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Well spent time together Pt. 1

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Okey, that is a story I wrote for my ex gf, not too long ago... my first really long story, you can even see the writing developement within the parts, tho i have to change some things... most of them actually

anyways, when I post it fully there are 8 parts of it, some longer and some shorter, many containing sex and are sometimes quite hard... i will mark them tho

Let me know what you think, happy about every review 😊



The story is about a young couple, together for only a few weeks so they decide to spend the friday evening together by taking a walk in the woods, both are into pee so they already know how this will go... the girl already has to go quite badly, the guy a bit too

He places his hand on his girls butt and drags her towards him, she comes close to him and whispers with an erotic hot voice in his ear "I really got to go, could you help me?" and looks at him with innocent eyes, the guy feels his boner coming and tells his girl "of course babe, when you help me later on...". she agrees and kisses him and they walk on, till they come to a bench with a good look on a lake and a beautyful sunset

the guy gets behind his girl and holds her with the one hand, kisses her neck and begins to fondle her nicely shaped C-cup boobs with the other and then whispers "kind of romantic, isn´t it?" but she replies only with "I really gotta pee right now, come and help me undressing please".

he gives her boobs a good last squeeze and gets his hands down, pulls down his gf´s short pants, she prefers to not wear anything under, he throws them onto the bench and the girl is taking a seat next to her shorts, right on the edge of the wooden bench and starts to piss almost immediately

a really forceful stream on the stones in front of the bench, drops are hitting both their legs as she continues pissing a torrent on the stones and totally flooding the place, streaks of piss are running into the grass beneath. she moans while she is almost done with her piss, looking at the huge foaming mess right in front of her as her stream is slowly fading, hitting the edge of the bench and running down in small streaks, her last drops create a puddle on the seat. she pulls out a tissue and wipes her pussy and her legs a bit, then throws it away careless into the grass besides the bench

"thats it, i was needing that" she said with a giggle and the guy could not stand it, grabbing her waist and letting her sit half naked on his lap while caressing her wet pussy and her boobs again, furiously making out with her and enjoying the effects of his hands on her body, which is totally in his hands by now, she is rubbing her slit by that time as well, then licking her juice and rest of piss off her hand and offering the guy to do likewise, he sucked her fingers and lifts her up, lays her on the long side of the bench beneath her pants and starts eating her out. he also fondles her nipples at the same time and gets her to an orgasm pretty fast, and she lies on the bench, still panting and almost unable to move after her perhaps best orgasm till that time

"so you naughty girl, told me you like pissing in any form, didn´t you?" the guy says with a grin, she is unable to move but understands his intention and protests heavily, begs him to don´t but that is the time when the first hot spurt of piss is hitting her on the chest, soaking her top and bra, one follows the other and she is completely soaked after like a minute, even her shoes and socks are dripping wet, only her face and hair is mostly dry by the time. "I have a little bit left, but for now i don´t want to piss in your face" he says with a friendly smile, that turns into an evil grin as he starts pissing all on her pants laying next to his gf

she flings it at him and shouts "i fucking hate you", but her dripping wet pussy tells different...


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30 minutes ago, Potatoman said:

she flings it at him and shouts "i fucking hate you", but her dripping wet pussy tells different..

A narrative delicatesse that indeed struck some chord deep down in me

A marvellous story, short, to the point, and weirdly full-frontal in its erotism

Compliments man...

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