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Movie theater holding contest part 2

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Julie and grace took they're seats in the theater. It wasn't crowded but privacy is always preferred in these situations. They sat at the back, also close to the door in case a speedy get away was needed. 

The previews roles as the girl chatted and sipped they're drinks. As the movie started and they sat in silence as they watched and drank. By an hour into the movie both had finished they're drinks and were both starting to feel the effects. 

Grace could feel her bladder filling slowly but it was still manageable. She looked over a Julie, still sitting quietly but had crossed her legs, a sure sign she was starting to fill. Grace knew she had her when a few minutes later she was gritting her teeth and starting to rock in her seat

"Gotta go jules" she whispered to her 
Julie shot back a glare, "shut up" she hissed "you'll have to go soon enough" 
Grace was feeling confident, as the minutes ticked by she could feel herself filling, but was confident see could remain the lead. Julie was now holding herself and sweating. At the two hour mark Grace was hoping it would be long before Julie would crack. Graces bladder was getting fuller, but she hoped that she could maintain her lead. She was determined to be Julie this week and Julie looked worried. Grace needed a quick resolution soon, her bladder was filling fast. Actually it was filling extraordinarily fast today. Grace thought it was weird. Her seemed to be filling faster then usual today 

As the minutes ticked by Graces bladder filled more, she was now desperate, had to resort to crossing her legs to help maintain control. She knew Julie was closed to finished. She had her legs up in her crotch pressing...trying to hold on. Just a little but longer she thought.

A minute later grace was gasping for breath. Something was wrong. In a minute she gone from desperate to absolutly bursting. He bladder was fuller the grace could ever remember and still more fluid was pouring into it. Her eyes bulged as she clamped down her sphincter muscles trying to keep control, but her bladder was full and begging to be released. Determined to win grace soldiered on, but she knew she didn't have long.

With 30 secs past Grace was at her wits end. Herdesperation had grown exponentially, she now had to press up on her peephole to keep control. Her bladder felt bigger then possible. It was taking every ounce of muscle power to keep control. She could actually feel the pee backing up into her kidneys, hurting worse then ever before. Even clamped down as she was she was still loosing little spurts into herpanties

Then she heard Julie swear. She looked over to see Julie quickly grab her cup. She scooted to the edge of her seat. Hurriedly lifted her skirt and pulled her panties to the side and unleashed a massive stream into her cup. Grace was zhocked, in the light of the movie she could see a massive wet spot on her seat. Had Julie pushed it to far? Had she lost it?

Then grace was hit with a massive bladder contraction. The sound of julie peeing had forced her bladder to squeeze forcibly to try to empty it's self. Grace grabbed her cup and dropped her panties and followed Julie suit, leashing a strong jet into the cup.

Grace looked up at Julie who looked back at her with fear. "Grace, I messed up I'm sorry" "I did something bad"

"What?" Asked grace, still peeing faster by the second.

"I put something in our drinks" she said crying"I'm so sorry"

Grace was in shock "what?, When"

"When you were in the bathroom, I added some diuretics, drugs that make you pee"

Grace just stared back as she continued pissing like a race horse 

"I just wanted to spice things up you know, but grace I'm in trouble. My cup is almost full and I still have to go so bad. I don't know if I can get to the bathroom. I don't know if I can stop peeing"

Grace was brought to the sudden realization that her own cup was dangerously full. Her bladder still felt completely full, she suddenly realized that she was in the same boat as julie. 

Julie had managed to stop, she placed her full cup on the ground, but then crossed her legs and shoved her finger into her peehole. "Im still bursting" she whispered "I i dont think I can move"

Graces cup filled. She was forced to pinch off. As she placed her cup on the floor she realized she didn't feel relieved at all. In fact her bladder felt even fuller. She too was forced to insert a finger to cork herself up. "I'm going to kill you jules" she hissed "this hurts so bad" "what do I do???" 

Julie just looked at her "I don't know, I'm sorry grace"

Grace was hit with another spasm, she clamped down and squeezed but it didn't help. "Oh god, I can't hold it"she moaned. With that the pent up pee over powered her muscles and shot straight out into the seat in front of her. It rolled down the seat and splashed on the floor. 

Julie looked in shock "omg Grace stop!!!"

"I cant" grace moaned. Pee continued to pour out of her like a waterfall onto the seat and floor in front of her

Julie gasped as her bladder spasmed listen to grace pee. Looking for any relief she could find she spotted a small trash can in the alley. Staggering to her feet, she hobbled over and took aim, resuming her piss full force into it. Her pee immediately began puddling in the bottom as her steam splashed into the litter bag

Julie wiped the sweat from her brow has she continued to relieve herself. She looked back at grace, sitting crying and still pissing a massive stream that showed no signs of slowing down. 

Suddenly flashlights light up the room. Both girls still peeing were momentarily blinded. They're commotion had attracted the ushers

"You dirty cows" he yelled "have you no respect, stop that this instant and get out of here!"

Grace somehow found the strength to pinch off and got to her feet. She instantly doubled ovee, her bladder still fuller of piss then she could ever remember, She began to shuffle towards the door, her face beet red with embrassment. 

Julie stood at the trash can peeing still, her stream showinf no sign of waining. Tears in her eyes, she begged "please sir, it hurts so much, please let me just finish" 

The usher would not have it "you stop this instant or I will call the cops on you and your dirty little friend"

Julie slowed her stream to a trickle and the used her finger to cork herself up, then cry still, joined grace shuffling out of the theater. Both girls still bursting, praying they could find a place to pee before they exploded again

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Hi Peeguy!!!

I held it in while in a theater, indeed… but then I pissed on the floor!!! Ahahahahaah!!!

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