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She had to pee so bad

Discussion in 'Real Pee Sightings & True Stories' started by Starks2010, Mar 12, 2014.

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  1. Starks2010

    Starks2010 Forum Legend

    Feb 20, 2014
    This story took place back in 2010. I went out with my ex girlfriend to celebrate her friends birthday. We went to s lounge in the city. She had these tight black stretch jeans on and a thong. I believe the thong was pink. She also had On stilleto heels. So at the lounge she was drinking sweet tea which really makes her have to pee. So after the lounger we go to our cars. She asked if I wanted to do something after. We weren't together anymore but I was still addicted to her so I agree. I followed her to her friends house where she was staying which was about 25 minutes away. We get to her friends house, She parks her car and hops in my car. I pull off, she says to me, "I have to pee so bad. Sweet tea always does it to me. I'll just go in my yard". We get to her house about 5 minutes away. We get to her house, she doesn't have her keys. We get out of the car, it's cold and rainy out. We walk around her house in the wet grass to the back yard. I had to pee too so I pull out and try to go before she does because I'd get hard. She pulls the tight black stretchy jeans down, leans forward, balanced her weight so the heels don't sink in the wet grass and she lets out a long hard stream. The stream made a suds in the wet grass and steam was coming off of it. It was so sexy. If it weren't wet and I had my good clothes on I would've dropped to my knees and tongue her twat and ass while she pissed but I just watched. She shook and pulled up her pants and made a comment about how good it felt. We get back in the car, hope in the backseat where I pull her pants off revealing the pink thong with a wet spot. I asked was it piss or was she happy to see me. She said both. So I start eating her warm pussy that was a little sweaty which made it better. Made her cum a few times then I swerved her the tool trying my best not to jizz in her.
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