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Janice walked to their usual table and right away noticed the smirk on both Tommy and Tammy’s faces. She ignored them, though, and sat down next to Tammy.

“You’ll never guess what just happened,” Janice said.

“Oh, that’s probably not true,” Tammy said and she giggled.

“Shut up,” Janice said, elbowing her. “Seriously, though.” As she started to share the story, Janice looked over and saw four girls who seemed to resemble the four she heard and saw in the bathroom. If they were the same, she was correct about the one. She was definitely older, maybe 40+, and looked very motherly but in an attractive kind of way. “See those four girls over there? Don’t stare, but see them?” They all nodded. Then she shared the story of what happened. Tammy’s eyes widened, and she smiled.

“So it would seem we’re not Kirby’s only wetting customers,” Tammy said.

“Was it like a convenience kind of thing because the stalls were all used?” Susan asked.

“No,” Janice said, “because the girl in the stall beside me just pissed in the floor. And the other two really seemed to enjoy what they were doing. Especially the older woman. She peed down her legs! I think she’s their mom or something.”

“That’s incredible,” Susan said. “There really are more people that I thought into this kind of thing.”

“Oh for sure,” Tommy said. “Just Google it sometime.”

As they talked, Tammy glanced over at the four ladies. As she did, she caught the eye of the older woman, who smiled at her. She was wearing a black sun dress with flowers along the trim. It hugged her womanly curves, and Tammy could not help but stare. She noticed the woman had lifted the bottom of her dress just a bit, and her legs were apart slightly. As she looked, a few seconds later Tammy could see a shiny dribble falling from between the woman’s shapely legs and dripping discretely down the edge of her seat. She thought about saying something to the rest of the table, but the woman was still smiling at her.

“Tammy, are you okay?” Tommy asked.

“Huh? Yeah, sorry. That woman just… she reminds me of Mom.” Tommy turned and looked.

“Yeah, I can see that,” he said. Janice smiled, as well.

“Now that I get a closer look, yeah. But let’s stop staring.” They agreed, and Janice waved Kirby to their table. He came over, and she tried to hide her reddening face. “Can we get four of your signature bronco burgers, please?”

“Coming right up,” Kirby said, and he winked at Janice.

“Holy shit,” Susan said. “You really did fuck him, didn’t you?” Janice blushed. “Oh my god. How was it?”

“It was great,” Janice said. And she meant it.

“Wasn’t it weird, though, since he was, like, friends with your parents?”

“A little,” Janice said. As she said this, she also felt a little pressure in her bladder. She just let go and felt the warm wetness between her thighs as it soaked her dress and the seat and dribbled quietly to the floor. “But he’s a real gentleman,” she said. “He made it clear that he wanted me, but he didn’t force me or anything.”

“Because you wanted him, too,” Tammy said, smiling. “You have for a while.” Janice smiled back.

“I have,” Janice said.

Tommy stood up from the booth and smiled at all three of them. “My apologies, ladies, but I have to go, and as I said I can’t just whip it out here.” He leaned down and kissed Susan on the head. She smiled as he walked away.

Tommy followed the path he had taken many times before, down the bathroom hallway and then turned to the left. He could have just as easily used the restroom like hundreds of other men would do, but since his first visits to Kirby’s Tommy had been sneaking down this back hall and relieving himself there. Just as he turned to face the wall and was about to unzip his fly, he heard footsteps. He stepped a little further down the hall into the dark.

“Tommy,” he heard a voice whisper. Then he saw Susan step around the corner. He reached out his hand and pulled her to him, and she gasped in surprise then giggled as he pulled her into the darker part of the hall and stood her against the wall. “So is this like your secret place or something?”

“It is,” he said. “And now it’s our secret place.” He leaned in and kissed her.

“I thought you had to pee,” she said.

“I do,” Tommy said, and he kissed her again. Their mouths opened and tongues touched as he moved closer to her. She reached down, unzipped his fly, and slipped his penis out with ease. She guided it to her slit, which he noticed was very wet and ready for him.

“So do I,” she said. Then she sighed, and he felt a warm stream dribble onto his shaft and trickle down his scrotum and testicles.

“Oh my god,” he said. Then he let go of his own bladder, but because of his erection the flow wasn’t much. She gasped, though, so it must have been enough for her to feel it. He kept his penis right against her slit and tried to pee more as she moaned. Meanwhile, her warm flow continued to flow down him and drip to the floor. He could feel some of it absorbing into the crotch of his jeans, but he didn’t care.

When they were both finished peeing, Tommy moved just enough to enter her as she writhed her hips. He reached under her skirt and grabbed her bare ass, pulling her closer and entering her more deeply. Her moaning changed to a pleasurable whining, and Tommy could tell it wouldn’t be long for either of them. He leaned in and kissed her neck and shoulder as she moved more quickly and was soon screaming. He placed his lips on hers to keep her scream from being too loud as her orgasm built. Tommy felt his own climax building, and then seconds later he groaned as he kissed her and ejaculated into her. Her screams had eased, so he stopped kissing her and continued to thrust until he was completely spent.

“Oh my god, that was better than the first time,” Susan said. Tommy laughed. “Now I have to pee again,” she said. Tommy watched as she just stood there with her legs together and sighed as she emptied her bladder down her legs. It flowed to her feet and over her sandals to the floor. She giggled and shook it off her feet. “I guess I should go to the bathroom and clean up.” Tommy leaned in and kissed her again.

“See you soon,” he said.

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