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Jennifer Lopez pees in your mouth!

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Hi people this is fictional story so anything can happen here. In this story we will pretend that whoever is reading this is Jennifer Lopez's partner let's say She breaks up with Alex Rodriguez and after that She hooks up with you. Anyway whoever is reading this story let's pretend you are JLO's new partner so it doesn't matter whether you are male or female nor does it matter what your sexual orientation is. I am saying this because I realize that all types of people use this site. So let's say you are JLO's new partner and you guys went to some friend's party and at the party you guys ate a lot of food and also drank a lot. Your driver is taking you both home.and you both have to pee really badly and let each other know about it. Since you have a pee fetish you get very excited about this. You both finally reach home and head upstairs into the bedroom. You finally have the courage to tell JLO about your pee fetish. She gets shocked but then tells you that She will pee in your mouth and later on you will also do the same but this will only happen once. She says this because She really likes you and wants to fulfill your fantasies. So you both get naked and get in the bathroom. She then tells you to lie down in the bathtub with your mouth facing up. You agree to her. And then She squats on top of you in sort of hovering and sort of sitting position. She asks you are you ready? You say Yeah Jennifer. And then She begins to release her really full bladder into your mouth with a loud hissing sound. As her pee is coming out She also sighs in relief and goes ooohhhh god I really had to go! She also tells you to drink it up. You can't drink all of it since She is peeing very fast but try to drink as much as you can plus it's not a good idea to swallow so much so quickly since it can cause you to choke. Her stream stops after like 90 seconds. And she then sighs again in the end and later on tells you to do the same and you also end up peeing in her mouth. And later on you two  end up doing more fun stuff at night.

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1What do the people here think about this story? I am sure many of you are JLO fans right? That is why I wrote this story I myself am her fan and thought many of you were also her fans. So I wrote this story for all her fans here. You can share your thoughts about it down below if you want to. 

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I love the idea of fictional stories involving sexy celebs.

Gonna have to write one myself involving Shakira sometime, lol.

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Hi steve25808 thanks for liking my story and also giving me feedback on it. Yes the whole idea of fictional stories involving hot famous people is really hot. Yeah write a hot story about Shakira if you want to I look forward to read that story.

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