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[Roleplay] The Nudist Beach

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Your first reply to this thread should state who your character is, and a description of them. Be as brief or descriptive as you like. You can include an optional picture.

All future posts here should be you describing your actions of this character you've adopted. Use "speech marks" for anything they say aloud or to other people here, and italics for anything they think to themselves.


It's a glorious sunny day, temperatures upwards of 30C. Although The Nude beach looks like paradise, it's also very small, which means there isn't exactly a lot of privacy. There also aren't any facilities - no cafes, no toilets, which means that when people come they tend to plan ahead for the entire day.  

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Jessica, 23. Energetic and outgoing personality, loves a pose for Instagram. Currently away on her first ever solo holiday, and was feeling a little adventurous. 

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Huh, guess I'm the first one here. So I guess I just strip off now... right? Well, I've come this far. 

Jessica slowly slides down her jean shorts whilst she looks for a place to sit.

Wait shit, this place really is remote - is there not even a toilet? 

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Sarah, 38, brunette, a regular to this nude beach, and is a bit of a voyeur. She knows all the secrets of the nude beach, including the best places and ways to have sex or masturbate without being too obvious, and how to discretely pee in the sand.

Sarah stretches out on her towel to relax in the sun when movement nearby catches her attention: a new girl with short, sandy blonde hair has just arrived and is looking around. She doesn't see Sarah in her secret spot behind some palm trees, but Sarah can see her. The girl slips off her jean shorts and then looks around again, seeming concerned.

What is she doing? She looks like she has to pee.


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Lisa, 21, a slightly chubby girl with long blonde hair in a braid. This is her first time at a nude beach and she's feeling shy and self-conscious. She is wearing a sundress with a white bikini underneath, and a pair of sunglasses.

Lisa arrives at the beach carrying a blanket, a towel, a large bottle of water, and a book to read. As she steps onto the sand, she takes her sandals off and looks around for a place to set her things. She sees a pretty girl who also seems to have just arrived.

I'm so nervous, this is my first time at a beach like this. Do I really just take off my clothes? Hmm.... that girl looks a little uncomfortable, maybe she's new here too. Should I watch her and see what she does? Or should I just go talk to her?

Lisa bites her lip, trying to decide what to do. Finally, she walks towards the girl, clutching her towel tight to her chest.

"Hi, um... Sorry, you don't know me, but this is my first time here and I'm really nervous... You look a bit nervous too, and I was wondering if we could maybe be beach buddies, at least at first? I mean, do we really just get naked? It feels so weird to do that out in plain view like this. Sorry, I'm rambling, I didn't even introduce myself! I'm Lisa."


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