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Where did you find us?


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Please share with us how you actually found this website. Whilst this will be handy to know from a research and promotional perspective, I'm also just curious how you all came across this site. :)

Let me know,


From the website NSFW and surfing all pissing and scat sites I can find.

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Believe it or not, I found out about this website on a comment on a YouTube video!!!

Haha, it's great you found us, but I'm curious what website? and what comment? No worries if you can't remember, just seems an unusual way to find the site. :D

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I was searching for a place to interact with women who enjoy "naughty" peeing. I was a member on a 'pee dating' site (although given that I'm married it wasn't for the dating part) but they began to charge and considering I barely used it, have been trying to find a replacement.

I stumbled across this place during a search for 'naughty peeing' I think it was. Linked me to a picture thread, so I registered and here I am :)

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Came across this forum through referral. Totally new here, can't wait to check it all out.

Welcome to the site, I hope you'll enjoy it here. Could I just ask who the referral was from? :)

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Welcome to the site, I hope you'll enjoy it here. Could I just ask who the referral was from? :)

Ofcourse, from the peesearch site, I see that more people who are here also visit peesearch. Completely new at the whole pee loving thing, so checking everything out. Great to know we(my boyfriend and I) are not alone...

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Good luck finding the rest of that video. With one exception I have not been able to find the entire video that gets cut on YouTube. I have claimed false advertisement:frown:. And no one will own up to putting the video on YouTube. However, thrtr are many very good videos on this site. I am getting so that I think that the pictures are every better than the videos.

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