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Girls peeing into containers and cups

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This is a great thread, with a wide variety of girls, containers, and peeing styles. The one type of container I have not yet seen on it is a small, medical vial of the type used to collect urine samples from both males and females, for routine physical exams, drug tests, etc. Its small diameter and limited liquid capacity make it quite challenging for a female patient, in terms of aiming at a small target, and stopping her flow, before the container overflows. I have never seen pictures or videos of women filling these kinds of containers, on the 'net, and I have never been able to induce even my wettest, most permissive g.f.'s to allow me to watch them, or "help" them (e.g., by holding the container) while using such a container.

So I would love to see some close up pictures of women using these types of containers, on this thread. Thanks, in advance!



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Allow me to contribute. If these are already posted, please just enjoy them over again.


Joanne.thumb.jpg.60cc0c2801b4622e3e3e6beca056ce6b.jpg 142115945_Legup.thumb.jpg.3a194aa330de752014072896e604e713.jpg 1310110548_mixingbowlyoung.thumb.jpg.0882c20bafe9be9946e7ee6132e0c176.jpg 

595606522_Phoebecup.thumb.jpg.6c925a36612069b71eb58f1b13e04d63.jpg 595720381_Hollybeermug.thumb.jpg.0e5bdbd45c9d96b00a0548cc4e1f8e19.jpg Chrissy.thumb.jpg.600883f2890a5a3fbcc561e88497b618.jpg 

643954484_Brunettebottle.thumb.jpg.3f26abbe8f2b04717ce455404233cc73.jpg 582472877_bluebowl.thumb.jpg.a45b6011c3fe8636af6952bd0d25c8c0.jpg 989842199_Giannadogbowl.thumb.jpg.d0d0c04bdfd365696acfe2fd1e4f854e.jpg

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