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Where did you find us?


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5 hours ago, Jacksbisexual74 said:

Was looking for a social app for pee lovers. Tried the Pee-k app but it wouldn't let me even finish registering. So I looked up pee kink social apps in Google and this was the first site that popped up. Joined right away.

Welcome aboard!

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  • 2 weeks later...

I really don't remember how I found your site. I recently got terminated by Tumblr for some violation they've refused to provide evidence for. I miss my followed blogs and possibly on some of the excellent pee sites pictures submitted there must have been some from your site and I clicked on it and was taken to your page. So glad it did. Just found it again and started submitting comments. I'm in Colorado.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I do not know how I found you .. but It is good to be able to chat with people that had the same thing I had when I was a kid... as a kid at about 10 yrs older, my mom would host weekly parties of the local womens club, and I would help with tea and coffee... and would wait till a lady would whisper to another " can you tell me where the ladies room is?" and I would follow her.. and sometimes my aunt would ask me to show her to it. My bedroom was next to the guest bathroom so I would listen to all the ladies when they went in there... and would get very excited when some of them would make hissing sounds... and you could hear their relief as well. 

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3 hours ago, CountzzSapphire said:

Morning, I do just haven’t downloaded anything yet. Just joined recently to help me find ideas of what people are looking for to help improve my pee related videos etc. I have on my other platforms. 😊 So soon 😉 

We all have our own individual interests, but quite a popular theme around here is so-called naughty peeing, which is basically girls peeing in naughty mostly indoor locations - on the kitchen or bathroom floors, on the living room or bedroom carpets, on furniture, tables, and beds, against walls, in sinks or baths or showers or various random containers. My personal favourite is girls peeing on the carpet for fun, but we all have our preferences.

But all other aspects of the fetish will have followers here, from wetting and desperation to peeing in public, right up to and including full on watersports involving two or more people.

I guess what you offer in terms of vids will have to be a compromise between what you are ok with and what your fans desire.

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28 minutes ago, Chrissy89 said:

Stumbled by accident after browsing too much Reddit and Google! 
looks like a great community! 

Welcome! And yes - it is a great community. Very friendly, respectful and fun. There's a huge amount to look at and read - enjoy finding your way around. Oh, and the mods @Sophie, @gldenwetgoose and @Scot_Lover are all very helpful if you have problems or need guidance

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