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For those of you that use a urinal often...

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6 hours ago, Boystoiletlover said:

Belt and trousers undone and flop it out of my knickers, sometimes hold it with the top of my knickers instead of my hand. Then give it a little shake and put my stodger back in my pants and zip them up 🙂


Never heard that one before

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Usually unzip and pull it out. If I'm wearing shorts i just pull out over the top or sometimes out via the leg -- always the right leg, never the left, lol

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I’ve just spent the last three days at the British F1 Grand Prix at Silverstone, along with 140,000 other people under one of the U.K. governments trial events. 

It’s been incredibly hot weather so I’ve probably drunk 2-3 litres of water each day. Not all of it has come out as pee, but enough has generally in the gents toilets scattered around the site. 

No photos - sorry folks, but for those interested, most of the toilet blocks featured a gents ‘urinal room’ - a cinder block room with a sheltered doorway,  no way of being spied from outside (boo!) and  inside a stainless steel open urinal spreading round every side, so maybe 30-40 feet of pissing space. 

At some busy points maybe there were a dozen of us guys all standing in front of our own space, cocks in hand spraying strong, slightly dehydrated steams against the steel.

Heading back into the bright sunshine, maybe a dozen ladies queueing for the other entrance. No real signs of desperation, but that didn’t damp my imagination. 

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