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  1. Hey everyone! Would love to hear your golden shower stories! Let's hear how you gave someone a nice warm piss shower, or took someone's lovely golden rain! I've had lots of experience with both, mostly escorts, but some girls off of Tinder too. I'll start with one. An escort (who's actually a porn star now, private msg me if you want to find out who!) I met up with on Boxing Day a couple years back. We agreed on price including pissing on each other. She said she was experienced in golden showers as well, and i could piss in her mouth as long as it was diluted. So I drank two or three beers before I headed over to her apartment, and was pretty much bursting as i walked in the door. She welcomed me in, and after paying, got naked and started sucking my cock. As she was sucking it out and i was ready to burst, I told her to lay back on her bed, which had a couple extra blankets on it. As soon as she laid down, I released my piss stream all over her stomach, then started moving up and down and side to side all over her tits, as she started to rub it all in and moan. I told her to close her eyes and open her mouth, and as she obliged, moved my piss stream right into her mouth. Once her mouth was full, she spit it out over her already drenched body. Then I pointed my cock up to arc a nice stream, and began to soak her face and hair. She scrunched up her face a bit, but took it well. Now her pillows and sheets are soaked, she hasn't peed yet, and I'm not even done! I decided to give her a break from the pee bath I was giving, and laid down where she was in the piss puddle, and told her to start sucking my dick again. As she was going up and down, i asked if I could pee in her mouth while she was doing it, and again agreed. So I filled up her mouth again with my cock in it, and she spit it out over my body. With her mouth open and me laying flat, I sprayed my golden juice up into her awaiting mouth, as she shook my cock and sprayed the piss all over. After i had drained my bladder, I begged her to stand up over my face and release the golden rain she had been holding back this whole time. Out came a stream of delicious piss that was mostly clear and didn't taste bad at all. I filled my mouth and spit it out, then took a little and swallowed it just to try (not as bad as I thought!). I started to shake my face and head in the stream to make sure it all got covered. Once the smell and taste of her piss was all around me, I told her to move down and start watering my rock hard cock. She finished off her bladder moving her hips in a circle drenching my stiff rod while I jerked the hell out of it. When she finished, I told her to sit on that cock and ride the fuck out of it. She obeyed, and we slammed our piss soaked bodies together until I pulled and and blew a massive load straight up and hit some of her tits, but mostly covered me! After, I gathered my things and had a nice long drive home thiking about the super hot piss sesh, so much I had to jerk off while I was driving home!
  2. I have heard from 2 different places that the above "adult/swingers club encourages watersports and holds w/s events. Has anyone got more information, or been there ? Is there a specific watersports area, particular days of the week etc when it is available ? I do know admission for single males is £18, and for females free. The facility is open from 10 am till "late" 7 days a week. The address 29 New Bond Street Leicester, LE1 4RQ, which is near the city centre, railways station and 2 bus stations . This info from their website, which hints at w/s without openly saying ("saucy showers") Have emailed but no reponse. Any info many Thanks
  3. Has anyone used www.pisslist.com ? Looks like there are lots of British girls on there getting wet
  4. A/N: Finally decided I did want to share this, which I wrote as part of a larger piece (which doesn't center on any particular kink, hence all of the other stuff, too). I bolded where the piss things start, to help y'all along. I'm nothing if not verbose! These four friends have been with each other through so much, but have kept it pretty tame when it comes to sharing their sex lives until one wild trip to Paris had them showing off to each other. But now, the real couples' vacation is here, and it's steamier than ever when Ashley, Adrian, Natasha, and Mario head to Hawai'i over Christmas time with 100% more wedding rings, 100% fewer inhibitions, and all kinds of fantasies to fulfill. "I'm so psyched!" Adrian bellows as they exit the Honolulu airport. "It's so warm and we've been so busy and God I miss hanging out with you guys." Mario and Natasha cheer and Ashley squeals as they schlep their bags towards the taxi she had waiting for them. They scuttle in and are soon heading to their luxury resort, right in the middle of the excitement of the big island. They'll head to a private residence on a secluded island in a few days, with fewer bells and whistles but much more privacy. Considering what happened the last time they all went on a trip together, she thought it wise they do that for the last leg of the trip. They went to Paris together a year after Mario and Natasha’s wedding, but way before she and Adrian would get married. Through all of their friendship, they’d all been easy going and flirtatious with each other, born from both familiarity between them all (Adrian and Mario had been friends since boyhood), each person’s individual personality, and the kind of sexual chemistry within each couple that made people around them aroused, too. After spending days enjoying the sights of the City of Lights, they spent their second to last night drinking and getting high together in their gorgeous hotel suite. Ashley had known Natasha had a fierce streak for exhibitionism and had even passively assisted her in fucking Mario where she shouldn’t before, but as they bought their wine, Natasha had pulled her aside with a thrilling spark in her eye. They plotted, and with some careful motions and blatant teasing, they turned stealthy kisses on the couch with the other couple next to them into full blown fucking next to each other on the same bed. It was incredible, and Ashley and Adrian would occasionally revive the memories for an extra good night. After being blissfully married for a few months, they brought up the idea of going on another couples' vacation with Mario and Natasha. After looking at schedules and different options, they decided Hawai'i after Christmas would be the best. Her job had gifted Ashley with a very generous gift card to the set of resorts they're about to go into, with a great deal on flights, and when she sweet talked to her travel agent again, she got them this amazing experience for a fraction of its original price. They were incredibly excited to do it, and Ashley remembers when they all got together to discuss it with a rush of heat. They came over for lunch one weekend day in September to brainstorm everything. After the boring things had been talked about, the topic every one had on their mind finally came up. "So…" Natasha cooed, shifting her weight on the chair. "Are we going to do a repeat of Paris?" The memories swirled through Ashley’s brain—she and Natasha seducing their partners slowly, until they were fucking them in front of each other and fulfilling their fantasies of being watched and watching another couple. They all glanced at each other, trying not to seem too eager. "Well," Ashley said nervously. "I was thinking maybe we could jump off Paris, if you guys want?" When they all got on the same page, they really got into the fun planning. They agreed that they wanted the trip to be 50% fun tourist things and relaxing, and 50% fulfilling those fantasies they all had. They agreed to each brainstorm a list of a few things they'd want to do on the trip, with the only caveat being that all four of them be present for all the things and involved in some way (whether in the midst of the sex or in its documentation), and Ashley moved forward with booking the two different resorts. A week later, they came back together and went over their lists. Some were very easy to predict; Mario's just had 'piss' in all caps at the center, and then little bubbles coming out of it with all of his ideas. He also had 'fucking + pegging @ same time', as did Adrian. Adrian surprised her a bit; he'd written 'spanking Ash, watch Mario spank Nat' (not super surprising), 'experience Nat's twerking reverse cowgirl' (pretty surprising), 'both girls blow me and/or Mario at same time' (not a bad idea), 'watch Ash & Nat masturbate or come in public' (surprising at first but then she remembered that panty vibrator they use on her all the time). Natasha was shyer with hers, and Ashley realized why once they got past the ones she'd expected to see (all forms of exhibitionism, DP, watching her and Adrian doing the piss game Mario likes to play with her); a lot of her fantasies had to do with Ashley. As PG-13 as making out with to as explicit as oral sex, strap on sex, and piss play. "We obviously don't have to do any of these," she mumbled, blushing. "But… well, I'm bi. And you're kind of my type. Specifically, the type of woman I'd lust over at parties and hook up with before Mario and I got serious. And, honestly, you're the first woman I've felt really attracted to since Mario and I got together. So… you asked for fantasies, and honestly, these are a few of the things riling me up recently." Ashley and Adrian exchanged a glance, and Mario looked unsurprised. "Umm," Ashley stuttered, thinking hard. "It's okay, just forget I said anything," Natasha said quickly. "Wait a second," Ashley huffed, her brain whizzing. "Let me think for a second. And let me talk to Adrian for a second." She took his arm and they went to their bedroom, closing the door behind them. She turned to him. "What do you think?" He pursed his lips and thought for a long moment. "If we're talking just in terms of sex, and things I'd like to see happen, then I would be... very happy watching that." Ashley giggled and blushed at the sheepish look on his face. Adrian chuckled and took her hands softly, looking into her eyes as the silly moment passed. "I feel comfortable enough in our relationship that I don't feel jealousy imagining that. But, I think it comes down to you. Are you okay with it? Do you want to do any of it? It's beyond anything we've done." She bit her lip. "I think I do. I've never kissed a woman before. I've never even really felt attracted to one like I do to men, but something about Natasha… I'm still not sure if it's that I'm attracted to her, or the idea of having sex with her." Adrian nodded, and listened as she tried to figure it out. "I mean… it is arousing to me, those things on her list. Or, imagining them is. So, in terms of just the sex, I think it sounds hot. But I think we need to talk about feelings, too." He sighed and nodded. "Yeah. If anyone catches feelings, then… that's cheating. And that's gonna really hurt. Maybe ruin one or both of our marriages." She exhaled. "I love you. More than anything. And right now, for me, I'm very sure that what I feel for Mario and Natasha is friendship and sexual infatuation." "Yeah, that's fine," Adrian nodded. "Like, they're both incredibly hot, that's fine. But Natasha is bi. She's bi, and if there's any possibility that doing this is going to cause problems in her and Mario's marriage or ours, I don't think we should do the trip." She bit her lip. "You're right. But I think that's for Mario and Natasha to tell us. And it sounds like we're on the same page." Adrian nodded and squeezed her hands. They wandered back, finding Mario and Natasha talking quietly. "So?" Mario asked. Ashley glanced at Adrian and he nodded encouragingly, so she took a deep breath and said to Natasha, "I am in for those things, but only if… you and Mario can guarantee that, as far as you know right now, us fooling around won't cause any friction in your relationship. Because, the truth is, you are bi. I'm not. I just… sort of have a one time sexual infatuation with you, or the idea of sex with you. And to me, having sex with you feels the same in my head as fucking Mario during DP would. Especially since if we do what you're saying, Mario and Adrian will be jerking off and making commentary and shit right next to us. Does that make sense?" "Oh, yeah," Natasha sighed, almost relieved. "Yeah. Mario and I have talked a lot about this. And my bisexuality and his kinks and all that shit too when we got married. We agreed really early on that we'd be upfront with desires like these and handle them together, and we have a really awesome couples' therapist that helps, and this isn't the first time something like this has come up." She was surprised by that. Mario nodded. "A few months ago I got a crush on a client. Who reminded me a lot of Nat. And we talked it through. I was projecting my frustration with Natasha working such long hours and feeling neglected. Once we worked it out and figured out our schedules better, the crush disappeared. This isn't like that." Natasha smiled softly and squeezed his hand before turning to Ashley. "So don't worry about that. If we fuck, it'll be to fulfill fantasies, have good orgasms, bring a little spice to our sex lives in a safe space. And Mario and I agreed, if there were ever going to be a woman brought into our bed in any way, we'd prefer her to bring her partner, too, to try and avoid complicated feelings." "Okay. It sounds like we're good on that, then?" Adrian probed. Everyone nodded, and they got to the fun part. They finalized the list of fantasies, combining similar ones and bringing in new ones for balance. (If Adrian's going to experience Natasha's twerking and deep throating, then they agree Mario and Ashley should do something he can't do with Natasha, and they decide on tit-fucking and fucking her however he wants until she squirts on him.) They fought a little about doing something to mirror Ashley and Natasha’s play; the girls wouldn't mind seeing the boys do something together, but they don't get anywhere concrete as the boys hold back and resist. Moving on, they decided to split up all the fantasies over the days, and made lists of what extra toys or accessories to bring. They all agreed to get tested again, since none of them have in at least two years, having been in monogamous relationships, but it was a good an opportunity as any to check in. They also all agreed to make sure Mario and Adrian's ejaculate would stay on and in their own wives. ("There's, like, a 1 in 1000 chance our IUDs won't work, but if that happens, we should guarantee we'll be getting pregnant from our husbands!" Ashley said, Natasha nodding.) Three weeks, four clean bills of sexual health, suitcases packed with bathing suits and strap on harnesses and sunscreen, and an eleven hour over night flight later, they arrived ready for their week-long vacation. Ashley looks at her phone as it updates the time to be just around 4:45pm local time. "Okay, so today's a chill tourist day… we've got our helicopter ride over the island at 5:30 that's picking us up from the hotel, which is gonna rock, just before sunset! And then a lu'au for dinner by the ocean! And we'll be back in the hotel by nine." "Awesome," Adrian beams. They roll in the beautiful resort soon, cooing at the amazing decorations. It's quite large and exclusive, with its own gorgeous and spacious beach, and its own set of sea and adventure activities. They make their way in, through the glamorous ocean-themed lobby, and check into their roomy apartment suite. "This is gorgeous!" Natasha gasps when they open the door to the suite. They go in and all awe at the common space. It's decorated in a theme of seashells and sunshine, with lots of gold and sea green and lovely white couches and marble counters, and the balcony is very big, with a hammock and a view of the ocean. The bedrooms are huge, with perfectly white California king beds with tons of squishy pillows, and both bathrooms have large showers with nozzles pointing in all directions, and bath tubs with jets and removable shower heads. "Ooh, I think we'll have to add shower sex in at some point," she says eagerly, Natasha nodding next to her. They realize they don't have very long before they get picked up for the helicopter, so they very quickly change into bathing suits (just in case), casually dressy clothes for the lu'au, and grab what they need for the rides and dinner (mainly, Adrian's camera with the SD card they designated for vacation pictures). They dash downstairs to the concierge table, and head out in the nick of time. They get in the helicopter after a fifteen minute drive to the airpark, all a little nervous and very excited, and soon they're up in the air. "Holy shit, this is so gorgeous!" Mario gapes as the lush landscape blooms under them. They awe at the amazing beaches, the incredible volcanoes, and consider the at times painful history and present of the islands. Adrian takes pictures the whole time, of the landscapes and of them, and they feel like they've learned a lot by the end. The sunset takes all their breaths away, and they share a lot of moments of amazement that they're seeing something so beautiful. After, they're taken back to the hotel and go to the lu'au that's thrown there every night. Pretty cheesy and for tourists, but a spectacle nonetheless. They eat tons of meat and fruit, enjoy dancing to the music, and even try to learn a little bit of hula from the performers (the boys really like watching Ashley and Natasha try that, especially when they strip to their bikinis and put on the skirts). After eating, they wander down towards the beach. A cool breeze tempers their hot skin, and the water is crisp at their feet as they approach the edge. "This is so beautiful," Natasha sighs, swinging Mario's hand where he holds hers. "Should we swim?" Ashley suggests. There's a few other people out on the beach, too, but far away. They strip to their bathing suits and hide Adrian's camera, and splash into the ocean. "Oh, this feels incredible!" Adrian gasps as he wades deeper in. Ashley giggles and catches up to him, jumping on his back. He laughs and twirls her around, splashing her and making her laugh, until she's wrapped firmly around him with their faces close together. "Mmm, my beautiful wife," he purrs. "My breathtakingly amazing life partner." She blushes and presses a kiss to his lips, her heart warming and thumping for him. The sweetness of his lips, tinged with the flavors of their dinner and drinks, dizzies her. "Oh, Adrian," she purrs against his mouth, "…I love you so incredibly much, baby…" He smiles and pulls her closer, making their chests press together. "I love you so much, too, Ash…" and then he gives the happiest chuckle and kisses her softly. "What are you thinking, baby?" she giggles. He gives a gorgeous smile and gazes deep into her eyes. "It just hit me again that we're married and how lucky I am to share all these moments with you." Her heart bursts and she beams. "You are the best thing that's ever happened to me." He beams, too, and they laugh together as he swings her around in the water. They kiss a little more, sharing tender words, then part to splash in the water. Natasha and Mario are hanging back a little bit, since she didn't wrap her hair and it can't take the sea water without a little TLC like Adrian's can, but they're having fun, too, dancing to the sounds of the music of the party and swishing the cool water around their legs. Ashley takes Adrian's hands and they walk toward Mario and Natasha. "This is already one of the best vacations we've ever taken, hands down," Natasha coos, turning around to face them as they go towards them. "And we haven't even gotten to the super fun parts!" Ashley beams. Mario chuckles and winks, and she rolls her eyes. "I'm talking about the scuba diving and cliff jumping, not just our shenanigans, you pervert!" They crack up and move closer together. "So. Should we go back to the room, start on a few of our items?" Adrian asks, waggling his eyebrows as his hands squeeze Ashley's waist. "What was on the list for tonight?" Mario wonders aloud. "Well, there were a few things we put on specific days, just because they take a while. So your kink day's gonna be on the fourth day, when we get to the secluded bungalow and we can be freer with your stuff. And all the anal things will probably be on the last day, once our bodies have gotten used to the food and we can be a little more confident we won't have any unwanted… fudge." They laugh at her words. "Maybe we should start slow and ramp up," Natasha suggests. "Do kind of what we did in Paris and get back in the mood of sharing again.” "That's a good idea," Ashley admits. "I've been really excited but still nervous, we only did this once, and I'm worried it'll be different this time." "I think it'll be better," Adrian murmurs, kissing her cheek. "You and I are married now, and it sounds like we're all pretty equally matched sexually. Last time, remember we'd just started doing anal and we hadn't even gotten a finger up my ass yet!" They all laugh. Mario leans down and kisses Natasha's long neck warmly. "Mmm, I know you're excited, baby girl…" he coos, sliding his hands up her stomach to cup her perky breasts, looking amazing in a very small bright orange bikini top. Ashley watches her inhale a sharp breath and her eyes hood at his tease, and feels her own breath speed up. Adrian chuckles and pushes Ashley gently forward, so she steps closer to Natasha, and then stands behind her and wraps his arms around her. He doesn't cup her breasts, though, since they're facing the beach and people are walking by. Mario's muscular hands gently massage his wife's breasts, making her nipples harden and press out of the fabric. Ashley and Adrian watch silently, and she feels his cock start to harden against her. Natasha takes a sharp breath when Mario pinches her nipples and meets Ashley and Adrian's gazes. "I think my favorite part of Mario's job is how amazing he is at massages…" That breaks the ice, and they all laugh. Mario smirks and nibbles on Natasha's earlobe so she purrs. "You are absolutely my favorite person to massage, baby girl… Now, let's see just how hard your nipples are, hmm?" And the gently pulls the fabric of her bikini top down, so her pebbled tits are on display for them all to see. "Oh, I forgot how cute your nipples are," Ashley sighs, licking her lips at the sight of the large areolas and buds, pouting upwards and longer than Ashley's. Natasha blushes and presses her chest out as her husband's hands return to her breasts, squeezing the flesh and teasing her nipples. "I'd ask to see yours, but I hear people on the beach," Natasha pouts. "Maybe we should go back to our room…" "Yeah, let's do that," Adrian nods. "You two go ahead. I think Mario and I need to cool off a little bit." They crack up, and Ashley swats at Adrian's halfie as she moves towards the beach. Natasha giggles and follows, putting her hand in Ashley's. "I'm so excited," Natasha admits as they get closer to shore. Ashley swings their hands and beams at her. "Me too," she admits. "What are you most excited for?" Natasha licks her lips. "Getting double penetrated by Mario and Adrian. I bet it's going to be so much better, so much hotter, with two real dicks. And I'm looking forward to fooling around with you, too. You've never really done anything with a woman before?" Ashley shakes her head. They reach their things, and they turn and watch their husbands as they talk in the waist-deep water. Natasha squeezes her hand, so she looks over at her. She licks her lips and whispers, "It's really different than being with a man. Kissing feels different when your partner doesn't grow facial hair, and all the curves match yours, and they smell like flowers and conditioner. And whenever I'm with a woman, the sex has always been… slower and steadier, almost. Not as intense. Since we can just keep coming and coming, and not wait for the sensitivity to pass like men have to, and we know how to make a pussy feel good instinctively, it makes it all feel so different. The orgasms are softer, too, and they build and build. So if I fuck you how I want to, you probably won't come as hard as you do with Adrian until I've made you come two or three times over an hour or two. But you will come a bunch of times, and I think it'll feel really different, in a good way. And the boys will probably be exhausted and covered in multiple rounds of their cum by the time we're really revving up." "Wow," Ashley breathes with a chuckle, her pussy pulsing at Natasha's words. "That sounds really hot." "Yeah?" Natasha's eyes sparkle. Ashley nods, but bites her lip as her doubts return. "But I should be honest with you. The idea of you making me come is hot to me right now, but I can't promise how I'll react once we actually do it. And I don't know how I'll react once I try to return the favor." Natasha nods, and turns to watch as their husbands start towards them, erections gone. "That's okay. I know this is all new to you, and we'll only do what makes us comfortable and feel good." "Thanks," Ashley responds shyly. Their husbands grin as they approach them. "You're both so hot," Adrian purrs, shooting her a wink and pulling her into his body to kiss her forehead. "I can't believe I get to have sex with both of you this week!" Mario laughs and smacks Adrian's shoulder. "And at the same time, too!" "I'm even putting up with your ugly mug, which says a lot," Adrian teases Mario, who whoops and pulls Adrian into an impromptu wrestling fit. They laugh hard as they fuck with each other, and Ashley and Natasha laugh and roll their eyes as they pick up their things and pull their dresses back on. Soon, the boys calm down and they all walk back to the resort, couples holding hands, silent and eager. They get into the elevator, still quiet since there's a very visible camera there. "I think we need to shower first," Adrian muses when they're going up. "Get all the sea salt off us and get ready for bed." "The shower looked very luxurious," Natasha coos, leaning into her husband's arms. Ashley shoots her a wink, and then they file out of the elevator and go to the entrance to their suite. As soon as she's inside, Ashley pulls off her dress, feeling her heart already pumping eagerly. "Anyone need to use the bathroom before we all shower?" "Depends, are we indulging Mario at all?" Natasha purrs, looking over at him as she takes off her dress, too. "Ooh, yes, I do really need to pee! Good thing we went at the restaurant." He wiggles eagerly. "I'm game, and I only have pee in me," Ashley shrugs. "I'll take a moment to use the bathroom, so why don't we use your shower?" Adrian says bashfully to Mario. Ashley smirks at him and he goes into their bathroom. Mario takes the women's hands, and pulls them to the kitchen, boner leading him. "Let's chug water," he suggests as he fills a few of the very tall glasses. He hands Natasha one, and she chugs it quickly, and Ashley does the same. "I know Natasha drank a lot during dinner, did you?" He says once he's swallowed the whole glass. She thinks hard and nods. "Yeah, I was thirsty, and I think I got a few glasses down. I do kind of need to go now." "Okay, then you should be really feeling it in fifteen or so minutes. Nat?" he asks, eyes dilated and cock pressing out in his briefs. "I knew we'd swim later, so I drank a bunch just in case you wanted to be naughty," she winks. Mario exhales shakily and grins. He fills their glasses again and they take them with giggles at his eagerness. "Ash, when we get to the bungalow, would you be up for peeing in places outside of the bathroom?" Mario asks, licking his lips. She nods. "Natasha talked me through what you like. And it doesn't immediately repulse me, and the ones you're into don't make problems for anyone but you, so yeah, sure! I'll try it. Maybe Adrian or I will really like it. And seeing you so into it is hot, too." He beams and his cock twitches in his briefs. Ashley and Natasha crack up at the sight, and he rolls his eyes. Adrian wanders back with hair ties and beams. "Ready?" "Yes!" Ashley giggles, dashing towards Mario and Natasha's area as she puts up her hair. "Mario is very, very ready, as we can all tell." She and Natasha laugh again and he smirks. "I'm about to watch my wife and another gorgeous woman piss, I don't care if you make fun of me for my boner!" They all laugh as they go into the bathroom. "Aren't we stripping?" Adrian asks as Ashley goes to turn on the water. "We should rinse off the bathing suits, then we can wear them tomorrow," she says as she tries out all the controls on the side of the huge shower. She feels Adrian step up behind her and press a kiss to her shoulder. She finds a setting that has all the shower heads shoulder-height and below only going off, so she makes the water warm. "Are you excited, baby?" Adrian murmurs, kissing along her shoulder slowly. "So excited," she beams, winking at him over her shoulder. The water's ready. "Let's go, everyone!" Adrian says as he tests it out. They eagerly squeeze in. "Oh, these shower heads are amazing!" Natasha sighs as she's impacted by three down the center of her body. "Can we get naked now?" Mario asks as his hands roam up and down the curve of Natasha's side. They crack up and start taking off their newly dampened bathing suits. Ashley eagerly takes in the familiar sight of her husband's body, and feels herself get wetter at seeing Natasha's dark curves and Mario's rippling tan muscles after so long. "Oh, I forgot how hot you two are," Natasha winks at them. "All those sinewy muscles and those big old boobies!" Ashley and Adrian crack up, and Mario and Natasha laugh along when Ashley dramatically shakes her chest and trills, "Boooobies!" Natasha mimics her and they all laugh harder. Finally, their bathing suits are slung over the top of the glass walls that line the shower, and Adrian reaches for the body wash in the shower. "Why don't we scrub each other up, hmmm?" he waggles his eyebrows. "You always want to scrub me up when we shower," Ashley teases. "Can you blame him?" Mario winks as he holds out his hand. "Well, I could scrub you first," Adrian says as he puts some body wash in his hand before handing the bottle to Mario. "And then, if everyone's cool with it, we could swap partners. I mean, Mario's gonna be fucking you and I'll be fucking Natasha later tonight or in the next few days, so we could start getting acquainted with each other's bodies a little bit." "That's a great idea," Mario winks, putting the bottle aside. "What do you guys think?" Ashley feels a rush of heat go through her. "I'm interested to see what Natasha means about those physical therapist's hands." "And Ashley always goes on about how gentle Adrian is and shit like that," she giggles as she turns off the water. "Sounds like we're all agreeing," Adrian beams, and then he gives her a blazing look and brings his soapy hands to her wet skin. "Mmm, Ash…" She sighs as his hands travel over her, skimming her stomach and back. She settles her hands at his strong shoulders and watches his face as he takes in her body. He hums and pulls her up against him, sliding his hands to her back and roaming deliciously over her. "Oh, Adrian," she breathes when he squeezes her ass and soaps her up. "You're so sexy," he smirks, and then he pulls her into a kiss that leaves her breathless and makes her clit swell. When he pulls away, she's panting and pliant as he turns her around. She opens her eyes as sees Mario soaping up Natasha just like how Adrian was, hands all over her big ass, and watching each other so steamily. Adrian's hands keep moving over her, one rising to cup her breast and the other to her little bush. He squeezes her breast and she moans. "Mmm, open up, baby," he coos, and she lifts a leg and rests her foot on a nearby ledge, and she moans as Adrian's soapy fingers start running up her labia. Mario and Natasha glance over and smirk. "Ooh, did someone get a wax for us?" she teases, shifting to match their pose and sighing when Mario squeezes her tits again. Ashley nods and blushes. "I thought the pain would be worth the dozens of orgasms, and it'd look hot on camera." "You thought right, mami," Mario winks. "Did you get waxed, too?" she asks Natasha, cooing as Adrian's fingers slide up and down her inner slit. "I really don't get that much body hair," Natasha says, tilting her head as Mario sucks on her neck. "It's great, since my pussy and legs never need to be shaved, but I always need to pencil in eyebrows. Thank god for waterproof eyebrow pencils!" Ashley laughs with her, but their laughter quiets when their husbands amp up their caresses. "Oh, Adrian, mmmm," she whispers when he pinches her nipple and starts rubbing across her clit slowly. He exhales and grinds harder into her, his long cock pressing into her ass. She hears Natasha moaning, too, and sees Mario's fingering her slowly as she curls her leg up. "Mmm, let's cool off a little," Ashley pants, lowering her leg again. "Swap partners?" "Yes!" Natasha beams, and they cross in the shower. Mario smiles at her, and she stops for a moment, suddenly feeling awkward. "You okay?" he asks, holding out his hands. She puts hers in them and bites her lip. "I think so. Just nervous." "Let's do this, then," he says, putting a hand at her waist and gently guiding her towards their lovers. Adrian and Natasha are in the same predicament, eager and turned on but feeling unsure. "Maybe we should ease into the easing, too," Mario says as he twirls around her so he and Adrian are standing next to each other with them in front. "See, now we're all together again." He meets Natasha's eyes. She takes a deep breath, and steps up to Adrian. "Okay?" she asks as she puts her hands on his shoulders. "Yeah," he smiles warmly. He meets Ashley's eyes. "We're all having fun with our friends." Her nervousness releases and she beams. "Okay, show me those hands!" she tells Mario. He laughs but steps towards her and puts them on her waist. He's shorter than Adrian, but much broader. She runs her hands down over his chest and arm muscles with awe. "How are you so ripped?" Mario laughs and slides his hands up to softly cradle her breasts. Warmth echoes from his hands, and she inhales as he massages her, so differently than how Adrian touches her. "I lift and shit, you know. I also like fucking Natasha against things, so I try to make sure I won't kill us picking her up." She laughs, feeling her breasts pebble as his firm and experienced hands caress her more firmly that Adrian does. "Adrian and I try to limit the standing-up sex, but it is really fun when we do it." "Well," he waggles his eyebrows and pulls back to pinch on her nipples, making her bite her lower lip, "when we have sex, we can do it standing up if you want. I've never managed to get Natasha to squirt that way, since I can't hold her up for more than ten or so minutes and getting her to squirt's the best kind of marathon, but I bet we could do it." "That'd be fun," she says, letting her hands fall to his picture-perfect abs as she glances over to her husband and Natasha. She's facing them and smirking as she watches, one hand resting right on Adrian's abs and the other tweaking her nipple as Adrian stares down at her ass, one of his big hands roaming over it as the other holds her stomach gently. "I think our husbands are fascinated by our unique assets," Natasha giggles. "No shame," Mario smirks. "The last time I got to play with boobs this big was freshman year of college." "Really?" Ashley laughs, feeling her pussy swell at his touch and the sight of Adrian and Natasha. He nods. "All my girlfriends were in the itty bitty titty committee. I mean, don't get me wrong, I fucking love Nat's tits, I love it when she doesn't wear a bra out, but it's nice to experience the opposite." "Are you excited to titfuck me? Adrian finds it super hot," Ashley teases, running her hands up and down his chest, making sure to scratch lightly over his nipples. Mario licks his lips, staring at her breasts as he touches them. "It must feel amazing, they're so soft and tender… and it always looks really hot in porn…" "How are you doing back there, Adrian?" Natasha asks, arching her back into his hand. "I'm great," he says absently, which makes everyone crack up. "God, I've never gotten to touch an ass like this… Ashley's almost got the biggest ass out of all my exes, and hers doesn't feel anything like yours…" "Oh, really? Can I see?" Mario asks. Ashley beams and turns so she's facing Natasha. Mario's hands slides down her back and gropes her ass. "Oh, I see what you mean… it's denser, and warmer… No wonder you like spanking her so much!" They laugh. Ashley bites her lip as Mario explores her curves, one hand still at her breast. She explores, too; his ass is so muscular, and softer than she expected, and when she wraps her hand around his cock, he chuckles and shifts so she has easier access. "Wow, you're really thick," she murmurs, fascinated at how his cock has the same texture as Adrian's, but looks so different and hangs so uniquely. And he seems to have different sensitive spots, more at the top part of his head and right at the base, than Adrian does. "Ooh, that twist motion is nice," he says as she does something Adrian always likes. "You can play with my balls, too, if you want." "Don't be shy, they can take a lot," Natasha winks as she runs her hand up and down Adrian's cock, too, as he watches and squeezes a nipple. Ashley tries, and when she does her normal strokes she would on Adrian, Mario just opens his legs wider and turns her so she's facing him. "Go harder, mami, don't be afraid…" "Be gentle with Adrian's," she tells Natasha, "For him, less is definitely more, especially with the ridge of the head of his cock…" "Squeeze Mario's base more, he really likes that…" The men breathe hard as their wives teach each other to jerk them off, both of them bringing their hands to the women's breasts and teasing them. The sensations are so different with Mario, and everything feels so sharp and new. Both in good and bad ways; she realizes with Adrian, his knowledge of her body and their love is so thorough that he arouses her much more and much faster. But the new sensations are interesting. "Okay, that's enough of that," Mario groans when she's combined both hands on him. He pulls her hands off and steps a little back, and Adrian does the same. His cock is the shade of dark red he gets when he's really turned on. "Why don't we tease you two a little bit?" "Okay," Ashley giggles. As she shifts back, her bladder twinges, hard. "Wait, I really need to pee.” "Me too, I've been holding it until you said something," Natasha says, licking her lips and shifting her weight. "Oh, fuck," Mario pants, suddenly flushed. "Let's give our husbands a show," Natasha says teasingly. "How do we do this?" Ashley asks, shifting as her muscles work hard to hold. She bites her lip as a wave of desperation hits her. She hears Mario exhale hard and sees Natasha smirk. "I think for the first time, why don't we try seeing how far we can pee standing up? Mario really likes that position." She takes her arm and leads her to step back to the other wall. She hears Mario talk to Adrian behind them. "So what do you think of watching this, bro?" "I'm not sure. I forgot to look up pee porn before this trip, so I don't really know how I'll react." Adrian's softly jerking himself off as Ashley follows Natasha's lead, leaning on the wall and standing with her legs apart. "Well, you like watching Ash squirt, right? And having her be slutty, right?" Mario asks, his eyes entranced on their pussies as they shift. Adrian hums his agreement, and Mario nods. "It'll look just like she's squirting, but for longer. But you know she's doing something really naughty where she shouldn't. That's why it's hot." "Okay, so hold your pussy lips apart with your fingers, like this, and try to aim as you pee. Ready to try?" Natasha beams, showing her on her own pouting labia. Ashley nods and mimics her, holding apart her bare flesh and feeling her bladder ache. Natasha looks over at the boys, shifting a little on her feet and lengthening her body. "Ready to watch?" "Fuck, yes," Mario groans, his hands clenching and unclenching next to his hips. "Sure," Adrian says good naturedly, his hand moving leisurely up and down his cock. "Okay, pee!" Natasha says to Ashley. Ashley takes a breath and concentrates on the pressure in her bladder. This is just like when she pees in the shower, she thinks to herself as nothing comes out. She huffs and thinks hard, and gets an idea. "Wait, let me…" She squats and tries pushing again, and finally it releases. She gasps as the piss squirts from her hard and out and a little yellow, and stands up quickly when Natasha squeals and Mario exhales quickly. "Oh, I really needed to go…" she gasps as she holds her lips apart, watching her stream go out in a strong line before hitting the tile in the middle of the shower. "Good girl," Natasha breathes, and she sees another stream, clearer and fatter, hitting farther away. She follows it up, and her mouth falls open as she sees the piss fiercely squirting from the little hole right between Natasha's fat clit and her gorgeously pink slit. Natasha licks her lips and looks between Ashley's cunt and face, and pushes harder and shifts a little. "Wow," she awes as Natasha's stream goes farther and hits Mario's foot. "Fuck, baby girl, yes," he pants, and she sees him ogling them both with a lust that she only sees from Adrian when he's about to come, his cock twitching hard in front of him. She looks at Adrian, sees him staring slack jawed between both the pissing pussies, his hand still on his hard cock. She licks her lips at his arousal, and suddenly the relief of emptying her very full bladder feels sharper and deeper. Her cunt clenches with arousal, and she pushes her piss harder out towards Adrian, starting to like how her thin squirting fountain goes so far from her pussy. Her pee runs out, and she pouts as her stream dies and thins back to her wet lips, but wallows in the relief of an empty bladder. Natasha's ends soon after, but she gets one more long squirt out before sighing deeply and closing her legs. Their big puddle finishes going down the drain. Ashley suddenly laughs as she realizes what she just did; she just peed in front of her husband, and her best friend and her husband, all for sex! Her pussy swells at realizing this is a whole new incredibly slutty thing she's done. "What did you think?" Natasha coos. "I feel like I could come right now," Mario growls and breathes hard. "That was so hot. Holy shit!" "Don't you need to piss, too?" Natasha purrs. "Why don't you piss all over my ass, tiger?" Mario growls and steps towards her quickly, hand at his cock. Ashley moves next to Adrian and they watch as Natasha turns teasingly, her gaze flaring as she watches her husband, arching her back so her ass points at him. "God, I love you so fucking much, Nat.." Mario pants dropping to his knees and licking at her pussy. Ashley realizes he's cleaning the piss from her with a pang. He stands again and aims his erection, concentrating as he pants. His whole body tenses, and Natasha stills and watches eagerly, and then a thin stream of piss is shooting high from his head. "Let me piss on your sexy body, yesss…" He aims his hard cock, and then his strong stream is falling onto the small of Natasha's back and cascading over the huge globes of her ass. "Oh, yes, that feels so hot, Mario!" Natasha gasps, spreading her legs wider. Ashley sees some of Mario's piss drip from her thick labia, and feels her clit twitch. "I can't believe he can piss with a boner," Adrian murmurs under his breath as they watch in awe. "I can't believe how much he's pissing," she awes. "Turn around, I want to piss on your tits and pussy," Mario growls, his stream coming out stronger as he softly waves his cock around to piss all over her wide hips. "Yes, baby," Natasha mewls, flipping quickly and lifting one leg onto the ledge to expose her pink pussy at him. "Oh, fuck!" she gasps as soon as his fast stream starts impacting onto her chest, the liquid rippling and falling over her perky breasts and hard nipples, clear as water and pebbling on her dark skin. He points down and she moans as his stream hits her clit directly. Mario's face is one of a man lost in lust, staring at where his piss hits the body of his lover. Natasha scrambles to pull her lips aside, so his stream hits the opening of her pussy. She moans low and long, and Mario groans as his cock bobs and messily sprays pee off target. He aims again, and they both pant as his long stream wets her already very wet vulva, marking every inch of her clit and pussy with his piss. He finally runs out of pee, and lets his hard cock drop to its natural place. "You're the sexiest woman in the world, Natasha," he growls as she settles back to standing. Natasha beams and reaches around him to turn on the water as she meets his lips in a steamy, passionate kiss. Ashley and Adrian break out of their daze. Mario turns to them, ecstatic in his kink and arousal. "What did you think?" "Of which part?" Ashley asks absently. "All of it!" Natasha laughs. Adrian meets her eyes with a dazed expression and blinks hard. "That was one of the weirdest sexy things I've ever seen. I never thought I'd find watching my wife piss like that sexy. And I never thought I'd find it sexy to watch a man piss on his woman. I don't know how to feel…" Natasha and Mario crack up. "Well, you're supposed to find it hot, we're posing and showing off our pussies on purpose, and Mario was pissing on me like it was the hottest thing!" Natasha laughs as she rinses the drops of piss from her body and the floor. "What did you think, Ash?” She gathers herself and shifts her thighs across each other as her clit thumps. "It was fun to see my pee go like that, I think. And I think I liked watching Mario piss on you, especially with that huge boner. But I really liked how slutty it felt. And how slutty it looks like it felt to have Mario piss on you. Like I'm a dirty whore showing off my cunt, and you were a slut for every part of him." "Yes, girl! Oh, we're going to have such a blast in the bungalow!" Natasha beams. "Do you think you'd want to try pissing on each other, too? Or on us, or getting pissed on by us?" Ashley turns to Adrian. "Can you piss with a boner?" He shakes his head. "No, but maybe I should start learning to. That was… surprisingly arousing." Natasha giggles. "We'll try it all in due time." She reaches over Ashley and turns off the water. "Now, why don't we dry off and put those big cocks to good use, hmm? I don't know about you, but I'm so incredibly turned on." "Fuck, yes, I'm so horny," Ashley gasps, jumping out of the shower and grabbing the towels. She throws one at Mario and Adrian quickly takes hers and starts patting her dry, squeezing her skin hard. "Oh, Adrian, mmm… so what do we want to do?" "Should we swing? I need a cock in me now, and I don't care which one, but since we already started down that road…" Natasha purrs as Mario dries her off hungrily. "Yes, let's do that," Ashley pants, yanking the towel from Adrian and rubbing it over his body. He licks his lips and presses his cock into her ass. "How does that sound, baby?" "Great," he smirks before meeting Natasha's eyes. "Can you do that twerking thing on me?" She laughs and nods as she dries off her husband. Ashley giggles, too. "You'll love how his cock feels against your G Spot, Nat." Natasha winks. "And you'll love how Mario can just pick you and fuck you any way you want until you squirt everywhere!" Ashley laughs and feels her body rush with eagerness. As soon as they're all dry, they quickly run out of the bathroom and to the bedroom. Adrian runs and grabs towels from their bathroom while they get the bed ready, throwing aside the pillows. He brings them back and he and Mario spread them out on the big bed. Ashley and Natasha scramble on it and get on their backs. "Let's get ready to rummmmmmble!" Ashley trills as she shakes her chest. They all crack up and their husbands crawl onto the bed. "This is so cool," Adrian beams as he settles between Natasha's spread legs. "It is," Mario breathes as he takes the place at Ashley's pelvis, his eyes roaming over her body while hers greedily take in his almost unbelievable muscles. They all pause and look at each other. "Thank you," Ashley whispers. "This is going to be great, and I'm so happy we're all so close that we can share this with each other." "Yeah," Natasha beams, reaching to squeeze Ashley's hand. "Now, if everyone's okay, let's remind ourselves of what it's like to fuck people apart from our spouses!" They crack up. "To sharing our wives with our best friends!" Mario bellows to Adrian, who grins. "To sharing our husbands with our best friends!" Ashley mimics, making Natasha laugh and smile happily. "All right, let's go, mami," Mario winks, grabbing his cock at the base and lowering himself onto her. She breathes deeply as they figure this out; the height difference means her legs need to go somewhere new, and her hips are closer to the bed than Natasha's since her butt isn't as big, but soon, Mario's leaning easily on an elbow while bringing his cock to her pussy. "Ready?" he smiles warmly. She nods, her pussy clenching at the knowledge a cock is near, and brings her legs a little higher on his hips. Mario bites down on his lower lip and guides his cock into her. "Ohhh…" she breathes as he enters her. She can immediately tell he's thicker than Adrian and doesn't have a curve; her G Spot feels like it trembles for a direct tap it won't get, but her walls sing at the extra stretch. "Wow, I forgot how different pussies feel," Mario laughs as he presses himself entirely into her, bringing his other elbow to rest on the other side of her. "Right?" Adrian chuckles next to them. Her eyes smash open and she looks over; he's biting his lip as he presses his cock into Natasha's rosy pink slit, and she's sighing deeply as he goes. "You weren't kidding when you said he'd hit my G Spot, fuck…" she murmurs, turning her head to look at Ashley. "And I can't believe you take a cock this thick every day," Ashley laughs, gasping when Mario starts moving. "And she's just as tight as the day she first let me lick that pussy!" Mario winks. They crack up, and settle in as they get used to each other. Soon, they're panting and keeping a steady pace. "Fuck, bro, your wife has one sweet cunt, damn! How are you so wet?!" Mario laughs when she starts clamping down, realizing timing it right makes the thick head of his cock pass her G Spot. Ashley laughs and clamps harder, making his huge muscles quiver as he sucks in a breath. "Bro, your wife has one sweet cunt, too!" Adrian teases with a laugh, looking over and watching her pussy suck Mario's cock in. He licks his lips and meets Natasha's eyes. "How are you clamping down in that pattern?" She must do something since she smirks and bites down on her lower lip and Adrian's eyes roll back. "Fu-uck, you gotta teach Ash how to do that..." She laughs and turns to Ashley. "I don't know about you, but I'm all warmed up… why don't we start having some fun with these cocks?" "Ooh, yes!" she giggles. She turns to Mario, her mind whizzing suddenly. "Can we try some positions? Adrian's cock makes me come so hard, but the curve he has and the way my pussy is shaped makes some positions kinda uncomfortable, and I don't think I'll have the same problem with you." "Sure, mami," he smirks, pulling out and sitting back on his haunches. His cock's covered in her wetness, which gives her a deep satisfaction. She rolls off the bed and looks around. Adrian's rolled to be where she just was, his big cock bobbing and moist with Natasha's pussy juice, which gives her a shock of lust, and Natasha's arranging herself over him, tossing her legs to straddle his hips in reverse cowgirl. "Ooh, I want to watch this," she coos, turning to face them. She looks over at Mario. "Can you fuck me standing up from behind?" "Yeah, mami, that sounds hot, we can watch Natasha twerk on Adrian!" He bounds off the bed over to her, putting his hands on her hips. "Okay, let's go!" Natasha trills, giving Ashley and her husband a wink before turning to look at Adrian. "Give a sister a hand, hmmm?" He smirks and grabs his fat cock at the base and guides it to her pussy again. Ashley feels Mario's cock at her entrance again, and she sighs as he presses back into her and she watches Natasha's pink and brown lips swallow her husband's gorgeous cock. "Damn, you feel really big this way, shit!" Natasha pants as she gets him all the way in. Ashley leans down on her elbows and gasps as it tightens her cunt around Mario, making him feel extra big and start swiping over her G Spot. "Ohhh, this is it, yes!" "Fuck," he says, settling his hands on her ass and starting to move inside her. "Shit, Nat," Adrian pants, putting his hands on her big ass and squeezing. The sight of his long fingers pressing into Natasha's dark, soft flesh rockets arousal through Ashley. "Look at our husbands, speechless with some big asses to hold on to," she jokes, biting down on her lower lip as Mario starts bucking into her a little harder. He chuckles and grabs onto her ass harder. Natasha tosses her head back and laughs. "And I haven't even started twerking yet!" She's still moving slowly over Adrian's cock, probably getting used to his size and shape inside her. Adrian chuckles, still watching her as she moves over him. "Anytime you wanna start is fine," he coos, looking over at Ashley. "How’re you doing?" he murmurs softly, his eyes dilated with lust and amusement. "Awesome," she whispers with a grin. "You?" "Awesome," he echoes. She leans forward, pulling off Mario, and kisses Adrian for a warm second before going back to where she was. "Sorry, keep going," she tells Mario over her shoulder. "Don't apologize for being adorable with your husband, mami," he smiles, holding his cock and getting back into her. "Now, let's fuck proper, hmm?" "Yes!" Ashley beams, and then he really starts fucking her harder, dragging his thick cock over her G Spot and making her cunt tremble with pleasure. "Aah, that feels great, oh!" She opens her eyes and sees Natasha's fucking Adrian faster now, panting as she drags herself on and off him. "Okay," she gasps, clenching her hands on Adrian's thighs, "ready, Adrian?" "Give it to him, baby girl," Mario groans from behind Ash. "Ride him real hard, gorgeous!" Natasha giggles and takes a deep breath and then she starts, and Ashley and Adrian moan at the exact same moment, watching her gorgeous ass, so curvy and fleshy, start bouncing on top of him. The sight sends a shock of lust through Ashley and she feels her pussy get wetter. "Oh, that's so fucking hot…" "Shit," Adrian pants, grabbing at the bed as he stares at her ass bouncing on top of him. "Fuck, that's so sexy, and it feels like…" Natasha leans the tiniest bit forward, which arches her ass out just a little more, and Adrian groans and lifts his hands to press his hair back. "You like riding him, baby girl?" Mario purrs, fucking Ashley firmly and making her steadily climb between his cock and the sight of her husband coming undone. "Mmm, yes," Natasha purrs, looking like she's loving the motion just as much as Adrian. "You know my pussy likes riding a cock like this…" Their dirty talk shoots arousal through Ashley, and she feels her cunt start to tighten and heat more. "Why don't you give her a good spank, Adrian?" Ashley pants, focusing on the feelings passing through her vulva as Mario's cock stretches her and swipes over her G Spot and his balls smack into her clit. "I know you're a naughty boy that likes spanking big asses on sexy sluts… and Nat's being a slut, twerking on a cock that isn't her husband's, aren't you?" Natasha's eyes flutter shut and she moans at Ashley's words. "Yes, and I love it…" "Fuck, yes," Ashley mewls, seeing her orgasm pop up in the distance, starting to bubble right in her G Spot. "Spank that ass, baby, make it shake…" Adrian's eyes blaze and he brings his hand down in a loud smack right on Natasha's right cheek, making it shake gorgeously and making Natasha shiver with sensation. He does it again, a little harder, and she moans and bucks against him. "That's right, baby girl," Mario growls, fucking Ashley harder and squeezing her ass harder. "Natasha's a slut for spanking now, too… you were right, bro, some women just love feeling like sluts and getting punished like them…" Adrian's eyes flash and he glances over. "Spank my slut wife," he growls, meeting Ashley's desperate gaze. "Look at her, getting fucked by another man and getting so wet from watching her husband get ridden and spanking another woman…" She feels a sharp smack land on her ass and she gasps as the sting mixes with her arousal. "Aaah, yes! I'm a slut, ah!" Another lands and she pants as the pleasure starts coiling. Adrian growls and lands another spank on Natasha, and her moans mix with Ashley's. "Spank my wife again," Mario groans. "Spank her harder, she's being a slut, aren't you?" "Yes!" Natasha pants, yelping and moving faster when Adrian lands another hard spank on her fleshy ass. "Ah! I love how my husband's watching, and how the wife of the man I'm fucking is watching too… are you getting turned on, watching me ride your husband?" "Fuck, yes," Ashley purrs, moaning hard when Mario lands another spank on her. "Aah, it looks so good, it feels so good…" "Mmm, I'm getting close, watching my wife be a slut, and fucking another gorgeous slut…" Mario pants, landing another spank that makes Ashley's breath catch and her orgasm swell within reach. "Fuck, me too…" Adrian growls, one hand squeezing Natasha's ass while the other keeps landing sharp smacks on the other side. He glances over at Ashley. "I want you to come on his cock, Ash, squirt all over him like a slut!" "Aaah," she pants, everything starting to twist. She pulls off Mario and turns around. "Pick me up and fuck me, please!" "Si, mami," he growls, and suddenly she's up in the air, so she scrambles to hold on, and then when her arms are tight around him and his arms are hooked under her knees, Mario turns them around so she can watch her husband, and then Natasha's pulling off Adrian and he's scrambling to lean on the headboard, and then Mario's cock is inside her and she moans as his thick cock stretches her in his position she's never fucked in, her nerves trembling in pleasure. "Aaah, you're so big, fuck!" She watches as Natasha mounts Adrian in traditional cowgirl, and she immediately starts grinding down on his desperately with a loud groan. "Ohhh, God!" And then Mario's literally lifting her on and off his cock, dragging her tight and wet walls over him and she screams at the intense feeling, and then Adrian's hands are so tight on Natasha's gorgeous ass while she rides him and he's bucking up into her, too. "Yes, Adrian, fuck her!" Ashley gasps, meeting Adrian's eyes as he helps Natasha fuck his cock. "Use your big cock, fuck it into her G Spot so she comes all over you, baby…" "Aah!" Natasha mewls, turning and meeting Ashley's desperate gaze. She sees she's coming undone, too. "Fuck her harder, Mario, drag that wet cunt on your fat cock until she squirts all over you…" The men groan and somehow everything speeds up and Ashley and Natasha moan uncontrollably. Mario's cock is hitching on her G Spot just right like this and his abs rub over her aching clit perfectly. "Aaah, I'm gonna come!" she gasps, desperately watching her husband fucking her best friend to orgasm. "Me too," Natasha pants, her hands so tight on Adrian's shoulders and her perky tits bouncing as she grinds on the cock Ashley loves so much. Natasha watches her desperately, the lust overflowing. "I want to watch you come, please, squirt all over my husband's cock, please, Ash!" The look in her eyes, and then Adrian's when he licks his lips and takes in the sight of his wife getting fucked like a slut, makes the bubble of pleasure inside her explode. "Aa-AAAH!!!! Ohhhhhhhh fuck!!!!" Her whole body shakes and trembles, and her cunt pulses fiercely on Mario's thick cock as he continues to pull her on and off, and her pussy gushes a huge squirt of liquid that splashes all over his pelvis and soaks his cock and puddles on the floor as she moans and gasps as the pleasure rockets through her. And then she hears Natasha moaning uncontrollably, "Fuck fuck fuck YE-ESSSS!!!!", so loudly, and the men groaning their approval, and then Ashley's on her back on the bed next to Natasha, both panting, and she sees Mario and Adrian kneeling over them, jerking off their cocks fiercely. "I want your cum," Natasha gasps deliciously. "I want to you come on our tits and then lick it off, big boys…" "Come on us," she pants, lifting her hands to squeeze her breasts. "Come all over us, squirt your cum on your slutty wives…" Adrian's hand stutters on his cock and it twitches in his grip, and Mario gives a sexy low groan, and then they both start coming; Mario, with fast panting breaths as he pushes down the base of his cock with his hand, his fat cock covered in her squirt jerking hard and shooting those thick sexy globs of cum over Natasha's stomach and breasts, and then Adrian, with a shaking sigh as he jerk his hand quick and fast and tight right over the ridge of his head and guiding his bobbing cock as it shoots those delicious streak of cum over her breasts and collarbones, over and over, until they're drenched and the men are heaving for breath with their gorgeous cocks satisfied and with dews of semen at their tips. "Oh, yes," Natasha moans when they're done and looking over them adoringly. Ashley glances over and sees her rubbing the cum into her breasts. "Look at all this cum…" Ashley giggles, and Natasha looks over and smirks, flipping to her side and rubbing the cum into Ashley's skin. "Doesn't it feel good, Ash? Rubbing all this cum you fucked so hard for into your sexy tits?" Ashley nods, sighing at the feeling of Natasha's soft hand sliding slickly over her breasts. "God, you two are so fucking hot," Adrian pants. Ashley sees he's crawling over to her slowly. "Baby girl, we're supposed to lick that off you," Mario teases, breathing hard as he curls over his wife and starts sucking the cum off her tits. "Mmm, yes!" Natasha giggles, arching up into her husband's mouth. "Ashley, baby," Adrian coos, pressing a kiss to her mouth warmly as he moves over her. "You're so incredible, I love you so much…" "Adrian," she sighs, loving the look in his eyes as he rounds her head and brings his mouth to her skin. He winks at her as he starts lapping up all the cum on her chest. "Oh, that feels so good…" The men murmur soft words to their lovers as they gently clean them up, until finally they curl together in warm hugs. "Oh," Ashley sighs when Adrian's pulled her into him, spooning her gently from behind with his arms wrapped around her. Natasha and Mario are laying the same way and facing them, looking so sated and comfortable. "That was so awesome," Natasha breathes, meeting Ashley's eyes. She grins back and nods. "I guess there really is something to be said for this whole swinging thing." They all laugh together. ---------------------------------------- "Ready?" Adrian asks gently, raising an eyebrow playfully. Ashley smirks and nods. They've just finished packing everything up in their resort suite and taking everything down to the taxi that's taking them to the plane to the smaller island of Kauai. "Everything's packed up." "No, I meant for the next few days," he laughs. Ashley bites down on her lip. The past few days had been very fun; for example, they spent one day visiting the volcano and walking easily around the national park, and spent the evening partaking in very enthusiastic group sex. They started off taking turns at having Ashley and Natasha be the center of attention again; Mario went down on Natasha expertly while Ashley kissed her breasts and neck as she laid down and Adrian photographed them, until she came hard with a sexy gasp. Then they did the same for Ashley, but with Natasha licking her clit, Mario kissing her tits and neck, and Adrian fingering her as he took one-handed pictures, until she came fiercely onto them. Then, two of Adrian's fantasies were fulfilled; Ashley and Natasha gave him a blowjob together, teasing him with their tongues, and when Natasha took him so deep into her throat, Ashley licked naughtily at his soft balls and teased his ass with a finger, until he moaned desperately and shot his cum all over their faces. All the while, Mario was buzzing around, taking pictures or being naughty and sliding his hard, hard cock into both Ashley and Natasha's pussies, offered so eagerly as they arched their backs to suck Adrian while on all fours. He eventually shot his own load all over his wife's fleshy ass. After the men cleaned up the cum off their wives, they shifted around a little, since both Ashley and Natasha were aching to come again. While the men were waiting to get hard again, Ashley and Natasha fooled around a little more; they got into a delicious 69 position and licked at each other's clits teasingly, only fingering each other with a few fingers to build up anticipation. Ashley really liked that--feeling Natasha's amazing and talented tongue on her hungry clit while suckling on her sweet little bud, and she got really turned on by the feedback cycle of sucking on a clit as hers was getting teased. Once the men were hard and had gotten their fill of more lesbian pictures, they slid their hard cocks into the cunts closest to them; Mario approached his wife's ass, so round and high above Ashley's head, and pressed his thick dick into her pussy. His tight balls teased Ashley's face, so she lifted a hand to squeeze and caress them as she kept licking Natasha's bud and making her gush more wetness onto them and moan on her hard clit. Adrian went to the other side and inserted his delicious boner into Ashley, making her gasp as his curved length stretched her out so well. Ashley groaned and twitched when he started moving, the head of his cock sliding over her G-Spot, and the combination of that with Natasha's licks and suckles made her quickly approach her orgasm. They all continued like that, fucking and sucking desperately, until Natasha came apart above Ashley, squirting over her face unexpectedly, and when she was done coming, it only took a few more minutes of sucking and fucking and dirty talk for Ashley to squirt her own orgasm all over Adrian's cock and Natasha's mouth. Once they got their senses back, the women eagerly teamed up to get the second round of orgasms from the men; they went down on Mario's cock together, sucking and licking him hard and teasing his ass too, while Adrian fucked their pliant and satisfied pussies from behind, until Mario panted and groaned as he buried his cock deep down his wife's throat as he came, and Adrian moaned and fucked his cock in and out of Ashley's cunt as he spewed cum all over her walls. They all lay tangled together as they caught their breaths, laughing easily and enjoying the aftermath of their orgasms. They kissed each other good night, and after cleaning up, Ashley and Adrian made tender love, riding his cock as he held her and shared sweet nothings, until they both came again and felt straight to sleep. "I am," she admits, blushing. "I'm excited to try those new things, and try old things with a new twist. Are you?" He nods and opens the door of the taxi for her, looking over at Mario and Natasha settling the room tab. "Definitely." Soon, they're all in the cab and rolling to the port. After all this time together, the four of them have settled quite a bit; there isn't the pressure to always be talking like there was at the beginning, and when they do talk, it comes easier. The ride over, Natasha sits next to Ashley, and they stalk each other and their husbands' instagrams and give feedback, which makes everyone laugh and feel better about themselves. After the half an hour drive, they pull up to the local terminal in the airport, and quickly check in and get to the gate for their local flight. A half an hour-long flight later, they arrive at the airport on the gorgeous, lush island. They pick up the rental car Ashley hired, and follow the GPS through a spectacular 45 minute drive next to the ocean. They exit the highway, and take tiny roads until they read the directions they were given. Ashley found this place on AirBnB and was awed by the pictures, and contacted the owners immediately, even despite the markup during the holiday season. They pull up to the property, sprawled over a few acres, and coo at the beautiful wooden home, very modern and classic still. The owners greet them, a smiley white couple in their sixties, who show them the whole property. It's definitely too big for the four of them, with four huge bedrooms, three equally huge bathrooms (and another outside), a pool, a multipurpose sports court, and a whole shack full of things to use on the beach. The owners tell them they were surprised to hear there'd be four of them ("it's usually just couples or huge families," the woman cooed. "Well, we're all awesome friends, and the vacation's funner and more affordable taking it together!" Mario laughed.) The agreement they all made was that they would cook for themselves (and the owners would stock the kitchen with expected items), and that they wouldn't need the cleaning until they left. Ashley puts in the second part of the security deposit, and the owners bid them goodbye and head off to wherever they must live regularly. "Holy shit," Natasha laughs in disbelief once they're all alone in the secluded property. She looks around in awe. "This is so gorgeous!" They all eagerly look around in all the nooks and crannies. They find unexpectedly nice things, like more toiletries and things to make their stay pleasant, and cleverly hidden things (a closet full of cleaning supplies hidden in a push-panel on the wall, another closet with extra pillows and towels and blankets). A little nervous, Ashley looks for any recording or video devices in the bedrooms and common areas, but doesn't find any, even after using some tricks she'd looked up on the internet. She instantly feels more relaxed. "Best part?" Mario beams as they all meet up in the living area. "No part of the house is fully carpeted!" Natasha laughs and smacks his arm. "Naughty! But yes, that is good. We'll just have to be sure to move the little carpets if we do anything." They all laugh eagerly. Then, Ashley's stomach rumbles. She pouts, making Adrian crack up and sweep them all into the kitchen. "Let's get some lunch in us! And then we can go have fun on the beach." He whips up some delicious sandwiches for them all out of ingredients in the fridge and they enjoy tall glasses of soda, and water, once Mario waggles his eyebrows and fills up a bunch of glasses for everyone. "It's my day, so we're all going to over-hydrate!" "We won't get water poisoning, right?" Adrian asks a little nervously as he gulps down the water. "Probably not," Mario shrugs between big sips. "You'd have to drink, like, gallons all at once and be working out really hard. And we just ate really salty food, so we should be okay, but if anyone gets light headed or nauseous, speak up." They finish eating and go put on their bathing suits. Knowing they'll be alone on the beach, Ashley breaks out her sluttiest bikini that always makes Adrian lick his lips, with a tiny thong bottom and a bra-like top that gives her awesome cleavage and leaves half her boobs out with tiny straps, all in a leopard print. She puts on her easy orange see through cover up, and freshens up in the bathroom and reapplies sunscreen as Adrian gets ready in their bedroom. "Ready, baby?" she asks as she finishes putting her hair back into a mermaid braid and walks out into the bedroom. "Yeah, I--" he starts before choking up. She giggles as he ogles her fiercely, looking so delectable himself in slim-fitting swimming trunks and with his curls tied back. "Fuck, Ash, you're wearing that one?" "Get the camera prepped!" she teases, giving him a wink as she pops out her hip and slips on her flip flops. "Are y'all ready?" she calls out as she goes out into the living area. "Almost!" Natasha calls. Mario's sitting on the couch, handsome in his trunks and sunglasses, and he whistles loudly when he sees her. "Damn, mami, you've been holding out on us!" She laughs hard, and yelps when Adrian pinches her ass softly as he follows her out. "She's been saving it for when there aren't kids around, haven't you?" "Maybe," she teases. "What are you all going on about?" Natasha asks, walking out into the living room. "Wow!" Ashley coos while the men gape at her. Natasha's wearing a true string bikini in white, her breasts almost entirely exposed behind the small triangles, and when she turns a little bit, they can see the bottom leaves most of her ass open. She beams and puts on the little cover up robe she had slung over her arm. "I've been saving this one, too," she winks as she struts to the kitchen. "One more glass for everyone?" "Yes, please," Mario purrs, zooming from the couch to her, grabbing a glass and taking a deep gulp. "I can't wait to watch the piss come out of your pussy…" A rush goes through Ashley at seeing them falling into their game they like so much. She glances over at Adrian and sees him smirking. He meets her eyes and raises his eyebrows. "If we're doing this, we're doing it all the way, right?" She giggles and reaches for his hand and leads him to joining the other couple as they down water and watch each other steamily. "Definitely." They each down another two tall glasses of water (Ashley already feels the urge starting a little), and fill the cooler the owners left with bottles of water from the fridge. They put on their sunglasses, grab their towels and other things for the water, take the camera, and walk the few hundred meters out the back balcony to the gorgeous beachfront. "Oh my god," she breathes, squeezing her husband's hand as the wide open ocean greets them, so gorgeously blue and calm. The beach extends so far on each side of them, and the only thing she can hear is their breathing, the waves, and the wind in the palms. "This is so fucking gorgeous," Adrian sighs, smiling so beautifully. "God, I'm so glad we decided to go on this vacation." "Let's go!" Mario whoops, starting to run over the sand. It's so white and fine it isn't even that hot. They all laugh and follow, bounding over the last hundred feet to the water. They spread out their towels, set up the umbrella, put out their things next to a patch of palms and boulders, and take the swimming boards and go out into the water. They revel in the beauty and pleasure of the ocean as they paddle out all together (their boards are very buoyant and tied together, just to be safe), and the water's quite calm. Suddenly, they see dolphins a few hundred feet away, bounding happily in the water. They get a little closer, and watch in awe as the dolphins jump as if they're auditioning for Sea World all around them. One even swims close enough for Natasha to touch, which makes her giggle gleefully. Eventually, the dolphins leave, and they spend a little more time swimming in the water, until they're tired but sated with the ocean. They all walk back together. "It's so gorgeous out here," Natasha sighs. She takes her hair out of the wrap she put it in slowly, undoing the wet cloth. She pulls off the swimming cap covering her braids and shakes them out. Ashley notes her bikini's size isn't the only reason she doesn't wear this in public; the white cloth has become somewhat see through from the water, and she can make out Natasha's dark nipples behind the triangles. The men notice, too, and Mario steps towards her. The air suddenly heats and Ashley's skin prickles as all theirs minds turn to the same thing. "I love this bikini on you, baby girl," he murmurs, putting his hands on her waist. Natasha licks her lips and turns into him. "Yeah?” Her voice lowers and her eyes hood. "Mhmm," he hums as he stares at her nipples, lowering his hands so they rest over the little knots at her hips. "It's so see through…and the white is turning me on…" "You look so incredible in this bathing suit, baby," she hears Adrian purr, feeling his hands slide over her hips as he approaches her from behind. His pelvis presses into her ass and he hums as he presses a kiss to her shoulder. A sigh escapes her as her skin warms. "You like it?" she whispers as she brings her hands over his. "Your ass looks so fucking hot," he growls, kissing up her neck. "Seeing you in this thong makes me want to do filthy things to you…" His mouth fixates on her pulse point and Ashley can't help but moan at her husband's lips suck on her. She hears Natasha give a sexy giggle, and Ashley sees her walking away from Mario, who's smirking and has a bulge in his briefs, and over to the cooler. She takes out two bottles of water and steps towards Ashley and Adrian. She hands one to Ashley with a smirk. "Are you thirsty?" She takes notice of her body; her mouth feels parched, but her bladder suddenly reminds her of all the water she drank before. The pressure collides with the sexual energy buzzing around them, and her pussy warms. "Kind of," she murmurs as she takes the bottle. "But I think I need to pee, too." A sly smile swells over Natasha's lush lips, and she looks over at Mario and Adrian. "I think we're ready to start our games, hmm?" She unscrews the bottle and takes a big swig. Ashley's heart thumps and she does the same, until Adrian takes the bottle halfway through. "Let's take a few pictures first," Adrian says when he finishes the bottle, giving his wife a steaming look as he reaches for the camera. "Those bathing suits need to go into the spank bank!" They crack up, and he smirks as he changes the memory card in the camera. Ashley hops over to Natasha, eager to be naughty. "How are you feeling?" she asks, biting her lip. Natasha takes a deep breath and shifts her thighs as she takes another bottle out. "I'm getting kind of desperate. But I really want to be bursting…" She opens it and takes another big gulp. When she's halfway through, she hands it to Ashley, who finishes quickly, her heart pounding. "Are we ready?" Mario beams, smacking his lips eagerly. His bulge has gotten bigger. Natasha smirks and nods before going to Adrian and motioning for him to give her the camera. "But let's get some pics of you boys before we start getting dirty!" Ashley squeals and the boys blush as she and Natasha start making them pose, getting pictures of them flexing and with the ocean, both PG and not. (A little butt wiggle from Ashley, nipple flashing from Natasha, dirty talk, sexy selfies, and a flirtatious woman-on-woman kiss has them good and hard after a while.) Then, Natasha hands Ashley the camera and nudges Adrian away so she can pose with Mario. Ashley feels herself get more turned on as she watches them flirt and pose sexily for the camera as Adrian buzzes around and takes pictures, tugging at each other's bathing suits and kissing each other steamily and teasing each other's bodies (Natasha pulls Mario's cock through the hole in his briefs and lazily jerks him off and runs her hand over his chest as he teases her nipples and squeezes her ass). When they're both breathing hard and Mario's cock is oozing precum, Natasha pulls away and wanders back to Adrian and Ashley. "Your turn," she breathes as she takes the camera from Adrian and shoots Ashley a wink. She giggles breathlessly and takes her husband's hands, pulling him towards her and standing on her tiptoes to kiss him hotly. "Mmm, baby," he rumbled against her, his big hands roaming over her back. His lips make her arousal flare, and she brings her hands to his chest as she falls back on her heels. "You're so sexy," she purrs, caressing his abs and soft brown skin while his hands roam over her front, lifting to squeeze her breasts. She hears the camera snapping, and feels her heart pound faster. She drops her hands to his big bulge and rubs his length through the briefs, making him lick his lips and pull the flimsy fabric of her bikini top back so her breasts pout out at him. "Mmm, Ash," he murmurs as he pulls deliciously at her nipples, making her gasp. "Look at you, getting so turned on from getting naughty pictures taken of you…" "Adrian," she pants as he suddenly pulls her up against in, turning her a little and latching his mouth onto her neck and dropping his hands to squeeze her ass. She moans as he sucks softly on the soft dip in the column of her neck and his big hands massage her flesh, exposed to the camera. She grasps desperately at his broad shoulders, feeling her pussy tremble and the pressure increase in her bladder with her rush of arousal. "Oh, yes…" He teases her like this for so long, until her brain is pounding with arousal and a need to pee, and she's wiggling in his dizzying grip. "Oh, fuck!" she gasps when he lands a hard slap on her ass cheek. "Are you ready to be a slut for me, baby?" Adrian growls as he spanks her again. The shock slaps furiously with her growing desperation and she mewls and trembles. "Fuck, I really need to go," she gasps, shifting listlessly. "God, finally," Natasha bursts out. Ashley turns, and sees her hopping on her feet, hands gripping her hips tightly, as Mario takes pictures with a huge boner. She dashes over and grabs Ashley's hands and pulls her from Adrian. "I need to piss so bad, shit!" "What should we do?" Ashley breathes, her own desperation suddenly so much worse now that Natasha's aching, too. "You haven't pissed on Adrian yet, have you?" Natasha breathes, squeezing Ashley's hands as she pants. Ashley shakes her head and bites down on her lip as a fierce waves hits her and almost makes her let go. "And you liked the naughty peeing, too, right?" Ashley nods quickly, everything in her mind shifting to a need to release all the piss in her. Natasha's eyes flash and she pulls her towards the big boulders next to them. Their husbands scramble behind them, and settle close in front of them as Natasha pushes her to sit on the boulder. She sits next to her and puts a hand on her thigh. "Let's put on a show," she gasps, her legs trembling with the effort to hold back. "Try to not let all your pee out at once, okay?" "I don't know if I can," Ashley groans as another wave hits her and her legs quake together as she holds back. "I'm gonna piss through my bathing suit first," Natasha pants, breathing hard and opening her legs wider. Ashley mewls as she holds back, but she can't help but watch Natasha's crotch as she trembles. She can make out the shape of her full inner labia and even her clit through the wet fabric. Suddenly, Natasha gasps and then her crotch is flooded and the fabric fills with very light yellow piss, which pours out of the sides and in a slim stream right at the middle of the panties, and dribbles down her wide thighs and the rock as Natasha lets out soft moans and trembles. Then she shakes hard and her legs smash together as the flood cuts off, and all the piss caught in her bikini slips out of the edges. "Fuck," Ashley pants, her urge suddenly stronger than ever. She writhes on the boulder, everything in her clenching to hold. She glances up, and sees Adrian snapping quick pictures and Mario jerking himself off firmly and panting as he watches his wife wrestle for control. "Try it, the warmth feels really good on your pussy," Natasha mewls, her thighs quaking and her eyes riveted at Ashley's center. Inhaling sharply, Ashley carefully parts her thighs, her cunt clenched as she tries to hold it in. "Yes," Natasha breathes, shifting her thighs together. "Let a little out in your bathing suit, just a little…" And the moment the idea settles in her brain, her bladder releases, and she moans as a gush of piss escapes her tightened hole, and the swelling warmth makes her gasp, and she revels in the feeling of it covering her whole vulva, and feels a thrill of naughtiness when it's too much for her thong and bursts out of the sides, and even wets her ass as it follows the strip of cloth between her cheeks. "Don't let out too much!" Natasha laughs breathlessly, and as soon as she hears her, Ashley clenches everything up again, the desperation back and just as fierce. She laughs nervously as the burning melds with her arousal, and the last bits of her piss escape her little tight thong and tickle her skin, and she glances over at Adrian, and sees him staring at her pussy with amusement and arousal, and sees that Mario's watching them both slack jawed with his hand unmoving on his cock. "What now?" Ashley asks quickly, her pussy burning. Natasha licks her lips and grimaces as she fights off what must be another wave of pressure. "Let's… let's keep pissing naughtily, for a little longer… how should we piss?" She meets her husband's hungry gaze as she bites down on her full lower lip. "Turn around and bend over," he growls, his erection bobbing. "And pull your bikinis away from your pussies!" The women simultaneously bound off the boulders and whirl around, desperate to relieve just a little bit of the pressure. Ashley's breathing hard and her hands are shaking as she fights to hold back as she reaches between her legs to pull the fabric of her thong off her labia, widening her stance as much as she can. "Don't let it all out, I want you to piss on me," Mario purrs, a little closer. As she yanks the damp fabric aside and parts her swollen labia with her fingers, Ashley glances over and sees Mario holding the camera and standing behind them, aiming at their centers. Natasha's done the same, and is arching her huge ass up into the air as she grimaces and fights to hold back. "Ready?" she gasps, meeting Ashley's eyes. Ashley nods desperately, and as soon as she sees Natasha close her eyes blissfully, Ashley lets the pressure go with a long sigh. Her pussy tingles as she lets her piss squirt out as hard as it wants, the stream stimulating her clit the tiniest bit, and she feels herself get more turned on at the sound of her and Natasha's fierce streams hitting the ground between their spread legs (just like the sound of her squirting when Adrian makes her orgasm so hard), and the sounds of Natasha's moans and their husbands' aroused gasps and the camera's clicks. "Fuck, Ash, that looks so sexy," she hears her husband growl, and she feels a rush of arousal bubble through her. She cranes her neck and looks over; Natasha's tossed her head back and is sighing in satisfaction, and her back is so arched her piss is shooting out of her pussy in a strong thin fountain straight behind her, towards her husband as he takes frantic pictures of them. Adrian's pulled his cock out of his swimming trunks and is jerking himself off slowly, his eyes riveted on Ashley's pissing cunt. "We should stop," Natasha pants suddenly, her legs trembling and her face clenching as she stops her magnificent stream. Ashley inhales sharply and groans as she manages to make her own pee pull back, making her whole pussy pulse and heat with desperation, still. "How do I still have to pee so much?" she gasps as she brings her legs together hard, trying to control her bladder. "Once you start, your body just wants to let go," Natasha keens, turning around and pressing down on her pelvis with her hands, her pussy still exposed to the air as her bikini gathers on one side of her fleshy labia. "…but you need to feel how amazing it is to orgasm and piss at the same time!" "Wait up, baby girl," Mario bursts, taking off the camera and tossing it onto their towels gently before reaching over and squeezing her hips. "Let me piss on you a little first!" "Fuck, yes," she pants, arching her body towards him. "Do you want to, too?" Ashley breathes to Adrian, who's watching eagerly but with a little hesitation. "Yeah," he murmurs, stepping up to her so his big cock almost touches the skin of her stomach. "But I don't know if I can piss right now, even though I need to go so bad…" He clenches his face, and she watches all his muscles shift and tense, but he exhales hard and shakes his head. "It's not gonna come out, I'm too hard." "It'll all come out eventually, bro," Mario smirks, shooting them a wink as he gives his hard cock a few jerks. "Even if your hot wife needs to get the cum out of your first!" And then Mario grimaces and meets his wife's eyes, and then his thick cock starts spewing out a thin fountain of piss. First, it hits Natasha's thigh, but Mario quickly aims his cock at her pussy, making her mewl as he wets her already piss-soaked bikini bottom with his own stream, staining it even more light yellow. "Fuck, yes!" Natasha gasps, reaching down and pushing her bikini bottoms past her pussy, and bringing a hand to rub her clit desperately, her husband's pee splashing everywhere as her hand moves. "That's so hot," Ashley breathes, clenching her legs tightly and groaning as the worst wave so far smacks into her. "Wow," Adrian coos, pressing against her body. The warmth of his skin and cock make Ashley dizzier with arousal. "Yes, baby girl, touch yourself…" Mario growls, pointing his cock all over and around her, soaking her top and breasts and stomach with his hot piss and making her moan and flick her clit faster. When he's pissed all over her torso and pussy, he growls and grimaces again and cuts off his flow. "Fuck," Mario gasps, bringing a hand to Natasha's pussy and rubbing her clit for her. "God, I want to feel you piss all over me!" "Take this off," Adrian growls, his hands suddenly pulling at the sides of her thong. Breathing hard and thinking of nothing but the need to piss, Ashley lets him yank it down her legs. "Let's fuck, please!" Natasha pleads after a few long moments of Mario's fingers on her clit. "I need to let go!" Mario groans in his throat, and then he's pulling Natasha towards their towels, and Adrian pulls her along, too, and then the men push aside their things so the beach towels are bare. "Get on your back," Adrian orders as he pushes his trunks off his legs. Ashley gasps and scrambles down onto the towel and flips onto her back, her hands clenched tightly over her pussy as the desperation hits hard. "Yes, baby girl, spread your legs for me, yes," she hears Mario purr, and she looks over and sees him kneeling between his wife's open legs, his cock so hard and his face so hungry as Natasha's wet pussy clenches again and again and her face grimaces with the effort of holding back her pee. Her hands fly to grip his as he lifts her legs and brings his cock towards her. She feels something touch her thighs, and when she glances back, she finds Adrian in a similar position, so hard and aching for her. "Open your legs, baby," he whispers as he runs his big hands over her tense thighs, pressed together to hold back. "I'm gonna piss everywhere if I do," she mewls, a rush of arousal at her sluttiness overwhelming her. "It's okay," he chuckles, his cock bobbing. "I want to feel it squirt all over my cock…" "Open your legs," Natasha gasps next to her, sounding so desperate and out of control. "Let your husband put his cock in you, so we can piss on them together…" "Aaah," Ashley pants, clenching so tight and opening her trembling legs. The breeze of the ocean sweeps over her wet skin and she almost lets go, but holds back with a gasp. "Fuck, yes," Adrian growls as he settles over her and presses his fat cock onto her pussy, rubbing it over her slit and clit. "Let's let out just a little," Natasha mewls, her hand suddenly gripping Ashley's. "Just a little, so we can keep holding while our husbands fuck us to orgasm…" "I can't!" Ashley cries, everything in her aching to just let go. Her clit feels so huge and she feels like she's going to explode. "I'm gonna piss it all, I can't do just a little!" "Yes you can!" Natasha pants. "Do it with me, just a little, all over that gorgeous cock…" And then Natasha sighs highly, such a sexy sound, and Ashley can't help but moan and look down at herself as her pussy takes over, and the most incredible feeling of satisfaction rumbles through her as her bladder starts to release, and a clear, shiny, thin chute of piss shoots from her wet pussy, arching high up and hitting Adrian's sleek abs, making him sigh and rub his cock over her more, and then her stream's interrupted by his hot cock, and they both moan as the warm liquid splashes all over them, and fuck it looks so sexy, like when she squirts her orgasm all over him, and then Natasha's clenching down on her hand. "Stop, stop," she gasps, and Ashley groans as she orders her bladder to stop, forces her pussy to cut off, and gasps with the exertion of stopping her desperate piss and the ache to just keep going. "Fuck!" she growls, writhing as her body screams. "God," she hears Adrian pant, and then his cock is probing at her cunt, all clenched with the effort to hold back but soaked with her arousal, and then he's pressing into her and she's moaning because nothing ever feels as good as this. "Yes, fuck, you're so tight!" Next to them, Mario's also groaning as he fucks his cock into his wife, and Natasha's mewling breathlessly as her pussy takes his fat cock and she holds back her fountains of hot pee. "Aaaah," Ashley groans when Adrian starts pounding into her fast. It's all so much--her pussy feels like it's a pressure cooker, so hot and full and near exploding, and the sensation of Adrian's cock in her and the friction of his fucking just heightens the feeling and adds the extra layer of sexual pleasure that makes her mind fizzle and short circuit. Everything in her wants to keep holding, but another part just wants to let go and take Adrian in as deep as she can. But then Adrian changes his angle and then his pelvis is pounding and rubbing over her hard, hard clit, and Ashley's whole body shakes as the sharp shocks of pleasure echo through her nerves and smack into the need to piss, and she clenches hard again as she feels another wave, but then everything smacks together into painful pleasure, and her eyes smash open and she screams as her body simultaneously crests and lets go, her piss squirting out of her wildly, out of her control, in a fat and strong stream that shoots out high, hits her husband's abs and pelvis with every pound, and soaks their rutting centers, just like her orgasmic squirts but three times as much and as hard and intense and for so so long, and every tectonic pulse of her cunt in her fierce orgasm and shock of pleasure over her makes her piss just shoot higher up Adrian's body, until it suddenly pulls back and her stream is back in her control, and she gasps and sucks it all back into her and moans as her first orgasm passes like a summer storm. "Fu-uck," Adrian groans. "That was so hot, fuck, I'm gonna--" he growls deep in his throat and suddenly pounds onto her, his hands pinning her arms down above her head and his cock fucking her impossibly harder and his eyes raging as he watches her with immeasurable lust. "Did you like that?" he pants fiercely, fucking his cock right into her aching G Spot and making her moan as the pressure starts building in her again. "Did you like coming and pissing all over your husband like an out of control slut?" "Aaaah," she yells and writhes under him, her arousal peaking at his words and the strength of his hands. "I'm gonna fuck you like the slut you are," he snarls, fucking her impossibly harder and making her eyes rolls back as her clit starts getting smacked again and the wave approaches for a second time. "I'm gonna fuck your tight, pissy cunt until I squirt my cum all over your hot walls… and then I'm gonna punish you for being a filthy little slut!" "Yes!" she screams, fighting harder and making him growl and wrestle her down harder. Their eyes meet, in blazing lust and passion, and then they come undone--Adrian's face relaxes and his eyes roll back and he gives the softest, sexiest moan, and his cock bobs and twitches and squirts hot semen into her, and her whole pussy's on fire again, licks of orgasmic heat rumbling up and across her limbs with every pound of his cock, and she's mewling as every inch of her body sings in bliss, again and again and again, squirting the last of her piss all over their heated bodies. And when her mind works again, she finds Adrian collapsed half on top of her and gasping for breath, looking over to the side. She turns her head, and sees Mario and Natasha coming to their own orgasms. Natasha's moaning and groaning and begging Mario for more, and he's saying the dirtiest things to her and fucking her high and hard and rubbing her clit, and then her whole body tenses and she lets out a hoarse scream and all of her limbs shake, and a huge burst of piss explodes from her, flooding her stomach and Mario's pelvis, and then he's laughing and fucking her harder and moaning and coming, too, and as she shakes through her orgasm her explosion of piss turns into that gorgeous thin and fierce fountain, streaming and shooting from her bubble gum pink pussy, so much piss, until Mario's stopped moving in her and her body's relaxing and her magnificent fountain's diminished into a tiny little burbling stream flooding her cunt and her husband's cock. And with one last little squirt onto his rock hard abs, they both let out deep sighs of ultimate satisfaction. "Fuck," Natasha pants when her body's melted onto the towel. "Aaah, Nat," Mario pants as he pulls out of her, trembling from the sensitivity. Adrian laughs and pulls out of her, too, going soft, and heaves himself to his knees, kneeling like Mario is. "Fuck," Mario gasps, his chest heaving for breath. He looks over at them and grins exhaustedly. "Fuck!" Ashley giggles breathlessly, and Natasha chuckles and sighs. "Fuck indeed," Ashley breathes. "Best idea you've had in a while, bro," Adrian murmurs, his eyes roaming over Ashley's sated body. "We're not done," Mario laughs. "Don't you need to piss?" Her husband reaches for his half-mast cock and smooths a hand over his thigh. "Now that you mention it, I really do..." Adrian muses as he ogles his wife. Mario smirks and grabs his own deflated erection and wiggles closer to Natasha. She purrs and lithely shifts under him, as if presenting her sated body to him. "Piss on me, baby, warm me up…" Adrian watches and mimics him, lifting himself to his knees and meeting Mario's eyes. "How do we do this?" "Just piss," Mario smiles serenely, looking over Natasha reverently. "Just piss on your gorgeous slut of a wife, return the gift she's already given you…" And then a thick stream of piss comes out of Mario's cock, fat and splitting into two paths, colliding onto Natasha's deep brown skin. Her eyes flutter as she slides her hands over her body, spreading her husband's piss over her skin. Then she feels the warmest liquid impact on her stomach, and Ashley snaps back to Adrian. He's biting on his lip and watching his own cock shoot a wide stream of piss onto her stomach and hips, strong and pebbling into drops in the air. It's so warm, and there's so much, that soon she's soaked everywhere. She doesn't rub it in, though, content to watch and feel her husband's cock shoot warm pee all over her torso. It feels extra nice on her breasts and collarbone, and she likes the look of curiosity on his face and the sight of his cock just squirting and squirting, and it isn't too hard to imagine him shooting an endless stream of cum onto her, and that's an image she really likes. But all things end, and the stream whittles away and Adrian drops his cock with a satisfied exhale. She glances over and sees Mario leaning over Natasha, kissing her deeply and reverently as she holds his face. Adrian settles back onto her and a smile crosses her face as their bodies naturally wind together, damp with their combined piss. "Wow," she breathes as he settles on her, pressing a soft kiss to her cheek as his face meets hers. He chuckles and presses a tender kiss to her lips, which she returns, love bubbling in her. "That was pretty fun," he laughs. "Yeah," she giggles. "I came really hard, and it felt so different! Did you like it?" "Yeah," he hums, meeting her eyes with a tender expression. "I liked watching you piss so naughtily… and seeing you orgasm so hard and squirt all over me." Her face warms and she giggles again. "I liked that too. Did you like peeing on me?" He scrunches up his face in thought. "It was okay. Kinda fun, but nothing super crazy." She sighs and loops her arms over his shoulders. "Yeah. I felt that way, too." He presses a soft kiss to her lips and flips over to lay on her side, making a face when the towel and sand squelch noisily from all their pee. They crack up, and when Mario and Natasha untangle and look over, they laugh too.
  5. Hi there :) We are Zim Hunter and PervyPixie. For the past six months we have uploaded free content to various tube sites and now we are in the process of making a paysite. We stumbled across this site while searching for pee related content ;) We're both very much into piss and especiallly piss drinking. I (Zim) am the "pisser" and Pixie is the "pissee" :D ;) We have A LOT of fetishes so our content is a mixed bunch but pissing is about 30% :) Take a look at: https://www.pornhub.com/users/zhunterpervypixie or https://xhamster.com/user/ZHPervyPixie Hope you like it ;) - PervyPixie and Zim Hunter
  6. Hi fellow pee lovers good to meet you all and look forward to writing and listening to real stories about pee
  7. Looking to get a group meeting in Northumberland, both guys and girls (mostly girls) if anyone is up for it I would love to get this going ;)
  8. Hey all, wanted to post some of the homemade pee and squirt gifs i have recorded over the years. Many of the videos these are taken from can be seen at http://peterpinkpuss.com . I will be posting a few of these at a time as long as they are appreciated, if you want me to keep posting, show some love! <3
  9. Hi folks! I'm Peter, and I post pee, squirting and other fetish content to my website http://peterpinkpuss.com and http://clips4sale.com/peter-pinkpuss-ftm-pussyman-squirts/ . I am always looking to make new friends for video requests, especially locals who want to make videos with me or do naughty peeing in public together. Well, thanks for reading and I'm glad to have joined! You can find me on Twitter and Tumblr under the username PeterPinkPuss. Don't be shy, I don't bite!
  10. Disclaimer: This story is fictional, but based somewhat on truth. I am not the narrator. A few nights ago I woke from a dream that left me with an almost painful erection. In the dream, my wife and I were walking somewhere at night and she wasn't wearing pants. She was walking ahead of me as I admired her panty-clad bottom, round and shapely. She looked over her shoulder at me, smiling, flirting. Then she turned around and gasped as I heard a hiss and her panties filled with warm pee. My alarm interrupted the dream and I opened my eyes to see my massive erection almost poking through my boxer-briefs. I turned my alarm off and rolled over to see my gorgeous wife rubbing her eyes and yawning. She also noticed my erection and smiled. "Good morning," she said. I felt her delicate fingers touch the tip of my penis through my shorts. "Good morning," I said as she eased the top of my boxers down and freed my swollen cock from its prison. I returned the favor by reaching my hand to the gusset of her panties and slipping my finger through to feel her clit. She was already getting wet, so I easily rubbed her slit. She scooted closer to me, still caressing the shaft and tip of my penis. I scooted closer, as well, and she guided my cock closer to her warm and moist pussy but stopped just enough for my tip to touch the lips of her vagina. We writhed and moved like this for a few minutes, kissing passionately, stopping only to kiss each other's neck or shoulders. It wasn't long before I slipped easily into her, feeling both pain as I wanted to cum right now and pleasure as I wanted to make the feeling of her warmth and wetness and softness last as long as possible. She sighed and moaned as we gently and passionately moved together. Her sighs became gasps, though, and we quickened our pace. Her mouth opened in a loud moan and I could feel her getting even wetter. I couldn't hold on anymore and I also moaned and thrust harder as we both came together, crying out and then nearly melting into the bed as we finished. Later, as we were getting dressed for work, my wife asked: "So was that just morning wood, or were you dreaming about something?" I must have blushed because she smiled. "Guilty," I said. "I was dreaming about you." "What were you dreaming?" she asked. I hesitated. My wife and I had never been into pee-play as a couple, even though she was aware that before our marriage I looked at pee-related porn and seemed to have a secret fetish for wetting. A few times she had invited me into the bathroom to watch her pee, and once while showering together, I wouldn't let her out to use the bathroom, so she had said, Well, then and just peed in the shower. But after 15 years of marriage and three kids, those few times were it, other than some sneeze or cough spurts that happen to nearly all women. "Umm, well," I said. I could feel my face redden. But my wife and I were also one of those rare couples who doesn't hide anything. I know that sounds hard to believe, but we are honest about our desires, our fears, our concerns, our feelings. If I find another woman attractive, I tell my wife. Rather than getting angry, she appreciates my candor and knows that just because I think a girl is attractive doesn't mean I'm going to cheat or even that I find that girl more attractive than her. Likewise, she is open with me, as well. "Out with it," she said. "I dreamt you peed your panties," I said. She giggled and gave me a look that said, You naughty boy. "Well, you would have to get me really drunk for that one." Fast forward to that evening. After work we got a sitter for the kids and decided to go out for dinner. We took a cab because on our nights out my wife and I both like to have a bit to drink. To embrace gender stereotypes, I like beer and she likes wine coolers and daiquiris. But we both occasionally order mixed drinks and on this night we went a little heavy on the rum: she a few pina coladas and me a few Cuba libres. As the night crept on, I felt my wife rubbing her bare foot up my leg under the table. She would smile at me and bite her lip. "Wanna get out of here?" she finally asked. Of course I did. We decided to walk a few blocks to enjoy the night air before catching a cab home. We knew the kids would be asleep by now and it was obvious we wanted to enjoy as much of the night together as possible. Then, she said it. "I have to pee." I wasn't sure I really heard it at first. Then she reached down and held herself. "Well, we can walk back to the bar," I said. "It's too far," she said. I laughed. I could still see the bar on the next block. "Is there anybody around?" she asked. I looked around us and there was no one, except a few guys standing outside the bar. We were on a fairly secluded street with more trees than houses or cars. "Let's walk a little farther," she said. She took me by the hand and led me deeper down this tree-lined street. "Where are we going?" I asked. "Okay," she said, not answering me. "This is better." This next part may sound unbelievable to you, but it happened just as I'm about to tell you. My wife started working with the button of her jeans. "What are you doing?" I asked. "Well, I'm not going to get my jeans wet," she said. She kicked off her sandals, unzipped her jeans and tugged them down her full legs. Now she was standing in front of me in just her panties and an adorable gray Minnie Mouse t-shirt she bought on our Disney trip a few years ago. It was snug enough to flatter her full breasts and womanly tummy. Combined with the gray panties with pink trim (Those are my favorite, I once said. They're all your favorite, she had replied). I looked around to make sure we really were alone. Two sensations overwhelmed me: concern that someone would see her like this (another man, perhaps) and arousal at how naughty and spontaneous she was acting right now. She smiled at me and bit her lip again in that way that makes me lose my mind every time. "You're drunk," I said. "Maybe," she whispered. "But I can't hold it much longer." She squeezed her legs together, and I stared at her like this, her full figure making her so goddess-like that I just wanted to fall at her feet and do whatever she wished of me. "Ohhh," she moaned. "I don't know how much longer I can hold it." I was speechless as she squirmed and shifted her legs. "Oh my god, I'm gonna--" She stopped talking and instead gasped as a warm stream of pee soaked the gusset of her panties and started to dribble down her legs. "Oh, god, that feels good." I couldn't take it anymore. I unzipped my fly and took out my now throbbing cock. I walked up to her, but I didn't have to go far. Still peeing, she grabbed my arms and pulled me close to her. "This is the sexiest thing you have ever done," I said. "I know," she whispered, "and it won't be the last time." She unbuttoned my jeans and dropped them and my boxer-briefs to my knees. I kicked them off next to hers. At this point, I didn't care if anyone saw us. I just cared that I wanted her. I could hear the soft splatter of her pee falling to the ground as I kissed her. Then, surprised, I felt her guide me to her warm flow, past her damp panties, and into her soaking wet slit. The warm splashes of pee hitting my penis were so glorious I almost lost it right there. I thrust gently, letting my cock feel the warmth of her urine as well as caress her sensitive slit. She sighed as her flow stopped. She surprised me again as she pulled away and then turned around, placing her hands against a tree next to us. She stuck her round and wet panty-clad ass out at me and I remembered my dream. I didn't hesitate and stepped up to her, eased the gusset of her panties aside, and slipped easily into her wet vagina from behind. She moved her hips and ass perfectly and I reached under her shirt to caress her breasts through her bra as she leaned back into me. I kissed her neck and shoulders and felt her moving quicker and harder as I reached my other hand to the front gusset of her panties and rubbed her slit. She moaned and I felt a trickle on my fingertip and then down the shaft of my penis. "Oh god, I'm...peeing again," my wife moaned as I continued to thrust my cock into her. "Go ahead," I whispered. She moaned again and I heard a hiss as my fingers, the front of her panties, and my cock grew wet with a steady flow of warm pee. It wasn't much, but my wife's moans were growing to gasps. I pulled out of her, though, and turned her around to face me. Then I grabbed her ass and pulled her close, slipping my cock easily between the gusset of her panties and back into her. It only took a few thrusts until we were both crying out in ecstasy, not caring if anyone heard us. I remained inside of her, even after we came, but started to pull away as I felt my own need to pee arising. "No, don't take it out yet," my wife said, grabbing my ass and holding me there. "That feels good." I laughed. "But now I have to pee." "I don't care," she whispered. "You...are amazing," I said. I kissed her again,enjoying the taste of her sweet lips and the feel of her tongue touching mine. I moved just enough to slip my cock out of her vagina but remain inside the gusset of her panties and just at her slit. I closed my eyes and sighed as my warm stream started. She gasped as it sprayed against her already wet slit and soaked her panties even more. I moved just a little and tried to aim my stream to the front of her slit, close to her clitoris. She moaned and was soon moving her hips again. Splashes fell at our feet as my flow increased. Then she panted and had another small but obviously pleasurable orgasm. My pee dwindled to a trickle as I held her close, hugging her, then kissing her softly and gently. "Oh my god, that was good," she said. "Mmm hmm," I said. "A dream come true?" she asked, winking. "Better," I said.
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