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A Hero In Need + A Brazen Villainess

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This is two stories. The first one has a superhero fight which is kind of violent. The second one has a lot of sexual content.

A Hero In Need

Fortuity sat on the rooftop waiting for the villain to appear. She had heard Crimson Silk was in town and she intended to catch him. His string of destruction would be brought to an end. The jewelry store across the street fit his MO perfectly; she just had to wait until he appeared.

The only problem was she’d been waiting on the rooftops for a few hours and the villain hadn’t shown. Her bladder was beginning to hurt. Fortuity was wearing a full body purple spandex outfit, hot, but not the best for a quick pee. If she left to go to the bathroom and Crimson Silk struck, she’d never forgive herself. She couldn't go here, the last thing she needed was the paparazzi catching a hero urinating in public.

Fortuity waited for a while before she was about to give up. She was worried she about to piss herself. Then her vision flashed. She saw Crimson Silk throw a car through the pedestrians on the street to smash the front window of the jewelry store. Who knew how many innocents would be hurt.

That was Fortuity’s power. She could see flashes of danger shortly before they happened. She combined this ability with an arsenal of useful gadgets and martial arts to become a force to be reckoned with.

Fortuity leapt up from where she was hiding. “Everyone, get down!” she yelled to the people below.

She threw a force field generator down to the ground, moments before the car crashed into it. The force field was able to shield the bystanders from harm. Fortuity looked around. Where was Crimson Silk?

Another vision flashed across her field of view. The rooftop she was on consumed in flame, her body burning. Fortuity leapt of the building before it was engulfed in an inferno. Her hover boots cushioned the fall. She landed and rolled out of the way of another flung car. The civilians were already fleeing the scene.

Rolling caused Fortuity’s bladder to scream in protest. She had to stop herself for a second to prevent her pee from gushing out. This gave Crimson Silk time to pinpoint her position. She saw a vision of him dropping from the wall and impaling her. Fortuity threw a smoke bomb and ducked into the nearest building to get out of the way.

She released one of her spy drones so she could watch the villain as she moved further into the building. She ducked behind a cupboard and held her crotch. She didn’t need to pee herself in the middle of a fight. Knowing her luck someone would get a picture. Besides, Crimson Silk would be able to smell her if she did. Her suit was masking her body scent, but peeing herself would almost certainly overwhelm it.

Fortuity watched Crimson Silk search for her on her holovisor. There were several nearby buildings she could have ducked into from where she had been standing. He had wasted time setting up his ambush.

Another villain entered the frame. Fortuity recognized the villainess from the files she had read. Igneous; a killer with a penchant for targeting heroes. She had fire powers, hot enough to turn an entire street into lava. Fortuity didn’t want to take her on in a straight fight. She wished she’d known Crimson Silk had picked up a partner.

Igneous was wearing a suit of armor which appeared as if it was made of molten rocks. Her red hair was dampened by ash and soot. Crimson Silk was wearing a red outfit which resembled a soldier’s uniform. He had a red spider mask on his face.

“Come out little hero!” called Igneous. “We’ll find you!”

“Why not just torch the entire street?” asked Crimson Silk.

Igneous laughed. “You know I want to watch her face while she fries. There’s only one way I like heroes, well done.”

Igneous and Crimson Silk were walking closer together. If Fortuity had been more focused she might have been able to take advantage of the situation. However, she was too distracted by her pressing need to relieve herself to be proactive.

“I don’t know.” said Crimson Silk. “I rather like them tied, gagged, and filled with poison.”

Igneous put her hand on Crimson Silk’s chin. “Careful dear, uncooked heroes can be hazardous to your health.”

“I love you, babe.” stated Crimson Silk. He grabbed Igneous by her ass and pulled her in for a kiss. “Let’s split up and find her. You can have first dibs.”

“I knew there was a reason I teamed up with you.” laughed Igneous.

Crimson Silk ran off to check a nearby building. Igneous walked into the one Fortuity was hiding in. Fortuity was forced to focus on something other than her need to piss when the villainess drew near. She couldn’t let her bladder get her killed.

Fortuity rolled a ball across the floor. It hit the far wall and made a loud noise. Igneous immediately spun and released a blistering burst of flame in its direction. Everything on the far side of the room was set ablaze by the heat.

“Wha...” began Igneous, but Fortuity didn’t give her time to get over her confusion.

She ran up behind the villainess and wrapped a wire around her throat. Igneous let out a gurgle of surprise and flailed around trying to get her hands on Fortuity. She sent blasts of fire out wildly, but she couldn’t get an angle. Finally, Igneous was able to get her hands on the garrote. Fortuity cursed silently when the villainess melted the wire.

Igneous spun around. “You bitch!” she screamed as she raised her hands.

Fortuity punched the villainess in the throat. Igneous’s hands naturally clutched her windpipe as she tried to draw in air. Fortuity grabbed the back of her head and pulled it down. She brought her knee up to meet with the villainess’s nose. Igneous’s nose broke with a wet pop. She fell down to the floor. Fortuity brought her hand down and smashed the back of villainess’s head as she tried to rise. Igneous slumped back down; unconscious.

Fortuity had another vision and ducked before a blast of acid could strike her. It flew past and landed against the back wall, where it began eating through the cement. Fortuity scrambled out of the way as Crimson Silk entered the building.

“Where are you!?” he roared. “I’m going to kill you.”

Fortuity snuck past Crimson Silk to get outside the building. She glanced over her shoulder to see him tending to Igneous. She didn’t want to risk him reviving the villainess so she rolled a few smoke bombs into the building. Fortuity waited a few moments for them to deploy and activated her stun baton. She’d have used it on Igneous, but the villainess’s armor looked like it could withstand a shock.

Crimson Silk emerged from the building holding Igneous in his arms and coughing. Fortuity swung her baton at him as soon as he emerged. He dropped Igneous and caught the baton before it could hit him, but catching it was enough. Fortuity dropped the baton as a wave of electricity burst out from it. Crimson Silk roared in pain and flung it away, but he was dazed.

Fortuity closed in a punched the villain in the gut. Her fists were enforced with steel, they hurt when they hit. Crimson Silk reeled back and tried to get his bearings. Fortuity hit him again in the face, but she couldn’t put him down. Crimson Silk swung his fist wildly and nearly took Fortuity’s head off. She had enough warning to duck out of the way. Fortuity saw the villain was preparing to hit her with another blast of acid, but she didn’t give him time. She slammed her fist into Crimson Silk’s chin before he released it. The acid splayed out the sides of his mouth and burned holes though his clothing.

Fortuity ran past him and used the wall, with the help of her hoverboots, as a jumped point to get on the villains back. She wrapped her arms around Crimson Silk’s neck and tried to get him in some kind of choke. Crimson Silk rushed backwards. Fortuity had to let go before he could slam her into a way. That would have knocked the wind, and piss, out of her.

Crimson Silk lunged forwards at her. Fortuity dodged his attack and brought both hands together on his eardrums. The villain howled in pain and clutched his head. Fortuity grabbed her baton from where it had fallen and rammed it into Crimson Silk’s chest. He screamed again and fell over. Fortuity didn’t let up until she knew he was done.

The cops had arrived on the scene by the time she was finished. Fortuity left the wrap up to them. She didn’t need to get caught up in the media storm that would follow. She had to get back to the hall of heroes so she could relieve herself. She didn’t think she had ever been this full before. All the jumping around definitely hadn't helped.

Fortuity was able to limp back to the hall without having an accident. She used her card to open the back and hurried into the members section. It wasn’t far to the toilet.

Then she had another vision. She came around the corner just as several other members of her team did. She couldn’t hold her piss and started peeing. Four members of her own team saw her wet herself. Fortuity couldn’t let that happen.

She looked around and found a storage closet. She ducked inside before anyone could see her. She turned to the door and relaxed. There was no time to fiddle with her bodysuit. She just let loose.

Hot piss gushed out of her vagina into her spandex. She wasn’t wearing any underwear so there was almost no barrier to her piss. She had her legs together so she wouldn’t make as much noise. Fortuity couldn’t believe how warm her pee felt traveling down her legs. She had expected it to feel gross, but instead it was oddly...sexy.

Fortuity couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief as she flooded the storage closet. She had been holding it for far too long. Her warm piss was pooling around her feet on the floor. It was almost orgasmic. Fortuity had to lean against the door to prevent herself from falling over. She lowered her hand to her crotch so she could feel the piss seeping out. It was so warm in her hand. She couldn’t help but rub her pussy through her soaking spandex.

Fortuity came to a satisfying orgasm just as her piss stop flowing. She looked around at the mess she had made. She was going to have to clean up the puddle before anyone found it. She had soaked half the floor in the closet. Fortuity splashed her feet up in down in the puddle a few times, giggling. Her suit was going to need some cleaning. She had to figure out how to get to her room without anyone seeing her. There was no way she could disguise the massive wet patch covering her pants.

She still couldn’t get how great peeing herself had felt out of her head. Fortuity decided she might have to try it again.

A Brazen Villainess

Black Diamond floated above the small coastal town. She was a super villain. She had been in the game for years and had never been caught. She almost never took stupid risks, but there was one thing she enjoyed more than anything else. She would take a chance to do it every once in a while. The chances of running into a superhero out in the boonies were slim.

Black Diamond was wearing a black leotard with a gold belt. (A similar look to powergirl.) It showed off her great tits and shapely ass. She let her long black hair flow freely behind her. She tied it up for real fights, but she wanted to look great while she had her fun.

She pulled the crotch of her uniform aside to show off her shaved pussy. She stroked it a few times as she watched the town below. She was high enough that no one would be able to see her from the ground.

What Black Diamond loved most of all was to hover somewhere high in the sky and let her piss rain down on an unsuspecting town below. It felt like she was turning the whole world into her toilet. The relief and naughtiest she felt were simply orgasmic. She came to the best conclusions up high in the sky after finishing her naughty business.

Black Diamond let out a moan before she started peeing. She held her labia so the piss sprayed out in a huge arc in front of her. The villainess laughed as she subjected the town to her golden rain. She wondered if anyone would feel it as it fell down to the ground. Black Diamond pissed full force. She knew she had a massive bladder.

Black Diamond flew from side to side as she peed, making sure to get her spray over as much of the town as she could. She knew it would barely affect anything on the ground, but it made it so much better for her. Her piss was streaming out of her at an incredible rate. She wished it would never end, but eventually her piss tapered off. She’d peed for more than a minute this time. That was a good amount for her. Black Diamond rubbed her pussy, now she was horny. She was prepared to rub out an amazing orgasm.

“...Ahem…” said a voice behind her.

Black Diamond spun around to find herself face to face with Grandmaster. He was leader of the biggest super hero team in the world. He must have run into her while coming back from a mission. The man was unbelievably powerful. There was no way she would be able to escape from him.

This wasn't what filled Black Diamond’s thoughts. Grandmaster was wearing a tight white spandex bodysuit. It showed off his rock solid abs and did nothing to hide the massive erection he had. If the spandex didn’t lie, Mrs. Grandmaster was a lucky woman.

“Did you catch a glimpse?” asked Black Diamond. She flew closer to the hero. “Liked what you saw?”

Instead of grabbing her, Grandmaster looked away. Black Diamond leaned up close to his ear and whispered. “I bet the missus doesn’t do that.” He wasn’t saying anything, but she could have sworn his erection got even bigger. “Did seeing me piss turn you on?”

“I...no.” mumbled Grandmaster.

“You’re saying no, but your little man’s saying something else.” said Black Diamond. She felt his rigid cock through his spandex. His whole body tensed.

God, she was horny.

Black Diamond lowered herself and tore away the crotch of Grandmaster’s spandex. His dick fell out. It was massive; the beast must have been a foot long. Grandmaster was staring down at her as her gaze locked on his cock.

“Do you want me to?” she asked.

“Yes.” said Grandmaster. “Oh god, yes.”

“I’ll show you something else the missus doesn't do.” stated Black Diamond.

Black Diamond licked down the length of Grandmaster’s shaft, then she took his entire cock in her mouth. It would be impossible for any ordinary woman to do this, but Black Diamond was no ordinary woman. His cock was all the way down her throat, but she still managed to suck back and forth on it. Grandmaster moaned in pleasure. The villainess sucked on his cock until his moaning reached a fever pitch, then she pulled off.

“I have to piss.” said Grandmaster.

Black Diamond gave him a wicked smile. “Go.”

He hesitated for a second. Black Diamond took his cock in her hand and aimed it down towards the town. After a minute, Grandmaster was able to pee a long hard stream. Black Diamond loved holding cocks while they peed. Holding a hero’s cock was even better. She had fun spraying his piss all over the place. All too soon he was empty. He hadn’t been as full as she was. Black Diamond let go of his cock after giving it a final stroke. She smiled innocently at Grandmaster.

“Now it’s your turn.” she instructed. Black Diamond turned around and presented her posterior to the hero.

Grandmaster pulled her crotch aside and shoved his dick into her eagerly awaiting pissflaps. Black Diamond cried out as his cock filled her completely. She’d never felt anything like this. It was so dirty and so hot.

She pulled her tits out of her top and started massaging them. Grandmaster leaned over and grabbed her tits himself while he rammed her mercilessly. The hero had unbelievable endurance. He fucked Black Diamond faster and faster until she thought she was going to burst. They were yelling so loud she wouldn't be surprised if the whole town heard them. Finally they both came to a screaming orgasm.

When it was finished they both floated there, panting and staring at each other. Black Diamond floated up and kissed Grandmaster on the lips.

“I can’t give you any more of that from a jail cell.” she glanced down at his cock. “Plus, I don’t think you want to be seen in that outfit.”

“Just go.” managed Grandmaster between breaths. Black Diamond turned to leave. “Will I see you again?” he continued.

Black Diamond turned around. She smiled. “I know where to find you.”

She flew off. Her naughty pleasure was even better when she shared it with someone. She knew they’d meet again.

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