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Wet and Wonderful Day. The Beginning.

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   Tonya told the girls it was time to get dressed.  They were meeting me in town at 10 o’clock to get the groceries and stuff for party tonight.  We had planned the day, last night when her and Mike were over at our place.  I got hard again just remembering that scene.  Tammy was wearing one of my favorite dresses, a light summer thing that is quite see-through.  Just about anytime she was standing in the light, Mike and I could easily see the white panties she was wearing underneath.  All of us tan easily but Tonya and Tammy are quite dark.  I love the contrast of the white panties against their dark skin.  

   They had only spent a couple of hours at our place because the girls were due home from college and they wanted to be home to greet them.  We were lounging on our back deck, enjoying the afternoon sun.  Tammy had been the one to get things started.  She had made us all drinks and was serving them to us.  Mike was the last to get his drink and, as she handed it to him Tammy started to pee.  I saw it almost immediately because I was already watching her intently.  I love looking at her ass in that dress and I love the fact that I know Mike is looking too.  Tonya didn’t notice till she heard the pee hitting the deck.  She laughed and commented that party had started.  Not to be outdone she came over to me.  Standing with her back to me, Tonya pulled her skirt up over her ass.  “Damn” I thought to myself.  Her ass was incased in a pair of light beige color panties and it is a beautiful sight to see.  

   She backed up, straddling my legs and sat squarely in my lap.  Almost instantly I felt her hot pee soak into my pants and underwear running down over my balls.  She peed with so much force I could hear the loud hiss as it pored through her panties.  As I was feeling her pee soak into my pants I looked toward Mike and Tammy.  Mike had placed his hand under Tammy’s dress and was feeling her pussy as she peed through her panties and onto his hand.  Tonya was watching them too, and in response she reached between her legs.  Instead of touching herself, however, she begins to rub my balls through my wet pants.  Hearing and feeling her pee running over me had caused my need to become more pronounced so I also let go in my pants.  As I did I reached around and began to rub Tonya’s pussy through her wet panties.  She softly moaned and slumped back against my chest spreading her legs wider.  As I was watching Mike finger my wife, He was also watching as I placed my hand in Tonya’s panties and began to play with her pussy.  It didn’t take long to bring the two women to a loud climax.

   After they had settled back down, Tony got up off my lap and walked toward Mike and Tammy.  Tammy was still facing Mike who was still gently rubbing her pussy.  She didn’t realize Tonya was behind her till she reached under Tammy’s dress and rubbed her on the ass.  As Mike removed his hand Tammy turned and gave Tonya a quick kiss in the lips.  She then crossed over to me and set in my lap, giving me a deep and lustful kiss.  Tonya had leaned over Mike and was doing the same with him.  After we had all calmed down a little we set and sipped our drinks, planning the coming home party for the girls.  No one bothered getting up for the bathroom but just peed casually right where we sat.  By the time Tonya and Mike decided it was time to leave, all four chairs had huge puddles under them and our pants and panties were soaked.  This was the start of a wet and wonderful weekend.

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