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  1. Ho. Ly. Shit. Anna's stories just keep getting hotter and hotter. Thanks for them!
  2. Oof, that last one was a scorcher!
  3. Absolutely love Kaymala. I would ha-pee-ly live there, if I could. Was the pun (cliffhanger) intentional, or accidental? More, please!
  4. "But Shannon just giggled and smiled. "Well, let's just say the floor next to the drink station behind the bar is usually wet, so…." My jaw dropped. "And…," Heather started to say but paused, then continued, "let's just say you're sitting in the right section. Outside, I mean."" So, is it Shannon, or is it Heather? lol, this looks promising! Can't wait to read the next installment!
  5. Another note, I wonder if the group of girls in the same theater heard or even saw what the 2 of them were doing, and if they had naughty pees and masturbation sessions of their own. That would be amazing on its own. Maybe they follow the 2 of them and introduce themselves... might it even be Kiki and her peeing friends? Small world, lol.
  6. Wetwulf, this story just gets hotter and hotter. I'd love to witness these 2 hotties in action. Maybe they'd let me join in, then we could have a 3some. 😉 Keep up the awesome work!
  7. Oof, yet another hot as hell chapter! Hap-pee to have another chapter, thanks!
  8. The next chapter won't be the only coming soon. 😉
  9. Soooooo.................. gonna share the video with your adoring audience, or what? XD Super hot!
  10. Does your office have any potted plants that need... watering? Or a water feature that needs... topping up? 😄
  11. I don't think I could've peed - I can't pee with a boner! XD
  12. Wish I could've been on this flight, probably would've had a boner all flight! XD
  13. Damn. Honestly, this is my favorite chapter yet! More Freya and the other trans girl, the one with the GF... oooh, maybe they can meet and have an orgy with Simon!
  14. Okay, I'm totally lost. Whereabouts does this story fall in the order of chapters? I'm trying to put them in order, but having troubles. Do you have like a list of the titles in order? Loving this series, easily one of my favorite fictional lands that most of us would love to live in. Keep up the great work!
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