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Lucy - Chapter 7 - A Problem Shared Is A Problem Halved

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Hi folks,  for all those who've commented on the previous Lucy story chapters, I couldn't keep you in suspense too long could I?

If you haven't read the earlier parts, you definitely should.  After Lucy discovered her fascination with the golden nectar, a day out with boyfriend Steve turned somewhat sour. Time to turn to the help of a friend and share her problem...


Chapter Seven - Part One

Jenny walked across the pub’s beer garden and placed a large glass of Chardonnay down in front of Lucy, whilst taking a sip from her own spritzer.

“Here you are” she said to Lucy, “My treat tonight, after all you drove us all home last time we went out together.  We must have been a nightmare, you were the sober one but we were all desperately drunk.”

“It was fine,” replied Lucy, “Anyway we all had a really good laugh. You were all hilarious after all that drink.”

“I know, I can just about remember most of what went on. I hope poor Becky’s accident didn't leave a stain on your car seat. I’m so sorry we made you sit there while we had our emergency wee stop too.

Then again, you’d had just as much to drink as us, it’s just you were on soft drinks. I bet you were secretly bursting too. I’m surprised you didn’t take advantage of the stop for a pee.”

“I can hold my own as you well know” replied Lucy, “Although I must confess I was in a bit of a desperate state by the time I got home. To be honest the pain wasn’t too bad and the release felt soooo good.”

Jenny looked at her curiously but at the same time with a knowing look. “There’s more then meets the eye here young lady, which bit aren’t you telling me?  I know you can hold your bladder when you need to, I know that you’re not averse to the odd unscheduled wee stop, but you’ve never hinted at anything pleasurable about it.”

Lucy blushed. ‘Damn you Jenny’ she thought, ‘ Why do you always have to be the psychologist?’ Even before her friend had qualified, she’d always had the knack of looking Lucy in the eye, or anyone else for that matter, and telling immediately if there was more to a tale.

“Come on, spill all” teased Jenny, “You know you can’t have any secrets from me.”

This was true indeed. The two girls had grown up as next door neighbours and had gone through school and college together. Even now they were better friends than ever.

Lucy blushingly explained to Jenny how, when she’d met up with the 18 year old student Steve as the first part of her seductive trap, she’d come a hair’s width away from an ever so humiliating wetting. Then she told of the feelings of arousal when she finally got home to release her desperate flood. Lucy confessed her deliberate experiment the day after to recreate and explore her feelings. She was completely honest with Jenny and even told her how she’d masturbated her way to the most explosive panty-flooded orgasm. As she did so Lucy could barely look Jenny in the eye, after all what would her best friend think of all this perversion.

Finally Lucy looked up and caught Jenny’s eye, who to her surprise jumped up and gave her a huge hug. “You go girl” she exclaimed excitedly “Welcome to the pool party!  There I was thinking I was going to have to abandon all hope and book you into a convent.” Jenny laughed.

“So,” asked a slightly confused Lucy, “Do I take it that you’re into this whole thing yourself then too?”

“I don’t know about the whole thing” replied Jenny, “but certainly the action of peeing is something of a turn-on for me. Being desperate is a so-so thing, but absolutely I love the feeling of releasing my hot liquid, and doing it somewhere other than a boring toilet. Somewhere naughty just adds to the arousal. Come on Lucy, you’ve known me long enough - have you never put two-and-two together before now? Could you not tell from my face when I peed at the side of your car door. You did seem to be watching me pretty closely.”

“Was I?” blushed Lucy. “For me, it seems that I, erm, seem to enjoy the feeling of a full bladder, or at least the feeling of being in control of a full bladder. The fuller the better, as long as I’m in control of it. Then the release that follows is just incredible, orgasmic even.”

“So, how was it for you watching the three of us relieve our desperately full bladders, imagining how our releases felt and all the time leaving you holding your desperation in?  I take it you made it home to the bathroom, how did finally getting to the loo grab you?” Lucy realised that Jenny was probing her and looking for a reaction.

Lucy giggled in embarrassment. “Well if you must know, I didn’t actually make it to the loo. I got as far as the privacy of my back yard and decided to whip off my tights and knickers so I could release my flood outside.” Then she whispered in Jenny’s ear, “And if you must know I helped myself to the most amazing climax with all that hot wee all over my fingers.”   ‘What the Hell’ thought Lucy. ‘She’d only get it out of me anyway.’

“Oh you naughty girl Lucy, jill’ing off in the open air whilst pissing for England - I’m so proud of you! You’ve got me quite turned on just thinking about it.”, then Jenny gave Lucy another huge and passionate hug.

“The thing is,” said Lucy, “I can’t understand why I’ve never felt this way before, never been so aroused. I’ve been desperate loads, and wee’d in dozens of odd places but never got so turned on?”

Jenny explained, “Oh there’s no mystery - you know when you have toothache and you can’t actually tell which tooth is aching - well it’s a bit like that. It’s a form of sensory overload.

The nerves around your clitoris and for that matter all over your privates run pretty close to your bladder. When you overstimulate any of them your brain can struggle to process where the stimulus is coming from. It’s why we sometimes feel the need to wee when we come and in your case feeling like coming when your bladder’s overfull of wee too.

One of my friends did her final year dissertation on Urinary Over-Stimulation and Spontaneous Sexual Release. We all thought the head of faculty was going to over-stimulate himself too when he read it.”  Jenny and Lucy laughed together.

“Ok” said Lucy, “I can follow the biology, but why only now?”

“That’s easy” said Jenny. “It started the night of your first encounter with Steve, right? You threw all those emotions at your brain all at once, the thrill of the chase, arousal at your first kiss, nerve stimulation of a full bladder, nervous tension as to whether you’d make it home with dry knickers and then the endorphin release of a long and happy piss. You’ve formed a new mental association between the risk, the bladder pain, the relief of urinary release,  the euphoria of kissing and the overall result is sexual arousal.”

“I’m actually a bit jealous.” added Jenny, “I can only imagine some of the mind-blowing experiences you’ll be having. Anyway, how are things going with Steve? How was your day out for his birthday?”

“Ask me one on sport.” replied Lucy. “Not good, in fact I haven’t seen him since and I don’t intend to again.”

With that, Lucy explained to the shocked Jenny how the seaside trip had panned out. She told her best friend about the challenge Steve had set, of her exploits - the thrill of releasing her bladder and peeing in new and exciting places, of the passion and excitement they’d shared.  Then Lucy told Jenny of the darker side of the day, how she’d begun to feel like he was manipulating situations to almost deliberately humiliate her, having her wet her knickers at the ice rink and then denying her the toilet on the long coach trip home, leading to her wetting the coach seat. (Lucy didn’t quite go into the full details of her friend’s role in her dream on the coach, that would have given the psychologist a field day!)

“It might have been his Birthday, but giving him a closeup view of me pissing through my panties wasn’t part of his present. I was quite happy when I was in control, but not when it feels like I’m being forced into something. Maybe I’m being paranoid, could he really have created those chains of events or were they just unfortunate coincidences? I know it was me that chose to create the situation, I seduced him after all and then I suppose I encouraged him by telling him bathroom stories when I knew they’d turn him on. It seems like I’ve created a monster and I want it to stop. What shall I do?”

Jenny’s face was serious and she looked Lucy in the eye. “First and foremost, if anyone’s asking you to do something you’re not comfortable with or is tricking you into something, that’s not right - it’s abuse, simple and plain - and it’s not acceptable.

From what you’re telling me, for the first half of the day you were both equally sharing in the thrill of it all and having a great time. Steve should know that actually wetting your pants isn’t your thing - especially when forced into it. It’s one thing you choosing to do it in your shower, under your control, but not when you’re placed in a situation outside your control with no options. Would he chain you in a cellar until you wet yourself? I’d hope not.  My point is, you jointly agree to do absolutely anything, let’s say , I don’t know,  piss in his mouth if you both agreed that’s what you wanted. If it’s one sided and forced though then it’s abuse. If you’re not happy with something then it just shouldn’t be happening.”

“I guess you’re right.” said Lucy, “You’re so good at untangling these messes I get myself into. Maybe I’m just too much of a control freak too. I feel sort of responsible, after all I sort of started it. I don’t want to hurt him, it’s just that I don’t feel like I can trust him anymore - it feels like he’s in lust with my pussy rather than me.”

“Let me just go for a wee Honey, then we’ll think of a plan. I can think better with a clear bladder.” said Jenny.

A few minutes later Jenny returned from the ladies, via the bar where she’d bought two more drinks and gave Lucy another hug.

Jenny looked her friend in the eye again and said “Do you 100% trust me? Of course you do. Here’s what I’d recommend. I promise I won’t hurt him, but am I allowed to have a bit of naughty naughty fun with him to get the point across?”  Several more drinks later Jenny and Lucy finished refining their master plan and agreed to put it into action that weekend.

It was indeed a master plan and Lucy was much, much happier.


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Excellent build up! Now we know there's more to come!

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On 2/24/2019 at 4:54 PM, gldenwetgoose said:

I promise I won’t hurt him, but am I allowed to have a bit of naughty naughty fun with him to get the point across?

This sounds like the story is going to take a very interesting turn.....

I am totally loving this whole series.

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