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9 hours ago, gldenwetgoose said:

Too bad we don't get to see the shot...  📸 🦋

It's funny to watch,  but the camera is not actually pointing at the woman doing the stretch.

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Crikey! Crying was strictly forbidden in my day. 

(Actually,  I think this is probably a fake.  Why would a Vietnamese exam paper be written in English?)

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2 minutes ago, Sophie said:



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If music be the food of love, how come rabbits can't sing.

A plane is travelling over the alps and due to an engine fault begins to lose height, the captain announces they need to lose some weight, so thy throw out all of the luggage, they rise slightly but still need to lose more weight, a Frenchman leaps up, "VIVE LA FRANCE" he yells, and jumps through the door, not to be outdone an Englishman gets up "GOD SAVE THE QUEEN" and he jumps out the door, finally an American stands up "REMEMBER THE ALAMO"  he yelled, grabbed the Mexican and lobbed him out of the door.

Dopey the village idiot has been trying to get laid for years, unsuccessfully, one day he walks into the village pub and tells his mates he's just fucked a nun in a field down the road, "what was she like then?" asked one of his mates, "well about 2 feet tall and dressed in black and white" he replied "we met at the local zoo actually" now nobody believes there are any small nuns around, let alone they'd have sex in a field with a stranger, so they ask the local priest who happens to walk in for his daily tipple, "oh no, there's no nuns for miles and certainly no little ones" he replies, all of a sudden one of the crowd starts laughing, "dopey fucked a penguin,dopey fucked a penguin"

Two new people move into the village and a bloke is asking his neighbour what they do for work, "ah well, apparently one's a gynaecologist and the other's a geneologist" he tells him, "oh, so whats the difference then?" the bloke asks, first bloke replies, "well, one looks up the family tree and the other looks up the family bush"

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On 1/15/2021 at 9:55 PM, Kupar said:


You've obviously been watching my wife when she video calls the grandkids. lol

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