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Found 2 results

  1. Hi all, so I've had this idea around my head for some time, but I discovered Choose your own adventure dot com and was intrigued by the works of some of the authors there. The website is basically an erotic fiction site where you write a story chapter at a time and can have multiple chapter, diverging story lines, for the reader to choose from. I feel it would be a great idea to write a pee themed story there. there are a few others already, but they don't get nearly as much attention as I think they deserve. So here is my idea I want to start with a second person POV story that starts with you being told in a dream that you are about to be introduced to a world where the rules around peeing are very different, and then you choose what those rules should be and find yourself in said world. Idk guys, what do you think?
  2. Larry and Jerry these two grown men were having a lot of fun camping. They had just peed together on the ground of their camping sight together and discovered they both really like peeing. "Well," Jerry said, "Yes, that was a lot of fun peeing together in the dirt of the camp sight. There is something so freeing about peeing outside that I very much enjoy. I also like the freeing feeling from peeing in the shower, in a like, and in a pool. When I became more of a rebelious teenager at age 19, I tried this new exciting way to pee," Jerry paused. Larry responded, "Do tell." Jerry mumbled, "Well at age 19 I started when in a park bathroom standing next to the urinal, aiming my dick to one side, and then purposefully peeing on the concrete floor for the whole time if peeing and making a big puddle on the wall and floor, and then leaving it there making it look like I accidentally leaked on the floor when actually purposefully peeing on the floor. So much fun. I love the adrenaline rush, the rebellious feeling, the excitement, and the arousal I get from purposfully peeing on park bathroom floors." Larry replied, "I do that same thing as well. I started doing that my mid teen years. I also aim my dick to the side when standing next to a urinal and aim for the floor, and have so much fun leaving my piss for someone else to clean." "Want to pee together next time we have to pee on the floor of the mens room on the bathroom?" Jerry asked. "Hell Yah that sounds like so much fun, doing some floor peeing together," Larry replied. They had both emptied their bladders all the way just then in the dirt so it would be awhile before they both had to pee. Before going to bed when they were both brushing their teeth in the bathroom they realized it was late almost everyone else on their camp sight had gone to bed. When they were done flossing and brushing they stood next to the two urinals, held their big dicks next to each other pointed on a spot on the wall between the two urinal boxes. "On the count of three," Larry said, "1, 2, 3. Both men started peeing big strong torrents the started hitting the wall between the two urinals at the same time, they watched their pee roll down the wall and roll across the floor and kept peeing and peeing letting it floor and continued watching their pee roll across the concrete floor and into the drain on the other side of the bathroom floor. They continued until the last few drops that Jerry had to go while Larry was still peeing for another five seconds as they watched their puddle get bigger and bigger until Larry's pee also reduced to drops. "I win, I peed longer," said Larry. "Well that was sure fun," replied Jerry. "I've enjoyed this naughty behavior alone for a long time, but doing it with a friend is something else. To be continued at some point.