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  1. Mine was on the floor/wall of a public toilet, but I'm curious about you all. I'd love to hear the details about them too!
  2. On my way home from work I just peed in an elevator a few hours ago. It was one of those with a metal floor. It was an elevator for a parking garage that has no cameras. I rode it to the bottom level of the garage saw as it was late at night no one was nearby in that level. I waited for the doors to close. I realized no one was on that floor of the garage so it wasn't going to open soon without me pushing the button. It won't open on a different floor with out going up first. I unzipped my pants and let out a wee peeing on the floor of the elevator letting my beautiful yellow pee hit the metal floor and make a noise. I kept on letting it out making a large puddle on the floor, until the last drops. Then I put it back in zipped my pants up, rode the elevator back to street level and headed on to the bus. Now I'm really horny thinking of this fun adventure.
  3. My own rules for visiting the cinema: Never go to a popular film ... at least not at first. Even popular films fade so wait until the crowds subside. Whenever possible, go to midday screenings. Even fewer people. Pick films with plenty of noise. Battle/Fight scenes are great for hiding any splashing noises. Drink plenty of water before you go. You don't want to wait until the final credits to feel the need. If possible, sit next to the stairs. It's quicker when leaving (just in case) and you don't have to get the seat wet. No underwear! Should go without saying. Buy a large drink and consume quickly, for all the obvious reasons. Caffeinated drinks are best because caffeine is a diuretic (makes you pee). If someone sits to close, move or enjoy the added thrill/risk proximity entails. As a guy, you probably already have your cock out or at least trousers open so be careful. Relax and enjoy the film ... until you just can't wait ... then wait for a good noisy bit. Get your cock out unless wetting is your preference. I prefer to watch my pee arch flowing onto the stairs. Now really relax and let it go. A really good scene (30-45 secs) can drain your entire bladder. Remember to clamp if the noise stops, the splashing can be loud in a suddenly quiet place. Enjoy the rest of your film ... and smile the secret smile on your way out. i went to see the 14:45 screening of Wonder Woman the other day. Even at that time there were 20 people in the theatre. The little lights on the stairs highlighted a lovely, rather high, arch of piss as it landed on the steps. I did get hit with sudden quiet (annoying .. I was enjoying the moment) but overall very satisfying film. ? ?
  4. https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/risky-piss-all-over-people-s-bikes-at-apartment-complex-37196931 I was outside for a cigarette and was looking for somewhere to swim in piss then I saw the bike rack and thought that was the perfect place a few people don’t know it yet but they will be riding bikes covered in my piss the next couple of days
  5. My newest video of me pissing on a picnic table at night really had to go and made a huge puddle. https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/pissing-on-picnic-table-37490891
  6. Potatoman

    Piss fun with Hayley

    At that special evening Hayley went out with friends, quite common on a Saturday evening for the cute brunette girl. She went in the bar where they always hung out, looking for some “prey” the hungry 24 year old hottie could take home and have some fun with. She normally was a really shy girl, didn’t talk much and especially not with strangers, all this completely vanished when she only drank two or three beers, Hayley then was the ultimate slut, had fucked four different guys in the toilet stall of a bar once, in a time period of only two hours (after that she pissed standing on the floor and walls of the gents room because the urinals where occupied, the guys watched and fondled her and she didn’t even mind). And there’s the other point, not only Hayley becomes a real slut, she also has a thing for piss when drinking, she liked to be pissed on or drinking a guys piss, but most she loved pissing in places where she shouldn’t (like that toilet floor or maaanny other places) Her friends knew that of course, not all of them liked it but they at least didn’t mind when she did it... and she did it a lot! On that day she was sitting on a couch besides some pool tables, watching a guy she liked and made it her goal to take him home this night. She told her friends and then stood up, a bit shaky and sat back down on the armrest, having her butt hanging out of her super short miniskirt, she never wore underwear for parties (already drunk enough when she gets dressed) and told to no one specific “I really need a piss right now” and even before she ended her piss shot onto the carpeted floor and struck the side of the blue sofa, darkening it with her piss. Hayley laughed and stood up, still pissing and sprayed her pee against the wall behind her, when she was done she simply sat down on the armrest again, rubbing her pussy dry on the cushion and told with a drunk voice “so that’s all MINE now” and giggled. No one really saw her doing it, most were concentrated on their talk and the music was much louder than her splashing and hissing, only one man saw that... the one she wanted, as he was right about to play the pool ball something caught his eye, a really cute brunette girl standing slightly to the front and deliberately pissing against the wall behind her, he slammed the cue into the felt of the table and excused himself for the rest of the night. He walked up to Hayley, “hey I am mike, saw you before and just had to talk to you”, that was a lucky shot for Hayley, “oh, did you like it?” She asked with a playful voice and as an answer he pushed her against the wall and kissed her. They went to Hayley’s place and on their way home both had to pee quite badly, “what about going in that car park? Since you have no problems with pissing openly...” mike asked her with a grin She agreed and they went in, Hayley on to the stairs where she stood on top and faced the stairs down, she pulled up her skirt and spread her pussy lips and shot a spurt down the stairs. Her stream steadied and she swayed her hips, laughing and covering most of the stairs she could. Then she moved to the railing, peeing down through it where her piss landed landed with loud splashing noises. When she was finished she took a tissue from her handbag and wiped, then threw it down over the railing and said with a smile “that was needed, also nice to mark new territory”. Mike went on to piss by himself now, he placed Hayley on the wall besides him, then took out his dick and started pissing down the stairs. Then he suddenly turned and pissed right onto Hayley’s tummy, swaying and waving his dick and covered her in piss before she could react, “you fucker!” She screamed but deep down she loved it. Mike kissed her and touched her butt and her pussy, she soon felt her senses completely on override and gave him head right in the stairwell, then both went on and spend the best night of their lives so ok @Sophie, that’s what I take as a “golden shower”
  7. Some recent pics of me soaking some pillows with my piss would love to piss just piss openly in a bed with a girl like it’s natural full video of white pillow piss here as on my xtube account devon348 haven’t been able to change names so accounts are the same name, still working on uploading the red pillow videohttps://www.xtube.com/video-watch/piss-all-over-pillow-and-self-37420171
  8. I decided to take a naughty piss all over the pulbluc laundry room. below is the link to the video on my xtube channel https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/pissing-laundrymat-washer-and-floor-37315151
  9. It's more fun to go on the floor even though the potty is right there
  10. http://www.eroprofile.com/m/videos/view/More-public-toilet-adventures-Part-1 I'm back, guys! part 2 of this video is on eroprofile. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!
  11. I love all kind of peeing. I make lots of homemade videos for myself and for others who enjoy watching them. I often create fantasies around the vides..to make them more fun. Just so you know I'm not REALLY peeing on my friends clothes or shoes or whatever without her knowing. The jeans/shoes etc belong to me or have been given to me by her to do with what I want. Some of my fun this weekend.
  12. I have the video too if anyone's interested Hope you enjoy
  13. http://www.eroprofile.com/m/videos/view/VID_20180625_135550090-1 I couldn't help myself Next time I might have to add some cum as well. Hope you guys and gals enjoy!
  14. steve25805

    Caught in the act

    Helen is a young student aged only 18 and still living with her divorced mum. She looks sexy as hell, as you can see in this pic...... But she has a secret thing, a kind of pervy kink if you like. She likes pissing. Anywhere and everywhere. It started when she was still pretty young when - upon entering the bathroom she had a sudden urge - she didn't know why - to just squat and pee in the shower cubicle instead of using the toilet. And she enjoyed doing it. And so it became a regular thing. And not just that. In time she became more outrageous, revelling in the notion of being a dirty cow peeing in random places just for fun. When home alone she took to peeing on the bathroom and kitchen floors and stuff like that, mopping up the evidence afterwards. A couple of times she peed on the kitchen table. She discovered internet porn, and particularly enjoyed erotic stories and videos featuring ladies pissing all over the place. She really started to envy those ladies in the videos who seemed to have so much fun pissing all around in hotel rooms - on the carpet, the bed, or the furniture. And it was this that motivated her to start peeing on her own bedroom carpet from time to time. The rush she felt just squatting in the corner or beside her bed, and deliberately pissing there on the carpet was the best buzz she'd ever had. Pissing on the carpet was so totally wrong that it was awesome fun to her, the ultimate pissing pleasure. Though she worried about her clean freak mum finding out, and went to some lengths with huge amounts of febreeze to mask the aroma....... ---------------------------------------------- This is Anna, Helen's 40 year old mother, a professional psychologist, and something of a looker herself...... From a young age she had developed a thing about pissing too, but was unfortunate enough to have gotten caught red-handed, peeing on the carpet in the corner of her bedroom when her mum - Helen's gran - walked right in. And went right off on one, calling her a dirty bitch, berating her for her filthy habit, and so on. Anna felt acute embarrassment and shame as a consequence, made worse my her mum confiding to her friends what a dirty bitch of a daughter she had. The guilt and shame thus triggered got absorbed into her psyche. Whenever she felt a desire to be naughty thereafter she felt intense shame and guilt at the very idea of it. And repressed such desires, in time convincing herself that it was a childish thing that she'd grown out of. Except, as a young adult, after a few too many drinks she'd gotten a reputation for being a bit wild in a pissy kind of way, thinking nothing about peeing on the floor in pubs, or in public, or on the floor in the ladies'! Or the gents'!! Lol. Alcohol tended to diminish her psychological inhibitions, but it was easy enough to do as her friends did on her behalf, and convince herself that she only did this because she was drunk, not because she got a kick out of it. This repression - and a resulting fascination with sexual peccadilloes which she told herself was wholly intellectual - drew her to a career in psychology. She married a university lecturer, had a daughter - Helen - whom she raised impeccably, ultimately got divorced after her husband got caught cheating with a colleague, and now lives alone with her daughter. Her husband had never really been sexually fulfilled with her due to her repressed sexuality and sex drive. Anna is now an established senior psychologist working in the field of mental health care, as well as doing good work for charities. A highly respectable woman, also into keeping her house spotlessly clean and tidy. She is a bit anal about that, which probably also has something to do with internalised guilt about having been "dirty". Well a few times lately she started noticing a faint but distinct pissy smell in Helen's room. This brought back unwelcome memories, half repressed, of youthful - and shamefully disgusting - carpet pissings. Memories she could not resist dwelling on like some dirty secret. But the fact that on some level a part of her found the memories arousing just made her feel bad. She had since grown up and grown out of it so with that thought she brushed the guilt and shame away. Besides, Helen was herself an adult now, so Anna's initial thoughts about similar carpet pissings surely could not be true. She dismissed it, and shunted the thought away, not wanting to dwell too much. Must be an innocent explanation. She was aware in her professional role that some people had interests in all kinds of strange fetishes, and she remembered the time at some party when someone showed her a video of two women peeing all over one of their living room carpets. She'd reacted in disgust, but deep down inside it had aroused her. Her reaction was fuelled more by disgust at herself, a disgust being displaced onto the actions of the two ladies in the video. As a psychologist she instinctively knew this but consciously chose not to join the dots. But she was in for a shock..... ---------------------------------------- Helen strode into her bedroom upon arriving home to a silent house, desperate for a pee. She was in fact entirely unaware that her mother at that moment was in her own bedroom laying quietly on the bed whilst reading an interesting psychological study - purely of academic interest of course - about the supposed immaturity of some urophile fetishes, and their prevalence in the general population, with one or two interesting case studies. Helen closed her bedroom door. Anna heard the door close and realised that her daughter was home, and remembered that she wanted to talk to her about some careers advice she'd researched for her. She decided that she'd just finish reading the last couple of paragraphs before going to see her....... ------------------------------------------- Helen removed her shoes and socks, then stepped out of her jeans and panties, kicking them aside. Then she popped a squat right beside her bed, relishing the naughty thrill of what she was actually about to do. Not for the first time she was going to deliberately pee right there on the carpet! Then the floodgates opened. With a loud hissing sound and a muffled splashing, her powerful golden-hued spray pattered onto the carpet. She looked down with a big grin at the growing puddle, her hot pee slowly soaking into the plush blue carpet. The splashing sound grew louder as the carpet became increasingly soaked..... --------------------------------------------- Anna had finished what she was reading and was approaching the door to Helen's bedroom, reaching for the door handle.... ---------------------------------------------- .....As the loud hissing and splashing filled the room, Helen looked up and closed her eyes with a look of ecstatic rapture on her face. Just pissing right there on the carpet was such a massive turn on. Her reverie was broken by the angry shout of her mother. "Helen! What the fuck do you think you are fucking doing!!" Both a "fuck" and a "fucking" in the same sentence from a mother who almost never swore. This was going to be bad! Helen immediately stopped pissing, grabbed her jeans and hastily started putting them on, trying forlornly to cover her modesty, the large puddle a testament to what she'd just been caught doing. Her mother was standing there, face flushed red as she ranted. "Dirty bitch!" "Disgusting cow!" "What the fuck are you playing at!" "Are you some sort of fucking animal?" "You're not a fucking kid anymore!" "You're a grown woman, for fuck sake!" Etc, etc. Helen wanted to curl up and die right then. The nightmare had happened. Her clean freak mother had caught her pissing on the carpet. Could see her enjoying it. Her embarrassment was total. She could say or do nothing. She really felt that there was no coming back from this. Could she live with the knowledge of what her beloved mum now thought of her. She was too embarrassed for tears. At the very least she'd have to leave home. She could never face her mother again....... --------------------------------------- As Helen ranted and raved, venting her anger and disgust, as much at the secret desires repressed within herself as at her daughter's actions, she suddenly became aware of her daughter's acute embarrassment and emotional anguish. And it triggered a memory of being made to feel the same way herself. She knew her daughter's embarrassment and pain. She could feel it. Because she'd been feeling it herself all these years. Now she was making her daughter feel that way. And she felt intense guilt, shame almost, no longer for anything either she herself had ever done or her daughter had done, but of the way she was now making Helen feel. And this triggered a cascade of fresh thinking as at last this new situation allowed the barriers of inhibition and repression to be breached. She suddenly realised more clearly and consciously what she'd previously only instinctively understood without consciously addressing. That her repressed sexuality, lack of sexual drive, her divorce probably, and her lifelong feelings of internalised shame and guilt stemmed back to that moment in her past when her own mum did to her what she was now doing to her own daughter. And suddenly she felt - knew in her heart - that this was wrong. She could not ruin her daughter's life as hers had been ruined because she'd been caught expressing a kinky sexual urge that actually harmed no one. She knew as a professional that it was wrong to apply value judgements to the non-harmful fetish interests of others. It was her job to be understanding. And she acknowledged suddenly to herself that she'd had such an interest herself all along, and had merely repressed it and not grown out of it. She realised that preventing her daughter's life from being blighted by shame and guilt mattered more than anything. That making her NOT feel bad was more important than making her feel bad. She had to be understanding, which also involved a degree of self-analysis she'd never been capable of before. Yes, doing this was a sexual thrill. And where was the harm really? No one was being hurt. And no one else need ever know. So yeah, the carpet might not fare too well but it was just replaceable property. And in thinking this way, for the first time in her adult life she didn't feel intense shame and guilt anymore, and began to see that she was who she was, and to accept herself. And she saw the intense embarrassment and shame that was just beginning to start destroying her own daughter - and her own relationship with her daughter - right there and then. And she knew - more clearly than she'd ever known anything - that she had to stop it right there and then. And put it right..... ----------------------------- Helen was confused. For no apparent reason that she could see, her mother's rant began trailing off, as her mum seemingly and quite evidently started thinking deeply to herself. Her expressions changing, becoming almost quizzical, eyebrows visibly furrowing. Hesitating about what to say and do. Helen was concerned about what this portended. But her embarrassment and concern started to morph into astonishment and some measure of almost disbelief, as her mum became no longer angry and disgusted, but passive, conciliatory, and almost understanding. She apologised for going off on one. She'd just been taken by surprise. And was offloading. She said she'd been made to feel ashamed all her life because her own mother had caught her doing something similar as a kid and told all her friends about it. She didn't want Helen to feel such lifelong shame. Some people were into doing stuff like that. She knew that because it was her job to know about such things. And Helen need not feel bad about it around her anymore, because she knew what it felt like to be ashamed at being into such things, to be made to feel that way by others. It was harmless, a carpet was mere property, no one else need ever know, etc, etc. It was only the shock of seeing how bad she was making Helen feel - and remembering being made to feel that way herself - that had finally opened her eyes to how repressed she had been. She told Helen not to be repressed or to feel bad, merely to be cautious about what she did, where, and about who knew. Anna even joked about how Helen could contribute to the cost of a new carpet when it was needed. Helen was dumbfounded. She could not believe what she was hearing from her clean freak mum. This had to be some kind of trick, right....? ---------------------------------------- Anna was getting through to her daughter, she could tell, but clearly Helen was struggling to believe any of what she was being told, and was highly suspicious. It looked to Anna as if Helen suspected some sort of mean trick was afoot. It was clearly too much for her daughter to accept as real based on just words alone. It just did not align with the clean freak mum she'd known all her life. And Anna realised that amidst all the drama, she herself actually somewhat needed to pee. And with the walls of her inhibitions largely demolished for the first time, she acknowledged the fact that it would be tremendously good fun to pee on the carpet someplace. And revelled in the pleasure of such a thought. And clearly the carpet in that room had been peed on more than once already. So suddenly - incredibly - in one of the most erotically charged moments of her life, she realised what she was going to do..... ------------------------------------------ Helen was stunned, which her mother clearly picked up on. Anna stopped reassuring and acknowledged that she could see Helen was struggling to believe what she was hearing. So Anna said something about proving it to her, because she needed to pee anyway. She strode over to the corner of the room with the beginnings of a smirk upon her face, turned, and started to unfasten her jeans. Flashing a grin at her daughter she asked, "Do you mind?" - obviously a rhetorical question as she began to lower her own jeans and panties right there anyway. Helen's jaw dropped. She was speechless, almost unable to comprehend what she was seeing, as her mother lowered herself into a squat, jeans and panties around her knees, side view of her naked buttocks. And then Anna started pissing! Right there on Helen's bedroom carpet! For long moments there was only the sound of her hissing piss splashing down, an expression of gleeful pleasure upon her face. Clearly, her clean freak mum was - unbelievably - pissing right there on the carpet! On purpose! For fun! Helen broke the silence eventually with an incredulous chuckle. "Mum, that's my fucking carpet you're pissing on!" She laughed in response, " Well I paid for it! Besides, the damned carpet's been peed on already, so why not.....?" "Mum, I can't believe you're doing that." "I can't believe I'm doing it either. I haven't enjoyed peeing this much since, like, forever!" Both women laughed at that as Anna continued peeing, the ice truly broken, all shame banished. "Helen, feel free to finish your own pee. I really don't mind anymore." "I can see that, mum. Hahaha." So Helen unfastened the jeans she'd pulled back on, lowering herself into a squat over another patch of carpet beside her bed, and resumed peeing. When both were done, they stood and pulled their jeans back into place, admired the large puddles soaking into the carpet with grins upon their faces, and agreed how much fun that was. Job done, as far as Anna was concerned. Well almost...... -------------------------------------- Because an awkwardness descended between them after that. Helen didn't really know how to speak to her mum anymore nor what to say, and Anna realised that her daughter was struggling to comprehend the reality of what had occurred. She instinctively realised that another "demonstration" might be best. And so a few days later, as both women were sitting in their living room, Anna drew attention to what had occurred before and reiterated that there was no need for embarrassment. Really no need, she repeated - as she stood up from her armchair and began unfastening her jeans. And before long she was squatting in the middle of the living room, and enjoying a long piss right there on the carpet, creating a massive puddle. And Helen was soon squatting and peeing on the carpet too, in front of the sofa. When done, Anna high fived her daughter like a teenager, before giving a motherly hug. And softly spoke about there being no need to be ashamed of peeing anywhere anymore.
  15. Well she might not be my friend if she learns I was the one who peed in her shoe LOL
  16. http://www.eroprofile.com/m/videos/view/Naughty-peeing-all-over-public-toilet Thought the restroom needed a good soak. Maybe next time I'll add some cum: let me know what you think haha. Hope you guys and gals enjoy the video
  17. Got a great friend who knows all about my Piss fetish and he has one too. One day during a visit at my house he told me that he had to pee. I suggested it would be cool to watch him pee on my bathroom floor (Why Not? I do it all the time) He said he didn't care. I snapped this picture just before he let go. I love the toilet in the background and it's quite obvious he's not going to use the Potty. Made a few more pictures but then I had to stop and grab some towels LOL
  18. They should have told me the Toilet was broken before I had to pee so Bad
  19. This club focuses on what I call good peeing. I'm not talking about peeing in the toilet, that's just normal, boring peeing. I'm talking about rather than wasting my pee down into the sewer peeing in a way that good things come from the pee. Such as peeing on a hay bale to be used as fertilizer which I do many times a day. Peeing in a compost pile, which I also often do. Peeing in a gas tank to use as fuel I hope to do some day. I also want to pee in jars that use the pee to charge my phone. These are all what I call good peeing because it's peeing in a way that helps the earth in giving my pee to a second life. Peeing in the toilet I don't think of as good peeing, because the nutrients just get wasted. I wouldn't call peeing in the toilet naughty peeing either. Naughty peeing I think of as peeing on the floor of public restrooms, or somewhere else I'm not supposed to wee. There is something so fun about naughty peeing that gives me a rush and makes me horny. There is also something I love about good peeing, such as sawdust bucket peeing that will be poured into the compost. Hay bale peeing; and peeing elsewhere in the garden that I like because I feel like I'm doing something good with my pee. So the point of this post is that I love naughty peeing as it's defined in here. I also love good peeing. Peeing in the toilet is just dull peeing per say that I don't think of as good or bad. Any thoughts?
  20. Had to pee but also needed to do laundry so I threw my shirt on the floor and peed on it
  21. Just love being naughty sometimes
  22. .Well, guys, Sarah here again. And I think this time I'll tell you about the flat wrecking party I enjoyed with Barbara and a few friends when we were in our early 20s. We knew this couple at the time who were themselves only about 25 - Doug and Julie I think their names were. They were friends of ours, but knew nothing about our naughty pleasures. Well nothing beyond what happened at their flat anyway. And the more perceptive amongst you might already be guessing where this is going. They were in dispute with their landlord, who'd failed to repair their broken heating system throughout the winter. So they stopped paying him rent until he did. He prioritised evicting them over repairing the heating. By now it was early spring and they'd found somewhere else to move into. But they were never going to get their deposit back, though I suppose they'd claimed it already in the form of unpaid rent. But they were feeling highly aggrieved at having had to endure a very uncomfortable winter, at times staying with friends because their flat was too cold, and eventually having to buy an electric heater out of their own scarce cash. Words had been said between them and the landlord and the relationship between them had collapsed into one of acrimony and abuse, and indeed loathing. And by all accounts the guy was a total dick head. At one point - in a wholly transparent attempt to make them feel uncomfortable - under the guise of "renovation", he turned up, not to repair the heating but to remove the frosted glass window from the bathroom and replace it with clear glass. And this was a ground floor flat! Doug and Julie had to bodge up some curtains so they could use the loo or take a shower without doing so in full public view! That's how bad things got. They were pissed off, and hated the guy by the time they'd found somewhere else, and really wanted to piss him off badly. And this is where the idea of a flat-wrecking party came in. Doug and Julie so hated the guy that they planned to have a few friends around with a few beers and just totally trash the place, smashing up breakable items with hammers, tearing up sofas with knives, and so on. But in discussing it with Barbara and myself, Julie expressed a concern. What if we made so much noise wrecking stuff that some neighbour called the police? We could all end up being prosecuted for criminal damage. I think the sudden glance Barbara and I exchanged indicated that she had the same thought as I did, lol. But it was I who guided them to the idea. I commented that this would be a bit risky, and pointed out that just smashing the place up physically would be pretty tiring and dangerously noisy, even if fun. So of course I came up with the better idea of everyone just having a few drinks and peeing everywhere. A lot less noise. No cops likely to be called. But just as damaging. Electrical goods can be fucked up just as easily - and a lot more quietly - by pissing on them than by smashing them to bits with hammers. Sofas and carpets can be ruined just as easily by being peed on. Etc. Julie's draw dropped but her face was beaming with amusement at the idea. Doug just grinned. Barbara faked shock, giving it the "oh my God I can't believe you came up with that idea" spiel. Another reason why we have gotten away with piss vandalism throughout our lives is that we can be convincing actresses when it helps the cause, lol. She was very convincing and allowed herself to be "reluctantly" persuaded that it was a good idea. Though of course I knew she was well up for it from the start, lol. Anyway, the arrangements were made, other guests invited, and it was determined that on the evening in question we'd all meet in their local pub and have a few drinks to loosen inhibitions - and fill bladders, hahaha - before heading back to "the venue". As well as Barbara and myself - and Doug and Julie of course - there were two other couples. There was Neil and Rosie, both in their early 20s. Rosie was a stunning blonde, whilst Neil - we later saw - had what must have been a nine inch dick at least, lol. And sorry guys, I know any male readers aren't interested but we ladies do notice such things. The other couple - Tim and Shauna - were in their late 20s. Shauna was a very buxom blonde, but kind of hot. There was also one other last minute guest whom we all met and got talking to in the pub on the evening in question. We all knew her cos she was one of the pub barmaids, but currently off duty and just in the pub for a few drinks. Her name was Carol, and she was much older than the rest of us, being 39. But when she heard what we had planned, she wanted to come along too, saying that it would be fun to just pee all over the place. And just to prove the point, she entertained us with an anecdote about peeing on some guy's bedroom carpet for the hell of it after way too many drinks. My kind of lady, lol. Well, with three pints of lager or some equivalent drink inside us, we all walked the short distance to Doug and Julie's flat, all badly in need of a piss by now. There was some hesitation. No one wanted to be first, because for most of them, just pissing on the carpet or furniture was just so totally "wrong". Barbara and I knew that too, of course, but for us that is part of what makes doing it so much fun. No one else present, though, had ever made a habit of peeing all over the place with total abandon. Well, with the possible exception of Carol, who on the short walk here amused us with another anecdote about an ex who liked watching her pee on the kitchen floor. She laughingly referred to him as "a dirty bastard" but clearly enjoyed the memory on some level. Barbara and I are tuned in to notice such things. We also instinctively realised that we'd hide our own enjoyment in plain sight much more effectively if we did not appear so over-eager that we rushed to be the first ones to pee. And since this was still - technically - Doug and Julie's flat, first honours really had to fall to them. None of the others would feel comfortable doing it in their place unless they led by example. So we kind of all congregated in the living room, where Doug got his dick out right there and started peeing on the carpet, to the amusement of everybody. The flat wasn't exactly huge so with nine of us in the living room, space was a bit tight. So when one of the girls - Rosie - laughed, "Hey, that's splashing on my leg!" and moved away I was not entirely surprised. But it was funny. Next thing that happened was Julie striding with a grin over towards the corner of the room, where she pulled off her knickers, raised her short skirt as she popped a squat. And then started pissing right there on the carpet too, laughing, "I can't believe I'm doing this." She was still going strong, creating a massive puddle, when Doug, putting his dick away, said "Right everyone, feel free to piss anywhere. We want to trash everything. " He then started going through the place, unplugging all electrical appliances. Carol the barmaid then grinned and said, "Piss anywhere, eh? Ok........" And she got up out of the armchair she'd briefly sat in, stepped out of her knickers and raised the front of her skirt as she stood facing that armchair, fingers parting her labia. Then she stood there pissing all over the armchair, slowly swaying her hips from side to side whilst manipulating the direction of her golden torrent with her fingers. She actually looked incredibly well practiced at doing this as she deliberately peed all over the armchair. And I wasn't the only one who noticed. Rosie piped up with, "Oh my god, Carol, you look like you've done that before! Never knew you were such a dirty cow, hahaha." Carol laughed, "Believe it, baby. There was this one guy I dated who used to like watching me do this against his bedroom wall!" There was a short pause before she added with a chuckle, "Most of it ended up on the carpet!" There were a few dropped jaws and much laughter at that, somewhat surreally from Julie considering that she herself was at this moment only just finishing her own long wee on the carpet, lol. As she got up from her squat, briefly smirking at the large lake of pee soaking slowly into the carpet, Julie asked with some highly incongruous incredulity, "What, you actually did that? Weren't you bothered about the mess?" "Wasn't my bedroom! Wasn't my wall! Wasn't my carpet! So nah, not really, hahaha." As the last of Carol's pee was spraying over the armchair, Shauna laughingly pointed at the huge puddle soaking into the carpet which Julie was stepping away from, "It's so funny that you were being so incredulous about Carol's pissing whilst you were doing that at the time." We all laughed at that. And now I decided to pee, mentioning something about Carol pissing against a wall in the past and wanting to give it a try myself, So - knickerless already in preparation for this evening, Barbara and myself having agreed to go commando - I stood facing the wall with the front of my skirt raised and legs slightly apart. And started spraying the wall with my piss, swaying my hips from side to side to cover as much of it as possible. Most of it of course was ending up on the carpet. Carol commented on how it looked like I'd done that before, so I made up some BS about having been driven to use urinals in the gents before out of desperation because of huge queues for the ladies'. The guys in particular seemed to love that notion. I guess if they'd known the truth about me and Barbara deliberately pissing against living room walls in the past, they'd have liked it even more. But we have to be careful. Anyway, I peed for ages, covering the wall and creating a large puddle on the carpet at the base of it. By the time I was done, Rosie had Neil's nine inch dick in her hand as he peed all over the coffee table in front of the sofa. Most people had now vacated the sofa, but Shauna was still sitting there enjoying the show. She laughingly pointed out that she could feel warm droplets of pee splashing back off the table onto her bare legs. But she made no effort to move away, instead saying, "But I don't actually mind!" At this point, Rosie aimed Neil's dick towards the sofa for a couple of seconds, causing him to briefly piss on Shauna's bare legs, before aiming back towards the table. Shauna - along with Rosie - laughed, her legs covered in pee. "Rosie, I can't believe you just did that!" But she clearly wasn't all that bothered, neither was her boyfriend Tim, who seemed to find it funny. I was thrilled to see pee flowing off the edges of the table onto the carpet too. Those familiar with the confessions of Barbara and myself will not be surprised to hear that, lol. Tim then got his dick out and started peeing against another wall, whilst Julie blatantly stood there right beside him, watching his peeing dick with a grin. His girlfriend Shauna joked about how Julie was allowed to watch but not touch, lol. Shauna and Barbara then decided to piss all over the sofa together. Barbara's idea, of course. Whilst Shauna squatted upon one end of it, pissing right there, Barbara stood facing the rest of it, legs apart and front of her dress hoisted, as she swung her hips from side to side, spraying the rest of it with piss. Rosie herself popped a squat over a still dry part of the carpet - and flooded it with at least a minute's worth of serious pissing. Another huge puddle was the result. A lot of laughter and high-fiving after that, with one seriously fucked up and ruined living room. We carried on drinking lager after that, and planned to fuck up the bedroom next. In the meantime we chatted about loads of random shit - a lot of griping against Doug and Julie's landlord, and laughter about how pissed off he was going to be, naturally. But we did get to hear another pissing anecdote from Carol who - a lot less careful than Barbara and I - was in serious danger of upstaging us, lol. Apparently - for a dare - she once peed on the floor between the seats near the back of a busy bus. Of course, she was drunk at the time. Anyway, after much chat and more drinking, we all needed to pee again so headed out into the bedroom. Julie immediately said that she was going to really piss off their cunt of a landlord by pissing on his bed. So she got up onto the bed and popped a squat in the middle of it. And started pissing. And carried on for ages, obviously soaking the sheets and mattress. She must have peed for nearly a minute, and at one point it was pooling around her bare feet as she peed faster than the mattress could soak it up. She then held her boyfriend Doug's dick as he peed all over the bed too, spraying it all around. The other two guys stood facing one of the walls with their trousers down. Their girlfriends were aiming their dicks for them amidst much giggling as the guys pissed against that wall. Carol then really got into the swing of things, stepping out of her skirt entirely so that she was naked from the waist down, then stood in front of the bed with her back to it, in a semi-squatting position with hands on knees. Then she started pissing right there all over the carpet, a gleeful expression upon her face. She was getting off on this, I could tell. I sometimes wondered if she had pissy carpets at home, lol. She peed for ages too, flooding the carpet with piss before she was done. Rosie walked into the empty wardrobe where there was just enough room to pop a squat. Then she started pissing in there. By the time she was done the base of the wardrobe was covered in piss, and pee was flowing out of the front of it onto the carpet. Shauna opened the drawers of the bedside cabinet, and stood facing them with her skirt hoisted, pissing in them. The sound of her piss splashing against the wooden insides of those empty drawers was erotically loud. Sounded amazing. Barbara and I decided to pee together, temporarily removing our skirts entirely, so that we too were naked below the waist, then we stood by the side of the bed, with our backs to it, hands on hips' and legs parted. And started pissing all over the large area of open carpet on that side of the bed. It was awesome to see our piss splashing down, the puddles growing ever larger and more soaked, a lake of pee forming because the carpet couldn't soak it up fast enough. The muffled splashing sound of our pee hitting the carpet, which gradually morphed into a louder splashing as the carpet got soaked, was also highly erotic to both of us. We slowly swung our hips from side to side to spray as much of the carpet as possible, and by the time we were done, our two puddles had expanded to merge into one huge massive puddle, a lake of piss covering a large area of the carpet and only slowly soaking into it. Julie laughed, "Impressive! That carpet's well fucked now!" Next up, the kitchen, lol. But we needed to refuel with more lager first and a lot more chatting got done. And we were getting very tipsy by now. Shauna said something about how some people get off on this sort of thing, and told us about some amateur vid a friend of theirs showed them. No idea where he'd got it from, just another friend they said. But it featured these two women in their 40s with posh English accents, peeing all over a table, and on the kitchen floor, and on a bed. Shauna laughed, "They were enjoying it, you could tell." Carol was by now drunk enough to confess that it was kind of liberating and fun to just be a dirty bitch and piss anywhere without giving a fuck. Shauna chuckled, "Well I wouldn't make a habit of it - these are exceptional circumstances - but I can see the attraction." Julie laughed, "You pervs!" To which Carol good-humouredly responded with, "Says the girl who's just peed on the carpet and on the bed!" We all found this funny. Rosie actually admitted that whilst on holiday in Spain, she and a couple of friends had - when drunk - peed on the carpet in a hotel corridor for a laugh once. I joked, "According to Shauna there are people willing to pay good money to see videos of that. You missed an opportunity." We found that funny too. And of course, there was the inevitable additional anecdote from Carol, this time featuring her confession that only the previous year she'd deliberately peed on the carpet in front of her seat in the cinema, simply because it was more convenient. More fun too, I'm sure. When we got around to peeing in the kitchen it became something of a free for all. Doug pissed in the kettle. The other guys opened a low level cupboard and both stood there pissing in it. Julie got up onto the kitchen counter and popped a squat there, peeing all over the surface. Loads of it was soon flowing off the front onto the tiled floor. Even as Julie was still pissing, Rosie popped a squat over the floor and added her flood of piss to the mess there. I decided it was time to go for maximum naughtiness, and opened the door of the fridge. Barbara did likewise with the cooker. Then we both stood there pissing in our chosen appliances, flooding them with piss. There was much laughter as we did this. Shauna - drunkenly inspired by us - did something similar with the washing machine, standing in front of it's opened door and pissing in it. Carol simply stood naked from the waist down - her bare feet already standing in Rosie's piss - and gleefully sprayed her piss all over the floor. Well after that we carried on drinking and to be honest my memory starts getting rather fuzzy from this point. But I remember that at one point we all deliberately peed on the bed again, with the intention of so thoroughly soaking it that our piss would start dripping onto the carpet underneath. And we more than succeeded. Because by the time all nine of us had peed there, it was actually pouring onto the carpet underneath, not merely dripping. So that mattress was obviously totally ruined. Fucking brilliant. I can remember Julie, Shauna, and Rosie all squatting and peeing on the living room carpet again. And the guys pissing on the living room curtains, lol. I can remember peeing on the tiled bathroom floor right beside the unused toilet, lol. And Barbara pissing in the sink with the plug in....and all of us laughing about leaving it there for the landlord to find. I think Carol managed to upstage us again though. Because she actually stood astride the toilet but deliberately left the lid closed. And pissed there anyway for a laugh! Most of it of course ended up all over the floor. I have other vague and fuzzy memories of guys - and girls - pissing against walls, and on carpets. Sofa got peed on a few more times I think. And the kitchen table got pissed on I'm sure. And I have a vague memory of squatting over a removed cutlery drawer which had been placed on the kitchen floor, and pissing all over the cutlery inside it. Anyway, we all eventually left once we were done - by which time it was about 3am and we'd all had more than enough to drink. We all headed off to our separate locations, Barbara stopping over at my place. Cannot remember doing it at all, but when we woke in the morning feeling much the worse for wear, we found a large puddle of piss on my bathroom floor. Clearly we'd decided to pee on the floor in there instead of using the toilet. So I had the joy of cleaning that up, groan. As for the flat we'd ruined? Landlord wasn't due to call for nearly a week! By the time he did, the entire place would have been stinking - carpets, bed, furniture, curtains - all ruined. Appliances all peed in or on. Tiled floors covered in piss. Likewise tables. Loved to have been able to see his reaction, hahaha. But the cunt deserved it, so who cares? And it sure was a lot of fun.
  23. Anyone at work leak/play with their piss secretly?
  24. I also like looking on YouTube where people talk about their love for pee. Hearing people talk about pee experiences also turns me on. I have looked through many on youtube, and I'm putting a like one of them that I really like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MbtmG_th-aE I really like how Sinna talks about her pee fetish so openly on youtube. Sinna I admire your courage for this whole heartedly. I love buying your naughty peeing clips because you love doing them as a dream job. Videos women make of them peeing on hotel carpets who give facial expressions like they are only in it for the money, and don't enjoy it don't turn me on. Your pics and videos turn me on hella because you're so into naughty peeing, and am turned on by peeing on the carpet as much as I am about. I absolutely love peeing on the floor as well, because it's fun, it's taboo, it's forbidden, it's exciting, and it makes me horny. When it comes to your series of five videos the first being the one I posted I like how you give advise on how to talk about your fetish, and accept it. I especially like how you talk about your love for wetting yourself and peeing on the carpet. The only thing that can be even more amazing about your youtube shares is if you go more in depth about how peeing on the floor makes you feel, where your mind goes when you pee on hotel carpets, what it is that is so exciting about peeing in elevators, how excited you feel when peeing on a public restroom floor. Just a few suggestions and I give your videos a very high rating.