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Sophie's party - The beginning

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If this was just the first hour or so, I can't wait to read about the rest of the weekend.  Your narrative style is perfect and I'm sure we all have some wonderful mental images to stroke to.  

This event is destined to become part of PeeFans folklore.  Thanks for sharing ... and for being the naughty, horny, sexy lady you are.

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Wow @Sophie   What a start to the weekend and you were first to pee as well as being first to instigate sexual experiences.  You are quite the naughty minx and I am absolutely sure that every person in the room enjoyed seeing you in that short dress, peeing and enjoying sexual encounters.  

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Absolutely brilliant narrative of a very special and truly erotic weekend indeed!

Anyone else up for our own similar weekend party, hosted of course by Sophie herself!

How on earth do you manage to meet like minded friends who were, I assume, not members on here?  Do tell....


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6 hours ago, steamlover6 said:

Absolutely brilliant narrative of a very special and truly erotic weekend indeed!

Anyone else up for our own similar weekend party, hosted of course by Sophie herself!

How on earth do you manage to meet like minded friends who were, I assume, not members on here?  Do tell....


That would be great but half of you are in England and then us in the US and we are so far away from each other 🥺😓

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1 hour ago, Sophie said:

I am so glad I managed to write it up well, I like to include as much detail as possible but I always worry about rambling too much. It's good to know the extra details are appreciated!

They really are appreciated very much.  Your descriptions of how you feel and what excites you are, for me, the sexiest and most arousing part of the story.   I tend not to give my own reactions to your writing in case you find it off-putting that a "stranger" is having such intimate thoughts about you,  but I will say that your first installment of this description has raised me to a higher state of erotic arousal than I have had for a long time,  and I have remained there.

By that I mean, for that past two weeks or so since reading this,  I seem to have had some kind of hyper sensual awareness, so that everything seems better and brighter.  Every picture in the forum looks hotter,  women look more pretty,  music is more enjoyable, stories are more exciting.

We are completely anonymous from each other, and yet from reading your posts and stories over the years, I feel I know you as a person.  Certainly I know that I like you very much.  Now to read that you have had an amazing experience that brought you so much pleasure,  and to get an insight into the feelings that it gave you as it happened, is really uplifting.  The way I would put it is that you have added to the amount of joy that is in the world.  That is truly a very fine gift, and I thank you for it.

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On 11/3/2019 at 11:49 PM, Sophie said:

This is just the beginning - More will trickle in once I get time.

I had a pee party this weekend! From Friday evening to Sunday afternoon. I went to the local lingerie shop after work on Friday afternoon and picked out a really nice lingerie set. (Photo from the store website at the bottom) A little black lace thong and a matching lace bra, I wanted to be really sexy. When I got back home I got myself ready, putting on the lingerie and a very short black dress. It barely covered my behind and I wouldn’t dream of wearing it in public. I straightened my hair, did my makeup and then spent the next hour or so drinking water. I wanted to be fairly full when I got there. Partly so I didn’t have to wait to pee, but also to combat my shyness. I imagined I was going to be really, really shy when I got there and it’s just so much easier to go when you’re bursting. The water worked better than I imagined and by the time I was ready to leave the house, I was rather desperate. I wasn’t bursting, but if I didn’t have any plans I’d probably use the first toilet I saw. At just before 6pm my husband and I got in my car and we set off.

I arrived at the house and after being let in through the large metal gates I parked my car and we walked to the only building with lights on. This had to be it. The room was amazing! Quite large with hardwood floors throughout. At one end there was a bar and there was a couple of sofas along one of the side walls. In the corner there was a few boxes, rolls of carpet, some chairs. It was going to be good! I was told Chris rents the place out for parties and I can definitely see why. Lauren, Chris, Rose and Dave were already there, chilling at the bar while waiting for everyone to arrive. Let me describe them for you. Lauren is a tall, slim woman with black hair that drapes over her shoulders. Beautiful blue eyes and a gorgeous smile. She was wearing tight light blue jeans and a nice top that accented her small, but proportioned breasts. She’s married to Chris who organised the whole event. He’s an average height and build, short brown hair. Always up for a laugh. Rose is quite short but incredibly sexy. She’s very athletic, we met while running, and she has the body to match. A nice firm ass that looked incredible in her tight jeans and a nice chest, a C cup I’d guess, her long dark red hair draped over her breasts. She’s married to Dave, also athletic with short dark hair and rather muscular.

I walked across the room to the bar and greeted everyone with hugs and a kiss on the cheek. I was feeling so excited! I poured myself a glass of cola and we started talking about what was going to happen over the next few days, what I wanted to try, what I didn’t like etc. It was really nice and put me at ease, I knew I was in good hands and that I was going to really enjoy myself. We established some rules in regards to partners. I had mentioned I wasn’t overly comfortable with my husband being with someone else, but my husband did agree I could have fun with the ladies if I wanted to. He’s always fantasised about watching me with another woman. Lauren., Rose, Chris and Dave were willing to share between each other as much as they liked and I was allowed to pee on, or be peed on by anyone if I so wished.

About fifteen minutes after I arrived Megan and Rob showed up. Megan is about 5’4 and very curvy. I’m always a little jealous when I see her figure. She has the perfect hourglass shape, nice wide hips and a beautiful booty, a skinny waist and then large E cup breasts. She was wearing a nice low cut dress that went down to her knees and showed plenty of cleavage. She’s always been proud of her boobs and will show them off whenever appropriate. She’s been dating Rob for about a year and this was the first time we had met. He’s cute! The same height as Megan and rather muscular but not over the top. Longish blonde hair. I was looking forward to seeing more of him.

The drinks were flowing, and while mine were not alcoholic, I was still taking in plenty of fluids. I needed to pee before I arrived and after a little while it was becoming rather uncomfortable. “Can I use your bathroom please?” I asked Chris. “I really need a wee.” It felt a little silly asking to use a bathroom because of what we were going to be doing later, but since we were still standing and talking, I didn’t want to jump the gun.
“Just pee. It’s fine” I took his advice very literally and stopped fighting the urge to pee. I tried my hardest to keep a straight face and act normal as I waited for my body to let go, casually sipping my drink while talking to my friends. I was feeling more and more desperate by the minute but I was doing nothing to stop my bladder from emptying. It was like my brain was protesting. “No Sophie! You cannot pee here. Go find a toilet!” I kept ignoring it, making sure not to jiggle and give away what I was about trying to do and after about 5 minutes I smiled as a gentle trickle of pee cascaded down my legs. The lace did nothing to stop it. My stream started slow at first and nobody noticed I was peeing down my legs but I couldn’t hold back a gasp as without warning the dam burst and I began peeing strongly. If the gasp didn’t give away what I was doing, the loud splashing against the hardwood floor definitely did. I felt incredibly naughty as everyone looked at me, a mixture of shock and smiles on their faces. I had a huge smile on my face and made eye contact with everyone, not shying away from what I was doing at all. I could feel my cheeks blushing but I wasn’t embarrassed. I was absolutely loving what I was doing. My knickers were getting soaked as were my legs, my wee flowing down them in a messy waterfall. I held my husbands hand and flashed him a smile as I continued emptying my bladder. I was getting wet and it wasn’t just my wee.

“I’ll have what she’s having!” Lauren giggled as she put down her drink and placed her hands on her hips with a smile. A couple of seconds later a wet circle appeared on the crotch of her jeans, quickly spreading outwards and down her thighs. Everyone laughed and cheered as we completely wet ourselves. It was one of the hottest things I’ve experienced in a while and the night was only just starting. We both went for about 30 seconds, drenching our clothes and there was a large puddle between us. Lauren turned around so we could all see her wet jeans from every angle. The inside of her legs were fairly wet but the majority of her pee went down the back, completely soaking her jeans down to her feet. She unfastened them and sexily slid them down over her ass, showing us her light pink knickers and the large dark wet patch on the back of them. She let us look for a couple of minutes before pulling them up again.

I smiled at everyone as I slowly lifted up my dress, revealing the soaking wet black lace thong I was wearing. I slowly eased it down my thighs, giving everyone a little tease before lowering it a little further and letting it drop into my puddle. I felt really sexy for showing everyone my underwear and pussy, but also so naughty for not wearing any underwear under such a short dress. I just knew I would be flashing people left and right. I loved looking around the room and seeing every man with a bulge in his jeans., knowing that I had helped cause it. It made me feel special.

We went back to chatting and enjoying our drinks, the conversation now much more flirty and after about 10 minutes or so Lauren announced she needed to pee again. “I wanted to rewet these jeans but they haven’t dried enough yet. I didn’t expect to need to go so soon.” She smiled and unfastened her jeans again, shuffling from side to side as she wriggled them down to her thighs. Then she stood up straight with her hands on her hips again, and with the naughtiest smile on her face. I already knew what she was going to do and I couldn’t wait to see it. Seconds later her pink knickers glistened and a gentle trickle fell from the already saturated fabric, landing in the crotch of her jeans below. She giggled and looked down, moving her hips to soak as much of her jeans as possible. She didn’t pee for very long, maybe 15 seconds and once she was empty she lowered the jeans further and stepped out of them, holding them up for us all to see. They were completely soaked front and back. Next to come off was her knickers. I looked intently as she slowly pulled them down, a strip of hair coming into view before I saw her delicious pussy. She was so neat and tidy down there! She stepped out of them and placed both items of clothing on the radiator to dry a little. Clearly still wanting to rewet them later.

By this point I was feeling extremely turned on and I wanted to get the naughtiness started so I gently guided my husband onto one of the sofas and kneeled down in front of him, looking into his eyes as I unzipped his jeans. I reached inside his underwear and freed his hard cock from its fabric prison. Playfully stroking it before leaning forward and taking it into my mouth. I maintained eye contact as I sucked his cock, absolutely loving that I had an audience. I couldn’t help but reach between my legs and rub my clit with my right hand, knowing my short skirt was doing nothing to cover me up, knowing they could see exactly what I was up to. A couple of minutes later, Lauren sat down next to my husband and parted her legs, and I felt Chris kneel next to me. I had a beautiful view when I looked up. Seeing the pleasure on my husbands face, and now the pleasure on Laurens as Chris started licking her pussy.

I continued rubbing my clit as I sucked my husbands cock. Hearing him enjoying himself and Lauren moaning was driving me wild. Even more so because I knew with Chris being right next to me, he could hear my quiet moans too. I wondered what the others were doing, and hoped they were enjoying the view. It wasn’t long at all before I was on the brink of orgasm and I just relaxed into it, letting it happen. Embracing my exhibitionist side. I paused what I was doing and supported myself against the floor as my climax took over, my thighs squeezing my hand between my legs. Loud moan after loud moan escaping my lips. I came so hard! Once I had calmed down I went straight back to pleasuring my husband. I had a little game in my head, who would cum first? My hubby, or Lauren? She was getting pretty vocal but I could see the signs that he was getting close too. It was like they were encouraging each other. Over the next few minutes I could see the pleasure growing on her face as Chris worked his magic and suddenly her breathing quickened, her body tensing up. “I’m cumming...” she moaned, her hand on the back of Chris’s head. Moments later without warning a jet of cum hit the back of my throat, and another, and another. It was like a chain reaction! Lauren cried out with pleasure, her knees raised up, gripping the sofa next to me and actually pulling my hair a little by accident. I happily swallowed and got up, straddling my husbands lap to kiss him properly, Lauren still shaking next to me. This weekend was going to be amazing.


Yep that's the kind of party I meant 😆. Thanks for sharing this again here Sophie! 🙏

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