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26 yrs old from Finland


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Hello, hello.


I have been bit of while on this forum, but I don’t have introduced me yet.


So I come from Finland, where the Santa claus lives and Nokia phones (When it was before Microsoft)


Myself I have alot of hobbies and do many gym & swim training. So atleast I don’t stay at home.


I got involved very young age to pee things. One of the girl who was my friend always went for pee. One day she squatted in front of me with pussy and started to make a long powerful piss with loud hissing noise. After that watching womans peeing, specially outside is like a euphoria. 

I would like to get connect ladies here, so my Kik is daavedi and Snapchat daveei

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Welcome @Funner !   Mukava saada sinut tänne.

You'll find we are a friendly & fun bunch, all with the same vice - pee play.

Just be sociable, respectful & polite, especially to the wonderful ladies here, and you'll be just fine.

Looking forward to any experiences, pics, posts and stories you care to share.

Be well and...


Pee happy!  :peeing-in-the-snow:

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