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Found 9 results

  1. So I thought I would change the lottery from the old style and make it different every time unless you all really want me to do the old way or a different way! So this time if you want to enter all you have to do is write what you want me to do related to pee. At the end of the lottery I will randomly choose one reply and do whatever Ithat reply contained! As long as it's not going to publically humiliate me or get me in jail I will do it. It can be as simple as get super desperate and pee yourself or climb a tree and pee from the tallest branch or it could be something like seran wrap your entire lower body and pee xD. Get creative! I'm going to leave this thread open for longer than the past lotteries to give you all some time to think of ideas! Be sure to enter and I'm excited to see what you guys write! I love you all so much!! -Riley
  2. nickie420wilson

    hi New Here

    hello not sure about all of this but am happy to be with like minded people hope that we can share sum content
  3. Misslittlecutie1


    Hi! I'm new to this forum. Been peeking around a bit before I said hi. I'm looking to chat with likeminded individuals. I love pissing and love women who are into the same thing. I am bisexual but mainly looking to chat with other women (sorry guys). Let me know if you're interested. :)
  4. tompees1

    This place is amazing!

    Hey everyone! I am Thomas, a 24 year old Canadian guy here. This forum is amazing and I've been lurking for a while. Really nice knowing so many others share the same passions. I love peeing everywhere and anywhere. And I love when my wife aims my dick while I pee. Do many of you share vids on Snapchat? Let me know!
  5. Hi, 32/M/Ireland Just joined, found the group while searching Google for pee snapchats. Site is brilliant. Looking forward to getting to know everyone
  6. Bananaphone

    New and inexperienced.

    Hiya! First of all, my name is Adrian Iโ€™m 26 years old and living in the United Kingdom, as always Iโ€™m trying to keep to the spotless first impression wherever I land and try to introduce myself briefly and say ? hello ?, how are you?. Lets get onto the point. Few years ago my best friend briefly showed me few video short clips including girls doing ehm..water sports ? he seemed to feel uncomfortable with it as he confessed to me that he kind of got addicted to as soon as he watched first short vid and was asking me then what is my opinion about peeing, honestly? I Had no idea besides it is very sexy at some point. The same day, came back home and gave it another shot. Honestly, I was eulogising over it, heh...actually itโ€™s ongoing process and im still getting turned on when I watch it. Never really had a chance to experience watersports...now and then, at all. I may sound a bit desperated but actually Iโ€™m not, itโ€™s not like it is the most important thingy in my life, well it is not. I just feel that i could try pee fetish thatโ€™s why I had that idea and it pushed me here to share with you guys these few words of mine, who knows? Maybe Iโ€™ll match with someone over here (:. Thank you for your time, see you around. Btw I would like to apologise anyone harmed by my English language skills in here, im not originally from the UK, forgive me haha :D.
  7. TheBeezPeez

    New kid on the block

    Hi everyone, I'm not entirely new her as I've read many stories on this site before (shout out to mom and daughter carpet/bedroom peeing), but I finally decided to make an account on pee fans. I'm in my early 20s. I have mainly been convinced to make this account by the facts that I've been quite bored and out of the sex game for two years now. I've had a pee fetish since I was in middle school (unknowingly), but I only have two or three stories. What I like about peeing is the smell, sound, desperation, tabooness, pure and honest relief, and the many naughty places one can relieve oneself. I mainly am interested in women, but I do occasionally appreciate men peeing, especially those in urinals, bars/pubs, outdoors, etc. with foreskin. My fetishes include: pee, poop, labia, pussy grool, mom/son incest, creampies, voyeur, exhibitionism, foreskin, and a bit dirtier which I'd be embarrassed to further reveal here. I'm not sure how to proceed, nor am I sure what I want out of making an account here, but I hope for a positive experience. Pleasure to meet you all. Feel free to reach out. Do your best to convince me not to delete my recently created account I guess.
  8. Luke13Connors

    New Piss Loving Bi Guy

    Hi there :) New to the site and just wanted to introduce myself to everyone. I'm a 23 year old bi guy living in Ireland and have been a lover of all things pee for close to ten years, if anything probably longer. Looking forward to getting to know everyone :)
  9. PeeSniffer

    Hi, I'm a Scotish PeeFan

    Hi, I'm a PeeFan from Scotland (near Glasgow). I'm a guy and like girls. I've loved pee since my dick could get hard (had an experience as kid and it's never left me!). I don't like "porn" "porn stars" "fake women" or videos that are clearly staged. I love to watch REAL women peeing, curvy/skinny, Busty/Flatchested warts and all, just don't give me rubber tits and saline lips and plastic faces, it's such a turn off. The best place I've found for this is xtube, please tell me I'm missing something better. Never really talked about pee with anyone before except GF but she's not that into it. She's peed on me a couple of times but don't think she enjoys it. Would love to get peed on by a girl that really wants to do it! I love the smell of pee, especially wet knickers when they've been lying around for a while. I love sniffing a pussy after a girl has pissed but couldn't/didn't wipe... I'll stop there because I'm getting hard, haha. Going to go read what you all have been up to.