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    Older attached female wildly aroused by Harleys, my fiancé, and the sight/sound of men pissing!

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    It's such a desirable fluid. I love to feel it travel over my body, fresh from the tap, my preference being a circumcised cock. Spraying wildly as the cock massages my clit. I love peeing on a hard cock while it's inside my hot, wet cunt. Sometimes it reciprocates, even if it's removed from inside me to spray my pussy. I prefer peeing outdoors, and I love to watch and hear men do so. Peeing doesn't require an erection and can be induced easily. I would gladly pee for a guy, anywhere he wants me to. In a semi-public place, on his carpet, in his bed, on his body, or in otherwise naughty places. Pee is wonderful!
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    Piss fucking, pissing with an ex all over the interior of a retired stock (racing) car that we thought would never be used again. Oops!

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  1. I was 17 and with the guy who would become my first ex-husband. Sex didn't stop hurting until after I became pregnant, and I don't remember how I talked him into it, but I was the one who initiated the pee play. He was one of those rare males who could piss with a full erection. I was fascinated with holding his cock while he pissed on various household surfaces. At some point, we were sharing our pee with each other, and one of my favorite ways was rubbing his cock head against my clit and labia, while we both peed. He also would remain inside my vagina after fucking me and wait a short while before "flooding the cave". I would pee anywhere he wanted me to. The one way I seemed to lack inhibitions was in my pee life. To this day, I would still take pee anywhere except in my face or mouth. I abhor the taste. But I would pee anytime or anywhere my man would want me to. And I can pee a lot!
  2. Those stairwells need cleaning anyway. You'll need to be peeing there a lot more.
  3. I don't like the taste of pee, but aside from my eyes or mouth, I loved when the few I have experienced this with peed on me. "Paint me with your piss" would be the clearest way I could define it. I love pee sex, rubbing a cock head all over my pussy, while it is shooting out streams of piss. My other favorite is piss fucking. I can pee on a guy at any time, so that wouldn't bother me at all. My favorite place to pee is on his cock, preferably someplace outdoors, though I have done it elsewhere. I have no qualms against pee sex. Watersports. It's perfectly fine with me.
  4. I love to see men just whip it out and go anywhere, except for the toilet. My fiancé is on medication that induces very frequent urination, but I don't get to see nor help with that. 😞 So he does pick semi-public locations at many times. And my pee fantasies live vicariously through this site and xtube!
  5. Urinals are better visuals than toilets for me because I don't get to view that in my daily life. Has anyone ever had one of those plastic toddler urinals in their house? They're to teach little boys how to aim when potty training. Wonder how much they hold and if any adult male ever tried using one, or if anyone creative ever built their own. Also, porous surfaces hold an appeal for me. Watching pee soak into fabric, splatter against corrugated cardboard, or some type of spongy foam surface. Things that aren't supposed to be urinated on being doused with pee. I guess that's why watching a guy pee on couches holds so much appeal for me. And while I know there's a big draw for hotel pissing, it kind of means more to me if the chair or bed is one you or your partner own, with the exception of abandoned houses. The latter are fair game and I would love to christen one myself.
  6. Truth be told, I only visit this site when my bladder is full enough that I could pee at any moment, but choose to wait, because it feels so good to hold. Sometimes I will add fuel to the already bursting tanks by drinking Gatorade or other pee-inducing beverages whole my bladder has me clenching and rocking, making it inevitable that I will eventually climax, without even stimulating my pussy manually. Coming in that way delays the pee urge, but only temporarily. When it mounts up the next time, the urge to let go is greatly increased. If I cough or sneeze at that moment, there will be a small warm pond in my panties. I will make it to the bathroom for the remainder, but not necessarily opt for the toilet. It's only pseudo naughty to pee anywhere in a bathroom. But why should the toilet have all the fun?
  7. If he isn't wearing any underwear, I want to see him unzipped, and to start pissing while his cock is still in his pants, yet pointing out, so that part of his urine naturally wets his jeans, before his stream gains strength enough to expel outward, away from his pants. And to catch the waning dribbles as his stream gradually lessens.
  8. The only way wetting works for me is if a guy's bladder is so full that he no longer has the option of holding back and it just floods out spontaneously, but I need to see the outline of his cock in his underwear to get a visual on how his cock is lying. Seeing a stream jet out from the fabric upwards, as if he were exposed. And eventually seeing his pissing cock revealed in all its glory, with enough left in his bladder to show off for me.
  9. Nice cock and stream. Was just concerned about your hair clogging the drain.
  10. Very nice indeed....showing a beautiful cock and a lovely stream.
  11. I have to see your cock and your stream to really appreciate it. I'm not that fussy. I just prefer a clear-to-light stream and a lot of it.
  12. We're here, waiting to see you guys reveal your equipment and let loose your liquid burden. Just make sure to let us see it, or even hold it. I held my ex's cock while he pissed all over our living room wall. (He was the ex who could pee with a full erection.)

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