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Does anyone here like Girls doing No 2?

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On 7/30/2019 at 11:26 AM, spywareonya said:

Unsure about the fittingness of scat in this forum, I reply and then we'll see, maybe we will just be politely told to edit our posts

I have a minor scat fetish serenely going along all my other fetishes (I got many) and also yes, performed scat play in the past

I do not consider sexual on personal level to take a poop in public but it's something I do quite often, during nightouts with dinner included we get out from the restaurant when we finish but with all that food and alcohol in your body, it mandatorily happens that you have to find a parking lot or some garden (or playgroud, sorry) to unload your intestine

In retrospective, I consider sexual when other girls do that and have had my share of orgasms to public poop videos

Less interested in actual scat play videos, what moves me is the public/transgressive side of it, not the substance in itself, differently from pee which drives me mad in itself much before any uses

That's awesome.  Is this you and friends or you with a spouse? That unloads?

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On 7/30/2019 at 5:09 PM, spywareonya said:

The forum even embettered since your last visit

IF you are curious, check the current piss challenges to win Gold Membership, they are all made BY ME, it was a honour and absolutely amusing!!!

No pressure to partecipate, but they are very easy!!!



Now, back to poop, I just took one, while chatting here on my laptop

I know this post was made four years ago (wow) But are you saying you were pooping on the floor while Talking on here?

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Just now, this is interesting said:

I know this post was made four years ago (wow) But are you saying you were pooping on the floor while Talking on here?

or y'know... sat on the toilet with a laptop. Nobody mentioned floors.

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