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A Holiday Selfie. Part 3. A "Wet" Valentine. (Short)

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A Holiday Selfie. Part 3. A "Wet" Valentine. (Short)
by Dr.P

Summary: She sends me another video, as promised in Part 2, in which she pees, while squatting low over the toilet, as I remember her doing, when she had to use public facilities, long ago, when we were together. Her hiss can be heard, and she explains, in a detailed, ongoing narrative, how she prepares to pee, when she has to squat. Her narrative continues, as the video shows her actually peeing, and having difficulties controlling her spraying stream. She gets very wet, as a result, and the video shows her efforts at cleanup. I describe this second video, and relay a phone conversation that I have with her about it, in intimate detail.

Sure enough, I find another e-mail from her, with a video attached, a few days later. The subject line says, "Happy Valentine's Day," and in her note to me, she says,

"My physical therapist says I'm getting much better, as you'll see in this video. I can do something now, that I told you I couldn't do, and haven't done, in more than a year. Hope you like watching me do it! You used to beg me to do it, all the time, and now, I can do it again! You'll see what it is, in the video! It's my Valentine's gift to you."

I am quite intrigued and excited by her tease, and open the video immediately.

As this one begins, she is already in the bathroom, standing in front of the toilet. The field of view of the camera is at the height of the toilet, and quite close to it. I'm guessing that she placed her phone on the chair that they have in the bathroom, to help disabled patients, in the shower.

Her voice comes on for the first time, in the video: "I have to get situated, here, so I can show you how I do this. I still do it pretty much the same way as I did, back when we were together, and I have to do the same things to get ready. First, I have to get my clothes out of the way, so they don't get wet."

She lifts her nightie and wraps it around her waist, then slips her panties down her legs, below her knees.

"Then I have to get my lips open, so it comes out straight, without spraying, too much. If my lips are stuck together, it can spray everywhere, and make a mess."

"The hard part comes next: I have to squat down, close enough to the seat, so I don't do it on the floor, or get the seat wet, and I have to spread my legs wide enough so that they don't get wet, but not so far apart that it sprays. I don't know why it does that, when I spread my legs really wide, but it always has. Everything has to be just right."

She opens her slit with two fingers, and then lets her lips relax, before lowering herself, until her thighs and bum are only a couple of inches above the seat, where she stops, and opens her legs until her thighs are about an inch or two apart, exactly as I remember her doing it, when she showed me how she squatted in public Ladies' rooms, when we were together, long ago. She takes a wad of t.p. in her hand, to get it ready, and keeps her nightie in place, around her waist, with her other hand.

Her voice comes on again, in the video,

"Well, now that I have everything ready, here it comes! Hope you like the view! Be careful so you don't get wet!" She winks and grins at the camera.

Her stream separates her lips in a powerful, flat spray, midway between her thighs, hissing more loudly than it does, when she pees, sitting down. It goes so far forward that it splatters off the front edge of the bowl in the gap in the institutional-style seat, sprinkling her inner thighs and knees with some fine drops.

"Wow! I had to go even more than I thought I did!" She comments.

She leans forward slightly, to prevent the splatter, and continues to pee. Then her stream wanders sideways, instantly wetting her left thigh, from her slit to her knee. She shifts sideways, in an effort to control this, and it sprays her right thigh, before she eventually, gets it back in the middle, going into the toilet, between her legs.

"That was messy! I forgot how hard it was to control my stream, when I squat to do it. I'll have to practice doing this, more! Wish you were here to wipe me, or lick my legs for me!" She says, in the video, with a big smile, and a wink.

Her stream finally weakens and becomes round and well behaved, but it still wanders sideways, and wets her inner left thigh, in her thigh gap, before it stops, momentarily. Then it spurts a few more drops, at the end. I wish I could catch them in my mouth, as I watch them sprinkle her inner thighs.

She spreads her legs to show me all of the dribbles on her thighs, her bum, and the seat, does the best she can to wipe some of them away, while she is still squatting, then stands up, and takes more t.p. from the roll, to wipe her legs and the seat. She is careful to keep all of her wiping in the view of the camera.

"See how wet I am! Now I really wish you were here to help with the cleanup."

After watching this latest video, I am very curious about many of the details of how she did it, and want to congratulate her on the improvement in her leg strength. So I call her on the phone.

"Happy Valentine's Day to you, too! Thanks very much for your latest video. It's incredibly sexy! A wonderful, very different Valentine! And congratulations on getting some strength back in your lovely legs."

"You're very welcome! Glad you liked it! It was so messy, and I got so wet, that I almost didn't send it to you! But I remembered that you liked it best, when I got the wettest!"

"That's true! How did you find out that your legs were strong enough to squat, again? Did you try it before you made the video?"

"Yes. It was kind of an accident, again. I sort of had to squat, one day, or I would have wet myself. When I was teasing you about it, on the phone, I had already done it that time, so I knew I could do it. "

"Sounds like an interesting story." I'd love to hear it!"

"I knew you would, so I'll tell you all about it, right now, if you have time to listen."

"There's nothing I'd rather hear, or do."

"One of my room mates had a woman visitor, who stayed all afternoon. When she was ready to leave, she took it upon herself to use our patients' bathroom, even though it's against the rules, here. I had to go bad, because I was waiting for her to leave, for a long time. So I got in that bathroom, as soon as she left, with my nightie up, around my waist, and my panties down, ready to sit down, and go!"

"But luckily, I looked down at the toilet seat first. Apparently, this woman had squatted or stood, when she went, and peed all over the seat, without wiping it. The seat was totally wet, with little puddles of pee, not just a few dribbles, like a lot of women leave. So there was no way that I could sit down, in that mess! I would have had to clean all of that up, if I wanted to sit down, a very dirty, disgusting job. But I also had to go so bad, by that time, that I would have wet my own panties, and had it running down my legs, while I was cleaning the seat."

"So I decided to try squatting above the seat, like I did, back in the day, when you and I were together. I didn't know if I could still do that, after breaking my hip, but I had to try. The therapist had told me that my legs were much stronger, lately, so I figured I had a good chance. So I lowered myself carefully, over the toilet, used one of the grab bars, for balance, and just let fly. It worked very well, although I have to admit that I added a little to the pee drops on the seat, when it sprayed. I hadn't squatted to do it in so long that I forgot how! When I was done, I took a big wad of tissue and just wiped the whole seat, so my room mates wouldn't blame me for making the mess, and flushed it all away."

"After this was over, I thought about you, and I knew that you would have loved to watch what I did in the bathroom, that time, since you always begged me to squat, when I went, while you were watching. Guess I need to practice some more, so I don't make such a mess, when I do it for you again."

"I always wanted you to squat, so I could really see how it came out, more than I could see, when you were sitting down, especially when you kept your legs together. There is nothing I'd rather do more than help you get back in practice, squatting when you pee, by doing the cleanup! I would choose to lick you, instead of wiping you, if you would let me!"

"We'll have to talk about that, if I can ever get out of here, and go home. I know I'd like you to lick me a lot, like you used to. I haven't felt anything as good as that, in many years."

"All my pleasure!" I replied. "I can't wait to take good care of you, again!"



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