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The story behind the video...

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Ive watched this vid of these Japanese girls having a wee dozens of times.Yet i dont understand what they say,or what the situation is.So i thought to write a kind of backstory,and give the girls a name would be kind of fun....Brownie points available for anyone who can comment upon their names!

At this Japanese school for girls in the city of Nagasaki,one day in the teachers toilets,one of the teachers discovered a spycam.So the word got around quickly,and the headmistress put the toilets out of bounds,rightly didnt want her staff or pupils even being compromised in such an intimate way.All her girls were final year students ranging from 16 to 18,and she knew 99% of them were in fact virgins,so being protective of her blooming young ladies was her first thought,and even the staff,who were all young women themselves in their 20s.Then,the head had put the top prefect,Aiko Nagumo,on guard,to ensure no girls used the toilets,she felt happy to leave it be,until the electrician arrived in an hour or so to disconnect it.

However,the prefect,Aiko Nagumo,was also the very best friend of Hanako Fuchida,and Emiko Genda,and a few of the other girls in her class.Well,girls being girls,upon hearing of this thought it would be a lark,to use the toilets whilst the spycam was in place.In fact,Nagumo,the prefect was most up for it."I WANT men to look at me having a wee,i like it if they wank about it"...Hanako Fuchida,was quite a bossy girl,with long straight hair,"Me too!ill LOVE it,if men get all hard over me."and her friend,pretty with hair in bunches,Emiko Genda said"I want to go second!"Hanako,and Emika decided to see who wanted to go most at the time...So between them,they agreed that Nagumo would in fact go first,despite being "the guard" of the toilets.

So,having gathered at the toilets,first to go was Nagumo,she was in charge,so in she went.Peed without rushing,wiped carefully..Then it was either Fuchida or Gendas turn.Genda decided she wanted to go,she actually felt she was about to piss her knickers with excitement.The idea of men maybe watching her wee was really getting to her,but her friend Fuchida,barged past her,and after a short word,in which she told Genda she was about to wet herself,whilst outside,the prefect,Nagumo,was hurrying them along,SHE would be skinned if staff came by and caught them.So,Genda stood aside while Fuchida was next to pee...She couldnt help giggling the whole way through,she was really tickled at the idea men might masturbate watching her pee.She noticed Emiko was watching her from behind,which kind of excited her too.She did a kind of spluttery,dribbly pee,wiped herself,and didnt flush.

Next it was Gendas turn..Almost now bursting to pee,and eager at the idea of men watching her via video,lowered her pink knickers,squatted,and let loose a stream so hard,she almost lost her balance.But she finished her wee,wiped carefully,as most Japanese girls seem to do,and flushing,went out.The other girls were washing their hands,but Emiko pushed them away,in case staff looked in.

Just as they were leaving,a friend of Nagumo,Masako Yamamoto,passed them.She was a very quiet girl,the last you would think would want to expose her vagina this way,but she said to her friend"PLEASE let me have a wee here,im so wet at the thought of men watching me pee!"As they knew they only had a short time anyway,she let her through.

Yamamoto,was a little hesitant,but she was only trying to savour her naughty moment,and peed very nicely.By now,Nagumo the prefect,decided to let only a few more of her friends through,the last being one of her longest friends,Marumi Kuribayashi..then 5 mins later,the spycam was removed.

The electrician was under orders to destroy the camera,but the gang of naughty girls made him promise to download it.Its said that he demanded a golden shower from Fuchida and Genda,but its unknown if he got his prize....But here is the result!https://xhamster.com/videos/teen-students-urinating-7714781#mlrelated

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Here is a little story from, we will call her Zoë, that goes with the video below.


It is funny how I can go about my business and almost always I can find somewhere to wet myself without anyone noticing. I always find it so much more convenient to just pee wherever I happen to be rather than visit the ladies.


When I go out with my friends, even though they never see me visit the ladies, it is especially easy because they never suspect I would be so brazen as to just pee myself while we are sat in the restaurant. They often joke that I must have a fantastic bladder capacity, but I just tell them in a jokey way that I must have wet myself.


My usual method is to sit forward on the seat and let my pee flow forward and off the front of the seat to discreetly trickle on to the floor unobserved, and as long as the seat is cushioned this usually works well, especially when it can soak away nicely into carpet.


There is always the odd occasion when things don't quite go to plan. Everyone wanted to visit this new Spanish restaurant that had just opened. It had some good reviews so we were all looking forward to it. It was a bit pricey, but we had some vouchers to discount our meals, but the drinks were still full price. The drinks were not a problem because it was happy hour in the cocktail bar next door! We went next door first!


I probably should have paid a bit more attention to the décor, and perhaps done a wee before going in the restaurant, but I have been in similar places before and not had a problem emptying my bladder.


We had just got to the end of the main course and were thinking about dessert when I felt a little tingle in my bladder. It was probably prompted by Livvy getting up to visit the ladies. I just did my normal routine, sat forward on the seat, opened my knees, and relaxed. I was just paying attention to the conversation, discussing the relative merits of Tarta de Santiago or Tarta de Queso, and listening to the gentle hiss under my skirt while feeling the warmth build under my thighs.


I suppose that I must have been peeing for around twenty five seconds when I felt a bit of warmth building behind my buttocks. I never wear a skirt any longer than is absolutely necessary anyway but just in case I discreetly reached round behind, found the puddle in the back of the seat, and hitched my skirt up a bit while I continued to pee gently.


Soon after I finished wetting myself Livvy returned from the ladies and we ordered our dessert. Livvy had a video on her phone and passed it around. The video seemed to induce giggles and shock in the viewers in equal measure. When it got to me I knew why.


I still wet myself when I go out with my friends, but now they know I am not joking when I tell them that I have peed without ever leaving the table, and they always look out for me. I tend to end up in the corner now - it was rather a big puddle on the tiled floor after all!




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@fannywatcher, loved your back story.  The video is great and the girls do very much look like they are rushing and standing guard as if they shouldn't be there.

@Paulypeeps, I always love your casual attitude to peeing wherever is convenient to you, but definitely peeing on hard surfaces is going to attract attention more so than on adsorbent seats and carpets, but if you can get away with it......



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I do believe that there is some kind of naughtiness there,like they are peeing in the staff toilets or something,if only we had a Japanese speaking member..Like what one of the girls might say to her friend as she walks in on her peeing.It is definitely my favourite pee vid ever,along with a 2nd vid too.If anyone knows of any more like this please post.

(all the girls in my fictional story,are named after Japanese naval officers who were involved in Pearl Harbour.Kuribayashi,was the general of Iwo Jima)

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