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A whole new world

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So for the story it's going to be me writing a bit and posting as I have time and insperation. Like in chapters😂😂. If you have comments, ideas, things you would like to happen please post them and I will try to incorporate them into the storyline! This first segment is going to be a lot of character development but things will get better as time goes on😂😂

Chapter One: The forest

I awoke staring at the blank sky. It was dark outside with a chill breeze slowly spreading across the forest floor. I was surrounded by giant trees soaring hundreds of feet into the sky casting deep shadows into the night. I didn't know how I'd gotten here. Or anything about this place, or even who I was. I was wearing leather boots and what seamed to be animal skin shorts and a top. 

I slowly got up and saw the moon shining brightly in the sky. I walked forward and heard the crunch of leaves under my feat. It was silent, a little too quiet. Like I was the only living thing anywhere. 

I wondered what this place was and how I'd gotten here. What had led me to be here and what was my purpose now that I was here. I knelt by a stream and drank slowly from it feeling the cold liquid move down my throat. As I stood up I saw something peculiar. A light in the distance. It looked like a lantern of some sort. I gazed at it trying to discern what it was but couldn't make out anything besides the soft glow of orange light. If that light was civilization, how would I even introduce myself, I don't even know what my name is?


*End of chapter 1*

Sorry this chapter wasn't very good but I'm writing this on my phone😂😂 also I plan on in the future hopefully doing drawings either each chapter if that's of interest? 

Also what should the name character's name be😂😂 I was thinking like Raven or some uncommon animal related name but I'm open to opinion💁

Thank you so much for reading!

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Again I'm writing this on my phone so I'm sorry but it sbetter than nothing😂😂 hopefully this chapter will be better😂😂

Chapter 2: Society

I walked towards the light hoping it would lead me somewhere. As I grew closer I realized it wasn't just a lantern, there were people here! A row of houses and inns created a road to the iron gate of a large kingdom. As I approached more and more detail filled my vision. I saw the looming stone walls of a castle soaring into the sky with flags on the rooftops. Lanterns flying all around illuminating the entire city even in the darkest of night. But something was off. I stepped onto the main road and immediately people backed away staring at me in silence. Like I was dangerous somehow. 

I approached the gate to the castle and an old man came up to me. "To entire you must pass our test"

I jumped a little bit. He was the only one to not run away from me. "What test?" I replied a little nervously.

"You are not from around here you must prove your worthiness." He replied in a very powerful voice. "It's almost sunrise, you must get going"

He lead me into a dark chamber and as I was about to turn around he closed the door and I heard a lock click. Then I heard a snap of his fingers and spontaneously the torches on the walls lit casting loomy shadows on the walls. There was a table in the room with a large flask of water in the center and a glass. The water almost sparkled a little from the Torchlight as it layed motionless in it's glass vase. 

"You must drink from the vase using the glass cup and forego the bathroom for as long as you can." I heard a voice say.

"Where... How... Why do I have to do this?"

"You are proving your determination of the mind, your ability to resist nature"

I heard footsteps receed away from me and I was left alone with my thoughts. I brushed my hair from my face not sure what to do staring at the vase of water. I grabbed the vase and poured myself a glass of water, it seemed to shimmer brighter now. I slowly raised the glass to my lips feeling the cold glass push against my mouth and then the shimmering liquid fall down my throat. It tasted like nothing, like I had drank air. At first nothing happened until very quickly I felt myself really needing to pee. 

It was like my bladder was inflating like a balloon. I immediately felt a leak spring from.my slit and I grabbed myself trying to hold on. I slowly walked in circles with my hands gripping myself trying to not to pee as I felt the ever increasing pressure built up. Another leak escaped me and I bent over trying to hold myself for a few seconds longer. It was like a waterfall was cascading into my bladder and I couldn't hold it much longer. After a few minutes my abdomen was aching and I was about to burst. I was doing everything I could bit leaking more and more trying to hold on. I felt my muscles give in for a second and a stream started to form. I couldn't stop it. I slid my shorts down as much as possible and my stream erupted from my vulva and a wave of relief washed over me as my pee pattered against the stone floor. Eventually mys stream slowed to a trickle and then stopped completely. I sat their panting either a small river from me. I felt so much better but didn't want someone to catch me like this so I re dressed and slowly stood up.

Now that I didn't have to pee I gazed around the room trying to take a better look at what was here. It was a stone room with a metal door that had a hat h on it so people could peer into the room. There seemed to be a window but some boards had been hastely put over the windows. I could see a tiny sliver of light but it hurt my eyes to gaze at it. 

The door opened and the man from before walked in sayin, "We haven't formally introduced yet, I'm bill, what's your name?"

I couldn't think of a name. I didn't remember. I felt some feeling around the name Raven howere so I replied, "oh.. um.. I'm Raven."

"What a beautiful name, welcome to the Forest Kingdom!"

"So I passed?" I replied very confused.

"Yes, although your bladder is very small your willpower to hold on was very strong"

"Thanks?" I replied somehwwt proud but also still confused.

"Come now our ruler would like to speak with you!" He said very hastely. 

*End of chapter 2*

I hope this chapter was a little more exciting! I'm.hoping to write the next part in a bit but I'm hoping this will suffice for now! 

Thank you for reading!



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Chapter 3: History

"Welcome to Erindale" said s voice that seemed to echo all across the room.

I was in a long huge room with collums along the sides and huge windows along all the walls. The floor was made of intricate stone patterns that seemed to stretch on forever. There was a throne made of stone at the end of the room. The throne was very grand with carvings all over the back of it. On top sat a girl. She looked around 20 years old, had long wavy blonde hair, and was wearing pants and a jacket.

"I know you have a lot of questions.... And it might be easier for me to just explain everything to you" She said in a more friendly tone. "Many years ago there was a great war between the futeristic human race and a new race of people we called vampires. The war lasted for centuries with the humans superior weaponry and the vampires natural resistance better bodies. It ripped the world apart and the only survivors were our descendants. People that hid in islands and avoided the conflict. Every city was destroyed and reclaimed by nature, and 2000 years later, here we are. I'm one of the few that has the "gift" as we call it." She opened her hand and a purple sphere appeared in it and inside it looked like snow was falling. "Each magical being has the gift of immortality and an area of focus. I have control of all air and by extent weather around me and can manipulate it as I please. Enough about that, let's talk about you."

She stood up and walked closer to me maintaining a friendly demeanor as she approached. "You are one of my experiments. I found a skeleton of a vampire from the great war and tried to create a being with that dna. You are the result of that experiment. No one knows what you are to become or what power you possess. That is why people are scared of you. They see you as a vampire and reminder of history and what has happened, not as who you are now and I'm sorry about that."

"I'm a lab project?" I said a little puzzled.

"We weren't sure whether to tell you but figured you would figure it out eventually anyway. We are a combinated of the humans technology and medieval technology. We dress as we did 2000 years ago but have not progressed past the iron age in most areas. We see books of long lost history with hovering trains and airplanes but haven't been able to recreate many things. Anyways, You should get some rest, You will feel better tommorow."

*End of chapter 3*

Sorry for the boring chapter but I needed some character development and didn't know how to go around doing that so here we are😂😂.

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Chapter 4: 

I slowly woke up and felt the natural light of day cascading into my room. I slowly got out of my bed and felt the sunlight hit my arm. Instantly a searing pain passed along my skin and I fell back to my bed grasping my arm. 

"Right." I said to myself through my gritted teeth. 

I very carefully walked around the room pulling the blinds of every window to avoid the sunlight. That's when an envelope on the nightstand caught my eye. On the front of the envelope Princess Violet was written. I opened the note and felt the paper in my hands before reading. 

"I hope your first night was comfortable, sorry to have dumped so much information on you last night I'm not the best at smoothly telling people things. Also there's a bottle of spf 2,000,000 sunscreen in this envelope. When you use it you can stay in the sun for 30 minutes, just in case something happens.

Best wishes,



"Good morning!" Came a voice from the door. "Meet me in the first room to the right as soon as possible!"

"I Will!", I replied wondering who that was at the door. 

I walked into the room I was instructed to go into and there was a table in the center of the room with a note. All it said was training of the mind in fancy cursive font. The room was made of stone with one small window in the top part of the wall. A voice from outside the room said, "Drink, I insist!"

I poured myself a cup of water and lifted the cup to my lips. The liquid was completely clear and tasteless. Soon I felt my need to pee growing drastically. I crossed my legs and tried to stave off the pressure in my bladder. After 5 minutes I felt a small knot in my stoma ch, then a small pressure, and soon a large force. This invisible force pushed against my bladder and I felt my control slip and a small amount of pee trickled out. I grabbed myself and tried to hold it in. Very quickly my bladder started filling verywuixkly and the pressure building. I was holding myself trying to not pee but feeling leaks slowly trickle out of my slit. I felt the wetnedd along my slit and it made me need to pee so much more. I felt a phantom force pushing into my bladder again and I tried as hard as I could to maintain control. At first a large spurt wet my panties and only seconds later I final push on my chest caused my bladder to loose control. I felt my bladder contract and pee gush out to the outside world. I let my head lay back in pleasure as I felt my pee pooling around me on the floor. I felt this feeling wash over me of pleasure, not like I recgonized but the feeling was there and very strong. 

Finally my stream tapered off, and I sat, completely soaked in pee barely able to move my legs from the relief of peeing. 

End of chapter 4:

What do you want the main character to look like. Like what clothing should she be wearing. I'm open to suggestions no matter how crazy!

Thanks for reading!



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Btw I wrote the last 2 parts super late at night in my bed half asleep. I really need to get better at writing. I also just don't know where people want me to take the storyline or if they want me to continue at all

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I read your story everytime so i hope you will continue with it. For me it doesnt mather where the storyline goes let your imajunation go and make it how you want it.


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Chapter 5:

"Come in please," violet said from within the throne room. As I walked in the ornate pillars and walls enveloped my field of view. 

"I have a gift for you," Violet again said as she lightly jumped from her throne with a scroll in her hand. 

"Thank you, but what's it for?" I asked as the cool fabric of the paper fell into my hands.

"I think you will figure it out as time passes" violet cool stated with a gleam in her eyes. 

I awkwardly stood there not white knowing what to say. The past few days had been very strange and I couldn't remember anything from before then. It was all just so complicated. 

"Thanks" I said again before walking out of the throne room hearing the footsteps of several people on the stone floors. 

I adorned a wide brimmed hat before walking outside. People still gave me looks as I walked past trying to fit in. I walked back into the woods and sat on a stump cross legged. The sun was shaded from direct view from the high branches of the trees. I opened the scroll in my lap and saw pictures of people and hand motions all across the paper. They were instructions, for what was unclear, but I decided to try them anyway. I slowly stood up and studied the first list of instructions. I moved my hands back in forth in front of me in a lazy waving motion. Almost as if I was fanning someone. I felt the air currents around my hands change slightly and then go back to normal. 

I tried again and felt the same effect as before. Was I doing this? Was I somehow able to alter the air? I tried the next instruction set on the list a twisting motion with my finger while rotating my arm. I micro vortex of sir formed around my finger and the dissapated. I smiled and knew I had to get better to keep trying. For hours I stood trying the same motion again and again until the sun started to fall behind the horizon. I had hit a brick wall. I tried to study the instructions but couldn't get any better. 

A branch cracked behind me as I was deep in thought. I wirled around and all I saw was the bag covering my head. My body was being dragged. I fought and wrestled and couldn't get out. I felt a prick in my neck and suddenly the world started to fade away into blackness. Sleep seemed very nice and no matter how much I tried to fight it the world turned into darkness. 

End of chapter 5

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Chapter 6:

My eyes brined from the light as the bag was slowly removed from.my head. There was a torch directly in front of my face held by a figure behind it. I tried to move but I was trapped. Ropes bound to my body as I tried to move my limbs. 

"Hmmm..... Interesting...." Said a voice from behind the torch. 

I scanned the room. I was underground. There were cobblestone walls on ever side of me. An iron door blocked my exit and in the other corner were my belongings. Then I felt a hand force my lips open and a cool liquid fall into my mouth. My vision began to blur, then darken entirely. 


I awoke again. I was tied to the wall now. My legs spread as well as my arms. My head felt fuzzy and unresponsive as I sat there. The man from before was still there. 

"Fascinating, that is quite impressive." He said mysteriously. 

I tried to speak but it was like my sound was gone. I couldn't formulate words even when I tried to scream. Just small breaths escaped through my mouth. He looked at me and slowly poured another drink. The fluid was yellow and glistening slightly. He slowly walked over to me and poured the drink down my throat along with a cup of water. I tried to speak again but couldn't and before long I felt my vision getting blurrier and blurrier until darkness fell over me for the last time.

All I could feel was pain in my bladder. Even before my eyes started to register the faint flow of my prison my bladder was begging for relief. The man was still there watching me. The light from.the door was stronger now. Like the sun was climbing higher into the air. But all I could think about was my bladder. I helplessly tried to say to him that I needed.to pee but before long I felt a spurt escape followed by a torrent. The hissing sound of urine escaping my slit got louder and louder as relief and emberrasing washed over me. My clothes dampened and warmed the more pee escaped from me. Amidst this the.man poked up his head and saw the puddle that was forming beneath me. 

"Quite dissapointing, I was expecting you to last longer." He said before slowly starting to walk out of the room. Right before he left the room he paused and took a box from his pocket. When he opened it a purple orb flew out and started to flutter towards me. He walked out of the room and slammed the door. The orb seemed unsure where to go before fluttering towards me and flying into my mouth. I felt my voice return to me and I sighed in relief. A moment later my vision started to blur and as much as I tried to fight it darkness overtook me once more. 

End of chapter 6


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Chapter 7

Light slowly filled my eyes as i slowly awoke from my rest. I was in a completely new room. Large logs and intricate stonework lined the walls of the room with a tiled wood pattern on the floor. There were a few torches in the room that burned with an orange light. I was laying on a soft bed with a white blanket covering my body. The room was very plain except for the bed and a small desk in the corner of the room with a note laying on it. I slowly tried to get up and felt my head pound from a headache. I put my hand up against my head and tried to get passed the pain. I slowly stumbled out of bed and towards the desk. My feet touched the cold wood floor and I pushed the blanket off me. I realized that I was completely naked. I scanned the room for clothes I could wear before realizing I wasn't actually cold. As I walked over to the desk I saw fancy writing on the letter that read, Dear Raven. I opened the parchment and the first thing stated was that there was a vial to cure the headache I could potentially have when I awoke. I opened the drawer on the left side of the desk and saw a small glass vial with a glimmering liquid. I uncorked the vial and raised it to my lips drinking the fluid. A warm sensation went down my body and into my stomach. Then i felt the warm rise again slowly until it reached my head. My headache slowly began to fade away until it was gone completely. I turned back and read the rest of the letter.


Sorry for your less than ideal arrival into our civilization. We saw you had with you a scroll that contained very dark magic and wanted to make sure you weren't a dark sorcerer. In fact theres a lot of strange things about you. Through the tests we conducted we found your over 2000 years old yet only have memories dating a few days. Also you seem to be unable to age, your body will be forever stuck at around 19 years old thanks to your vampiric nature. Your body also had one last surprise. You are a mage. Thats why we brought you here. This area is a form of school, or well a form of teaching location. We believe that learning is kinesthetic and should be taught actively and not read about in old books. You have much to learn and we have much to teach you. 


A New Friend


I stared at the letter for a while not sure what to say. I turned towards the opposite wall and saw a mirror staring back at me. My slim body and red hair were even more apparent without the cover of clothes. I had so many questions. How was I 2000 years old if i was created in violets lab, Where was I, Whois "My New Friend"? I decided to open the door and walk around to see if I could find anything. As I opened the door The massive stone structure I was standing in opened up with a glass roof I hadn't even thought possible stretching across my entire field of view. I just gazed up in awe at what i was seeing. Before my was a large grassy park in the center of the stone castle i was in. There was a single oak tree resting in the park and grass stretching along the floor. 

As I walked through the park a purple flash caught my eye. I walked over to it and saw a small purple orb hovering in a stone alcove. The sign next to it stated Arena, next fight Raven.

End of chapter 7

Im going to leave this a little more interactive than my last chapters. What do you think should happen next? 

1) Raven should walk into the alcove and see what happens, after all it says Ravens name on it

2) Go back to our room

3) Keep exploring

4) Do something else, Let me know!


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Sorry this isn't a very good drawing but I'll try to do better next time🤷‍♀️


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So no one responded so I guess I will xD

Chapter 8

I walked into the stone alcove and look around. At first nothing seemed to be happening until I saw a glowing white circle appear at my feet. Slowly the light beamed through until my entire vision became encompassed by the light. The next thing I knew I was in another alcove staring at a circular stone arena with empty stands surrounding it. There was a plaque next to the alcove that read Courtyard. I timidly stepped forward and started walking into the arena. As I walked into the center I saw light start to gather at the center of the arena. It slowly amassed until it grew into a monster. A big monster with 6 arms and terrifying claws to go with them. I didn't know what to do. I tried to run but soon was picked up in it's grasp. All I felt was tearing, pain, and thought this was the last thing I would ever do.

Soon the beast dropped me and I fell to the floor, blacking out on impact. I woke up a moment later and saw one of the hands of the beast flying towards my face. As if by instinct I rolled out of the way. Suddenly a sword appeared in my hand and I went running towards the beast holding the sword trying to get close enough to stab it. When I got close enough I drove the sword deep into it's leg and heard the beasts terrible roar. 

Unfortunately it wasn't enough and with one foul stroke the beast again struck me to the ground where I layed watching the beast slowly shimmer back into light and fade away into nothingness. Then my vision failed me and I was encroached in darkness once more.

When I awoke I was still lying on the arena floor. It was night outside now and only the soft glow of torchlight lit the arena. But somehow I felt like I new something new. Like somehow during my sleep I had learned something. I opened my hand and a small flame emerged in the center I rolled it around in my hand and tossed it to my other hand slightly giggling in the process. I couldn't believe I was doing this, or how I even learned to do this. When I was done I stood up and felt my bladder urging me to use the toilet. I looked around and saw there were a few alcoves throughout the arena.

"One of these has to be a toilet" I told myself feeling my urge to go rapidly increasing. 

As I approached one of the alcoves another small plaque said Shower room. I thought to myself, "close enough" and walked in. The same glow of light emerged from the floor and soon I was surrounded by stone walls but something was different about this room. It was very bright. I look to the curling and saw the entire curling was emmiting white light. In one corner there were a few toilets and in the other around 5 showerheads and a drain. On the other wall there were a series of mirrors and sinks. As I began to think in my brain. If no one else is here do I really have to use the toilet? I felt my aching bladder in my abdomen and instead of going over to the toilet I just let it go where I was. A hissing sound filled the air as pee exploded from my slit. Relief washed over me as I felt a puddle forming around my feet. After a while my stream start to slow and then stop completely. 

Feeling satisfied I walked over to the shower and turned it on washing out my very dirty hair. The warm water felt amazing against my body and felt so relaxing in comparison to the last few days. I almost forgot all my questions with this place and just felt amazing for the moment. After I was done I toweled myself off and went over to the sink. All the sudden the alcove I walked through started to glow. Another girl emerged in the shower door with me.

She had long white hair with a very slim build. Her blue eyes sparkled as she walked in. As the light began to clear I noticed that she was also naked. 

"Hello!" She stated kind of shyly but also while trying to be welcoming, " You must be new here I haven't seen you before?"

"Yeah, I got here yesterday, I think at least. I kind of woke up here." 

"Welcome then! I'm Rayla"

"I'm Raven" I replied kind of awkwardly. 

She slowly.walked over to the shower seeming to start loosening up a little bit. She turned on the water and looked at me almost puzzlingly. 

"Are you...... a vampire? She asked slowly.

"Oh......" I started trying to think of something to say. This was my only potential friend I didn't want to scare her away. "Yes, I am but I promise I won't do anything to you, please don't be scared of me"

"No I didn't mean it like that, I just, no offense, thought all of you were dead."

"Well here I am" I said with a slight friendly smile. 

She laughed and we chatted a bit more before I went back home. I saw a plaque outside my door that said Raven and a plaque next to it that said Rayla and a door that was slightly ajar next to mine. I smiled and walked back into my room, climbed into my bed, and fell asleep. 

End of chapter 8


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