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Maria and Katie at the pool

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Liked the story, maybe we get a continuation of it as well, about what happens in the changing room the next time they work out...? 😃

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Really a great story. I love the location. Naughty peeing around the pool and showers is hot.  And in the pool too. Please make a second chapter.

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I can reassure you, your English is actually pretty good!

There is one recurring issue that you may want to address: "ark" is a ship (like Noah's Ark in the bible), when pee is arcing, it is an "arch".

Also, interestingly, you are making the same mistake than natives do: using "its" instead of "it's". "Its" is the pronoun, whereas "it's" is the contraction of "it is", they are not interchangeable.

And in no way did those small mishaps distract from the story, which was excellent. I certainly wish to read more about the little minxes, and encourage you to create another thread with the new story when you have a sequel ready!

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