and later joined by Jiyū in the 1970s after it became independent from Japan. Pisuaria is its newest member, joining in 1991 after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. 

Today was the annual Festival of Cultural Friendship, an event where people from all four nations in the Free Love Pact came together and enjoyed food, carnivals, music, and of course, sex, for a week. Last year, Lavatria was the host nation for the festival. This year, Pisuaria is hosting. 

The festival was a celebration of each of the four nations' cultures, with both their common nonchalant attitudes towards sex and urination, to their different cultural music and food. Jiyū's traditional food heavily inspired by Japanese cuisine was especially popular. 

At the Valentina Tereshkova airport, passenger jets carrying people from Jiyū, Lavatria, and Kaymala landed and docked at the airport gates, unloading hundreds of people. Inside there were banners saying "Welcome to the 63rd annual Festival of Cultural Friendship" in each nation's official and native languages. People in various states of dress and undress were welcomed by customs, and directed to buses that would take them to a train station, where they would get on a train to the capitol city of Tualya. As they reached the capitol, buildings were draped with flags and banners celebrating the four nations and their unity.

Zvezda Tikhanova was present for the festival, and showed the visitors around the city. Zvezda, or Star in English, was non-binary, meaning they didn't fit into either of the traditional Western, or even Eastern gender norms. They had long, curly, dirty-blonde hair, and green eyes that shone like emeralds. A t-shirt hugged their lithe frame, however they didn't wear any pants or underwear. They had a small pair of breasts, a petite ass, and an average sized dick. They, along with other Pisuarians, welcomed their visitors warmly. 

As cultural exchange was a staple of this festival, visiting delegations were encouraged to partake in sexual activities with other delegations, an orgy of people from different corners of the world. At the festival grounds, people chatted with each other while sharing a kiss, or feeling each other up, and others just chose to fuck each other openly, sometimes in small groups. Still others were taking breaks in between fucks to rehydrate, continue chatting with each other, or piss on some wall or near some bushes, and in some cases on each other. Zvezda was having fun with two people in particular, a Lavatrian man, and a Jiyūan trans woman who calls herself a "futanari." Their names were Michael and Hirumi. He, along with Zvezda, were sucking her off and licking her balls. It didn't take very long to make her cum. Hirumi went over to get some water when the three of them decided to take a break, and Zvezda thought it might be a good idea to pee and then drink some water. When people are having sex for a long period of time it is important to stay hydrated. 

They went over to a wall where some other people were peeing and got their penis into position before letting out a stream their own. Since they weren't wearing pants or underwear they didn't have to worry about getting them out of the way to pee. A Kaymalan woman was squatting next to them and pissing on the wall as well. She took a glance at Zvezda's cock and said "You have a nice dick." 

They replied "Thank you, you look pretty as well. My name's Zvezda, by the way." 

"Ulla" She responded. 

"Care to join me and my group?" "Sure!" 

The two headed back to Hirumi and Michael, who were already fucking each other again, this time Hirumi had a collared leash around Michael's neck. She was spanking his ass as she fucked him fast and hard. Turns out they both like to play rough. Ulla and Zvezda got to work on each other next to those two. Zvezda began running their fingers across Ulla's vagina, as she fondled their balls in her hand. Her other hand wrapped around Zvezda's butt, and she moved on from their balls to stroke their shaft. Zvezda let their fingers find their way into Ulla's pussy, and began to work their magic. She kept stroking them off as they kept fingering her and rubbing her clit. 

"Fuck, I think I'm gonna cum!" Ulla cried. 

"Me too, I'm about to explode!" Zvezda moaned out. 

The two came one after another. Zvezda's semen splattered all over Ulla's stomach. They both hugged and relaxed. "That was amazing, thank you," Ulla whispered, before kissing Zvezda on the lips. Hirumi let out a loud moan that interrupted their kiss, as she came inside Michael's ass. She then began to piss inside his ass, pulling out when she finished. A mixture of cum and piss dripped from his hole as he stood up. The four friends had a fun time with their little orgy. But the festival was still not over. It has only just begun. 

I am glad to see the muse has descended again for you @Ms. Tito 🙂 

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3 hours ago, BeneathMyWillow said:

I love it, brilliant! And what a great idea to join the worlds together like this. (In fact, as long as you don't mind, I might try to write about some Kaymalans visiting the same festival?) 

I'd love it!

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