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Escort peeing experiences.

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1 minute ago, Peevert said:

I have a stripper friend who lets me drink her pee in the friction room.  We've been doing it for 5 or 6 years.  $50 - And worth it. 🙂

BTW, one hint: Don't ask one of the 18 or 19 year old strippers.  I almost got kicked out for that, she was shocked and was telling everyone.  Find a nice 30 something girl who's heard it all before.  Worked for me. 🙂

You lucky duck! Good tip, I wouldn’t have thought of that myself. Fair price to pay for some golden nectar!

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26 minutes ago, durianfury said:

Fair price to pay for some golden nectar!

Absolutely !!  One time she peed faster than I could swallow and accidentally gave me a nice golden shower all over my chest and stomach.  Which was fine with me, but I had to make a quick exit before anyone knew I had gotten peed on.  Definitely against the rules. :P    

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  • 1 month later...

Yes, I had such an experience, and it is pretty funny and entertaining. I have quite a lot of experience with escorts, and not all girls would agree to do such a thing. But you can easily find a girl who is on the same vibe as you and go crazy. If you find a girl who agrees, don't hesitate to do it. A girlfriend of mine who uses the male escort in the USA also tried to do this with that man because I recommended her. She said they had unforgettable moments and liked the experience with the escort peeing. Don't hesitate to do it too.


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