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I'd worked in my old job for years, I'd enjoyed most of it but now I was becoming tired, there was so much backbiting in the industry and everyone was trying to score points off everyone else, Id had enough! A few days later and a letter arrived, it was the answer to all my problems, a distant relative had died and left me several thousand pounds, all I had to do know was decide how best to use it.

I gave it a good deal of thought over the next week before finally coming up with the answer, I'd buy somewhere and open a small club, I'd met quite a few people over the years and knew that I could make a go of it if I went about it the right way. I used to hang about with a load of bikers back in the day when I rode bikes, they were decent lads, but a lot of pubs wouldn't have them in, although they never caused any trouble, there were many that did and unfortunately, they were all being tarred with the same brush.Many years ago we'd all drank in a pub not far away, it was a bikers pub, if you weren't a biker, you weren't really welcome, it could be a bit rowdy at times, loud music and singing, but there was never any trouble, it had closed down a few years ago when the owner retired, so that settled it, I'd open a biker bar.

It didn't take long for me to find some suitable premises, ok they needed some work, but that wasn't a problem, a few phone calls to a few of my biker friends and within 24 hrs my phone was ringing like mad, loads of my old mates had heard I was opening a biker bar, they'd heard I needed help and were keen to come on board. Within a few days I had an army of workers waiting for a start date, bricklayers, joiners, plumbers, electricians, plasterers, every trade needed was just waiting to be told what to do, and when, and best of all, because we were old mates, and because of what I was doing, they were going to do it for free, a real winner, now all I needed was staff.

The answer to that problem came when I was talking to an old friend of mine who rode horses, yes, she'd love to work for me, and she could find me some other girls as well, all from the stables where she kept her horses. The next few weeks were a blur, the lads stormed the building and within a matter of weeks it was ready to open, I had decided that it was going to be a casual sort of place, I wasn't bothered what you wore, so long as you didn't cause trouble. A lot of pubs objected to bikers in oily jeans and leather jackets, I didn't, and I wasn't too bothered about what my bar staff wore, as long as they were clean, tidy and kept the punters happy it was all good by me.

One night several of the girls had come to work straight from the stables, they hadn't realised the effect a pert rear in a tight pair of jodhpurs would have on the customers, and to be honest, neither had I . The bar was pretty busy that night,everyone was in good spirits and the 4 girls working the bar were all dressed in jodhpurs, boots and Tshirts, toward the end of the night, one of the lads jokingly suggested that the girls should have a wet T-shirt contest, like we'd had in the old bar. The lads would chuck a few quid in a kitty and the winner would get it. The girls were up for it and all disappeared into the back office, they returned a few monents later, minus their bra's.The lads drew a lot and one of them was picked to soak the girls tops, we got a bottle and filled it with iced water, the girls lined up and he went along pouring the icey water slowly over them, pretty soon they were all wet, and their  nipples stuck out prominently through the thin white tops, the guys loved it. one girl was declared the winner and handed the money out of the kitty, it was about £50.

Then one of the lads decided to take it a little further, he was talking to the winner, a slim blonde haired girl in tight white jodhpurs and long black boots, it was obvious from the lack of any panty line that she was wearing nothing under the tight jodhpurs. How much, he asked, would it take to get them to have a wet jodhpurs contest, the girls readily agreed to this, one had already won £50 that night and the others were keen to see if they could win some money too, within a few minutes the other two had gone into the back and removed their panties, one wore beige jodhpurs and the other pale blue ones, it was now game on.

Unfortunately, it wasn't exactly what they thought it was going to be, this time nobody was going to spray them with water, they had to wet their jodhpurs themselves, or to put it bluntly, piss their pants. So there they were, all four of them lined up on a makeshift stage, 3 wearing tight jodhpurs and riding boots, one wearing shiny leggings and thigh boots, and the games began.  Each girl was given a pint of cold water to drink, after that there was a short wait, then they were given another, the idea being to see who could hold out the longest. after only 2 pints there was a loud cheer as the girl in the blue jodhpurs lost control soaking her tight jodhpurs, despite the fact that she was soaking, she stepped down from the table and headed back behind the bar, 1 down, 3 to go, after another pint the girls were squirming, the lads began a chant, "piss those pants, piss those pants", there was a loud squeal as the girl in the white johpurs lost control, it poured down her thighs making the jodhpurs transparent, she did a little twirl, showing off her wet bottom before she too returned to the bar. a few seconds later and the girl in the thighboots lost it, she tried to close her legs, but all that did was to cause the contents of her bladder to pour into her boots, she flashed her tits to the audience, smiled and headed back to the bar, only the girl in the beige jodhpurs was left, 2 pints later and she was just begining to squirm. A further 2 pints and although she was squirming, she showed no sign of losing it, she closed her legs tightly and shuddered as she was handed another pint of cold water, she seemed to struggle with this one and clamped her legs even tighter, it was clear she didn't want to wet herself. A couple of the lads stepped forward and each took hold of one of her boots, pulling her legs apart, despite her obvious discomfort there was still no wetting, suddenly one of the lads grabbed a glass full of ice cold water, crept up behind her and tipped it down the front of her T-shirt, there was a loud squeal followed by a hissing sound, she'd lost it! There was a loud cheer as a torrent of steaming hot piss poured from the crotch of her jodhpurs, some hit the table but most ran down her legs into her boots, the lads let go of her legs as she continued to relieve herself, finally when she'd finished she removed her boots and tipped them out, there was another cheer as she poured about 2 pints from inside each of her long black boots, she replaced them, then to everyones amazement removed her soaking T-shirt before heading back behind the bar, one of the lads went and handed her the winners prize, £100. The girls were happy, the lads were happy, and me, well I couldn't help but wonder what the next game would be!

The end.

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