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Found 4 results

  1. We are moving into spring and it was time to start weeding and tending to the girls roses, of which there are lots. Both sides of the house, along the 50 meter driveway and along every fence in the back yard. These are all colours and fragrances, the house is a riot of colour during spring / summer and it smells delightful. Yesterday, it was 25c, fine and sunny, no wind at all, the sky was a perfectly clear blue. I started on the backyard ones first, it has more sunlight and was pleasantly warm. Little did I know how warm I was going to get. Unbeknown to me, my sneaky ladies had gotten into the diuretic pills, they have been in the medicine cabinet for a year, and had taken a couple each (dosage is within limits, these were prescribed, just not used). They also got into the spring water, lots of water. I can't remember how many times I was splattered on, it seemed like every 15 minutes and one of them was back. Just seeing them in their short tartan skirts was sexy enough, seeing those skirts being lifted and those gorgeous knicker less kitties exposed was somewhat distracting. I was soaked, at one point I had to get changed, the smell and yucky clammy feeling of a wet tee shirt got a little too much, to the amusement of the two girls. There was so much laughing and giggling going on, that the next door neighbour was asking what we were doing. This caused more laughter, and they disappeared back inside. This went on for about four hours and they eventually 'dried' up, as they put it, and told me to get in the shower, the wrinkling of their pretty little noses gave me a hint, I was a mess, hair was soaked, clothes were soaked, even after the shower, I could still smell them on me. The taste wasn't too bad, metallic, salty and warm, it just smelled a little off in the sunshine. They told me later that they had been so turned on, that they had some fun inside with each other, something to do with the end of winter, being cooped up inside, and the beginning of spring. Whatever the reason, I loved it, there has been a bit of a drought here lately, to the point where we thought pee fun was over. This has been resolved, they are already planning something for the weekend, this time they said it's their turn. I cannot wait.
  2. Hi, 32/M/Ireland Just joined, found the group while searching Google for pee snapchats. Site is brilliant. Looking forward to getting to know everyone
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