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Wonderful Wet Day Continued

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   Tonya gave her pussy a firm rub and let out a soft moan when saw the picture.  Both girls noticed and glanced at each other grinning.  Ashley laughed and wanted to know just what had caused that.  Tonya passed her phone to the girls and each took a turn looking at it.  They immediately understood their Mother’s reaction and Chastity even followed suit, putting her hand inside her panties.  She began to finger herself blatantly in front of her Ashley and her Mother.  She couldn’t stop now if she tried.  Ever since seeing the pee dripping from Tonya’s panties and then wetting her own, and then Ashley appearing in her soaked panties, Chastity had been on the verge of coming.  As she rubbed, she released her bladder again, squirting her pee hard, she peed all over her hand and re soaked her panties.  It only took a half minute for her to climax.  Letting out a relaxing sigh she looked sheepishly at both her mother and Ashley.  Both laughed and Ashley asks with a grin, if she felt better now.  Chastity realized she was still gently stroking her pussy and removed her hand, wiping it on her butt to dry it off.  Again Tonya took in the site before her.  Chastity, like her, only trimmed her bush occasionally.  Tonya could clearly see it through her wet and almost transparent panties.  Ashley kept her pussy shaved bald and her wet nylon panties were really see through.  Tonya then looked at her own panties and once more peed into them.  Her own dark bush became visible and she couldn’t wait for the afternoon.  This wonderful wet day was starting off grand.

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