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Wonderful Wet Day 2

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  I had been up for about an hour when I got the text from Tonya.  I smiled when I saw it was a picture of the girls setting on their deck with obviously wet panties.  Seconds later another text came in. It was of her, standing in front of her bathroom mirror in a tee-shirt and white panties.  Her dark bush could be seen clearly through panties she had recently peed in.  I became instantly hard.  I was still only in my underwear, a pair of white briefs that were also soaked with my own morning piss.

    It has almost become a morning routine to hold it till I was setting on my deck with my first cup of coffee.  I wake up with a piss hard on almost every morning.  The first thing I do is start my coffee making.  Then I go to the bathroom and brush my teeth and wash my face.  All along I’m glancing at my hard dick poking up in my underwear.  Often I will release just enough piss the outline my dick in my underwear.  By the time I’m finished in the bathroom my coffee will be ready.  I’ll get a cup and make my way to the back deck.  Some mornings I’m so much in need of a piss that I leak in my underwear before making it outside.  By the time I’m seated with my coffee my underwear is dripping.  I don’t try to hold any longer and just piss to my heart’s content.  Often I will have two or three cups while watching the morning sunrise, just letting myself piss when I feel the need.  This had been one of those mornings.

   By the time I got Tonya’s text I was already tore up.  My wet underwear and the thoughts of what I had to look forward to today were enough to keep me hard all morning.  I leaned back in my chair and took a selfie of my hard dick encased in a thoroughly piss soaked pair of white briefs.  Looking at that picture turned me on even more.  I grinned and sent it to Tonya.  This was going to be a wonderful wet day.

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Well, this took a different turn. Like the narrator, I look forward to more of the wonderful wet day.

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