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Mess trip to the bathroom

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4 hours ago, Sweets said:

So last night I was bored and what do I do when I’m bored.  Watch porn and play with myself.  Not sure how long I had been playing but I did realize I needed to pee.  What I didn't realize was just how bad.  My husband alarms went off and interrupted my playing so I put it on hold and decided I should go pee.  I walked from the living room into the dinning room and my bladder let me know how much I needed to go. It started leaking.  I got to the hallway right by the bathroom and it started leaking more running down my thigh.  I got to the bathroom and it was running down to me feet now. I got to the toilet and since it was already coming out I decided not to sit but stand over the toilet.  Once I was in position I let it all go. Omg I made one hell of a mess.  It continued to run down both legs spray all over the toilet a lot went into the toilet. But it sprayed everywhere and a lot of it.  I was surprised at how much.  After I was done I had a huge mess.  I had pee all over my legs I had 2 puddles on the floor I was standing in and piss all over the seat.  I looked down wonder where do I start cleaning up without making more of a mess lol.   I should have just stepped in the shower and let go. 😈😈😈.   It was a good thing my husband interrupted my playing.  Because I’ve been know you pee when I cum.  And that could have been a really big mess   

should definitely try this again and ha e your phone at hand to video it 

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