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Amazon Mom

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Once again, you have produced magnificent work! I do wonder tho, will the son get a break from his room being used as a toilet? Or will it continue? Because if it isn’t cleaned some house the smell of it would be enough to make some one sick, even after what happened to his comics with the scat ( I prefer more of the piss and the destruction the girls cause )and his switch.  Would the mom put her foot down and say no more. And only it being Clair that can?  Or will she hire a cleaning service to clean the room or clean it her self? That or just leave it as is. I’m wondering if the kid will grow some balls and retaliate and mark their rooms?  Or of anything would be safe? 

I do have a idea, why don’t we see what happens when Clair, vennessa  and the girlfriend  visit a party that has tons to drink 🙂 


keep up up the good work. 

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Anxious to read the next part of this!  My hope is that Amazon mom's bladder continues to fill to ridiculous levels, causing her crazy strong flow to increase even moreso and destroy that many more things, just unable to stop peeing and feeling such amazing relief.  

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