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Favourite surface to pee on?

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3 hours ago, PixieRyder said:

I am an outdoor pee-er and really enjoy natural soft surfaces. Grass, freshly turned soil, a high squat on the brush pile.  Also a freshly peed puddle from a very special pee friend.

I'm an outdoor pee-er and prefer the natural surfaces as well. Like you, I also live in the Midwest. Our summers are much too short for us not to take, um, full advantage of the situation.

You know what's even better than a freshly peed puddle from a special friend? Making an even bigger one with them.

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On 8/27/2018 at 7:42 PM, Admin said:

What would you say is your favourite surface to pee on, or even to see someone else piss on?

Hard floor? Carpet? Sand? Water? etc... Think creatively and share any opinions and experiences. 🙂 


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On 11/11/2018 at 1:31 PM, chelseastorm said:

I'm pretty decent at wall peeing for a girl

My closet wall is my favorite

I loved peeing on my closet wall growing up! It was my little secret bathroom in my bedroom. Now that I am allowed to pee freely when visiting my mom, I pee on the living room wall, too. Sometimes I will feel nostalgic and go back to my old room and pee in the closet...only difference is now I can tell my mom what I am going to do!

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17 hours ago, naughty_rosie said:

I love to pee on sand or soil because I can dig a hole with my stream 😁

I agree especially when it is dry soil so you can make a river and leave behind a wet patch or a puddle.

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I like artificial hard surfaces (e.g., cars, cardboard, walls). These surfaces tend to make a lot of noise and, compared to how pee "should" sound when striking porcelain or water, the sounds they make sound the most "wrong". Bonus if there are dripping sounds afterwards!

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Inside I enjoy peeing on a hard surface floor, both for the splattering sound and the ease of clean up.i have peed outside on concrete for the same reason

However , usually when I am outside and need to pee, I will try to hold it until I find some water. It can be a stream, a pond, or even a rain puddle if that's all I can find. By the time I find water , I have to move quickly to get my penis out in time. Sometimes I will pee some in one body of water and cut off the flow so I can pee into another.

I especially love peeing into water if I can do it from a high spot into the water below, creatinga nice long stream and a loud splash.

My first hold until desperate ever was an attempt at this. I held it all day and school, and then went for a walk in the woods to a stream I knew of.  The sound of rushing water was too much for my overfull bladder and I started peeing in my pants. I had an obvious baseball sized wet spot in my pants before I could unzip.




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20 hours ago, weequeen said:

love peeing into soft plush things, like sofas, pillows, pile of clothes, carpets/rugs. but i also enjoy peeing into a cup or other container that isn't a toilet and watching the pee collect 

If you are peeing into different containers, you have probably measured how much you can pee, or you know how much of a container you have filled. I am very curious about it.

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