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Changing username

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So currently changing your username is a peefans gold exclusive perk. I do totally understand peefans gold and am not in any way trying to bash it in any way but I had an idea for a way to allow non gold members to change their username and still make the perk worth it. When you make an account you have one chance to think of a good username and occasionally you stop identifying with your username and want to modify it. 

I have a few ideas and a few or multiple of these could be implemented.

1) A reputation threashold before being able to change your username. So as a new member you are unable to change it but if you reach a certain amount of reputation you gain access to that feature without peefans gold. This could also be a time online timer, activity measurement, or some other goal based system that would take a significant amount of time to attain. That way people who don't meet the requirements would still get use out of that perk from peefans gold.

2) A time limit between changing usernames. You could make it so you can only change your username every so often and that way people could change their username but if they wanted to change it and the time limit hasn't expired they would still get peefans gold to change it. 

3) A name that wouldn't change your username that you login with but somehow is like a nickname that you can replace your name with and show your nickname but your username stays the same and people still @ you with the same username. So if you wanted to fully change your username you would still have to get peefans gold but if you just wanted to have a nickname that doesn't need gold membership.

These are just a few ideas and I know since I don't have peefans gold my credibility isn't amazing but I thought I would just suggest something and see what people thought of the idea. 

Thank you for reading!

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I definitely understand the thought, and sincerily speaking I consider the reputation limit a good goal for changing the name. The point is that Gold membership is not a kink, is a way to fund the forum, preventing shutdown, which had been closer than we know, many times, avoided only by Admin pulling some rabbit out of the "fuckin' hat".

Everything that could be used to invite people to turn gold will be kept strictly for gold, as gold membership is a polite way to make people understand that the forum needs money to survive.

For example, Gold members can also edit their PM, edit their posts without the 72 hours limit, eliminate advertisement and pop ups, and change the forum skin, and other stuff.


I definitely dig the fact that somebody does not identify with its name anymore, but a username is a good memento of who you were when you chose it, and indicates your roots. You can't modify your birthname, we are what we are, it's not that we can change everything we don't identify ourselves with anymore. The meaning of life is to understand how to better master our root, the way we were born, which doesn't mean we cannot modify ourselves to fit ourselves, for example Witches dye their hair red and shave their pussy as a religious commitment, but a name is a good friend, and its weight, more than ever when we think we should change it, enlarge our maturity. For example, I am not in any way anymore the person I was when Alex (we originally signed in as actively a couple, in the beginning, later he let me have all the profile because he knows I love to chat with girls) chose that name, a decision in which I had little to no presence, as I found it funny and did not thought about it exceedingly.


But his reason to come up with it, the thought of a drone, with a paper sheet attacched on it with a dorky face Painted on, popping up from behind a bush on a couple fucking outdoor in the exact moment the man is cumming, with a pre-registered voice that says "HELLOOOOOOO" ahahahahahahahahah

That reason still amuses and ispires me till today, and I love that name.

Sometimes we must not change, just modify the origjnal reason we chose the path we are walking, because it can be throdded not only in the name of the original goal, but also for other reasons, undisclosed at first but waiting in us for the right moment to pop up.

Being a Gold member, I can chang my name, but I'll never do.


Ps I like your name, and unless you told somebody why you chose it, you can still invent a different reason why you did chose it. Plus, after 1000 posts, you can actively change your title, where you read "forum legend" you can add a new name if this is what you want.


I do not exclude that Admin could consider you idea, for example the chat is now editable for everybody, not only for goldmembers, but changing a name modifies more stuff on the hardware facet of the forum than you may know, it's very difficult, that's why it was offered to so little people.



As last resort… become gold yourself! You are among the fastest ascending members and it would be quite a shame if you was left outside the 100-cap list of goldmembers… it's not that expensive… plus Admin is building up a huge gallery of videos… some of them are from me ahahahahah

You become gold, shortest time-span available, you change your name (it will remain the new one after membership expires), you take a look at the gallery, you taste the forum without ads and with different skin, and then you decide if you want to remain, or simply let it expire...

Reflect about it...

A kiss...

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1 hour ago, F.W said:

I can vouch for that.Gold is awesome!

Thank you Fanny. Everybody on this forum respect your opinion, thus, the fact that you stepped forth with such a clear statement will surely make people think!!!

A hug!

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Its worth it to see you peeing into a stream,and peeing like a witch is nice too.

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Being gold is definitely worth it's weight let's say and being someone who wanted to, and did, change his username recently, I can understand why someone would want to do it.

You're right that your username is part of you and your routes etc. The reason why you chose it in the first place being a personal one, however people change, they mature and what was once a fun username suddenly becomes something that you realise was probably not the best.

It's a nice feature to have though to prevent people creating new, unnecessary profiles, just to have a new username. One of the added advantages of being able to change it is that all your posts etc remain yours, just the name changes.

Everyone has their reasons to want to change something and if it's something you really want then give a little to support the site so that we can thrive and grow when other sites come and go.

As Admin told me, it doesn't have to be permanent either, if you don't want to continue the gold membership, you can cancel at any time.

As for having an option to change it in the future, based on reputation/posts once all the gold slots are full then I'm sure this is an option the site owners would look in to

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1 hour ago, F.W said:

Its worth it to see you peeing into a stream,and peeing like a witch is nice too.

Thank you, Fanny. You words mean everything to me because the water stream one was shot during one of the happiest moment of my life, and the Halloween one, just a few hours before my life turned hell.

This last thing I wrote is not a complaint: quite the opposite, is about the solemnity of the thing.

In a single post you summed up two of the most meaningful videos I ever published.

Thank you, from the heart.

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