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Let's Play a Game Spin-off: Cassandra's upbringing

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On 11/21/2018 at 12:43 PM, Vassal said:

The family's house was an old colonial, heated by a wood stove which would often go out during the night if no one tended to it, leaving the nights to get very cold if you weren't under covers. Especially now that their parents were older, they didn't want to make the trip downstairs in the middle of the night, which is also where the only bathroom was. You could guess the lesson that Jane taught her daughters in this situation. Jane told the girls that they could only wet the bed if it was right before laundry day and had all the mattresses fitted with protectors. In the days before laundry day the girls were left to their own devices to find ways not to have to go downstairs to use the bathroom, even when it wasn't cold. Even now in college Cassie would get out of bed to use her closet as a toilet. Sleepily pushing her hanging clothes to the side and squatting down in her just her night shirt, not bothering to move her panties just inches above her closet carpet, releasing the hold on her aching bladder. Hazily savoring the feeling of the first few moments of total absorption as her wee soaked into her panties, slowly washing over her covered mound and finding its way into the hot folds of her womanhood, sometimes even trickling down the crack of her shapely ass before the fabric reached its limits and gravity took hold of the hot liquid, bringing it back down any path it could, often rolling down her pert cheeks and dripping onto the abused carpet before the main stream burst forth from her poor soaked gusset.  Cassie loved to look at the aftermath the morning after, if she had time before going out to feed the cows she would usually refresh it, this time standing over the cold puddle of her pee, letting it fall from her damp panties and splashing all over her feet. She also loved to sneak into her sister's closet for a wee, always defending her activities by saying fresh carpet was the best to use. This behavior was encouraged by Jane, often inviting Cassie into various closets around the house to use. The two women would squeeze into the small spaces and would be forced to press their bare bottoms up against the walls of the closet, causing their flows to cascade down the walls, leaving a wide puddle on the carpet below. Steph would always feign anger at finding two large fan shaped stains drying on the walls of her closet, but would always join in the fun, squatting and leaning back at the door of the closet, directing her pussy spray as deep as she could into the closet.

This should be encouraged by everyone.

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