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    Older attached female wildly aroused by Harleys, my fiancé, and the sight/sound of men pissing!

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    It's such a desirable fluid. I love to feel it travel over my body, fresh from the tap, my preference being a circumcised cock. Spraying wildly as the cock massages my clit. I love peeing on a hard cock while it's inside my hot, wet cunt. Sometimes it reciprocates, even if it's removed from inside me to spray my pussy. I prefer peeing outdoors, and I love to watch and hear men do so. Peeing doesn't require an erection and can be induced easily. I would gladly pee for a guy, anywhere he wants me to. In a semi-public place, on his carpet, in his bed, on his body, or in otherwise naughty places. Pee is wonderful!
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    Piss fucking, pissing with an ex all over the interior of a retired stock (racing) car that we thought would never be used again. Oops!

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  1. Perhaps it was because we never had an indoor toilet on our farm, or maybe it was cultural, but I was never taught to wipe my front after peeing.
  2. First I'd take advantage of the increased upper body strength, to move things around my house (that I otherwise have to beg my guy to do). Then I would put being double-jointed to use, by trying to suck myself off. But every time I felt even the slightest urge, I would try to pee in as many different places and positions as possible. I would do holds just to compare with how it feels as a woman. And I would want to capture the escapades on my phone, for future arousal.
  3. The only improvement to this would be to see your cock unloading this nice stream.
  4. I think that indeed was you! I'm but a voyeur, at least for now. I've never made any videos of myself, but I'm pretty good at written descriptions.
  5. Love that thick stream and gorgeous cock.
  6. Beautiful streams from a handsome cock.
  7. I wholeheartedly agree. In fact, I rarely give a second glance to toilet peeing, unless the guy is deliberately avoiding hitting the toilet bowl.
  8. "Page not found" is the message I got.
  9. Too many ads is an understatement! I didn't get to see most of the peeing because it kept flipping to other things.
  10. I wish you would show the hose which this beautiful stream came from.
  11. Are you on xtube? I remember seeing a guy with a similar name and a thick pee stream, whom I thoroughly enjoy watching.
  12. My guy was born with an extra X chromosome (Klinefelters Syndrome), and he takes monthly testosterone injections to treat it. He's almost 60 now and with age and the shots, his prostate has become enlarged to the point that urination is now difficult. He's waiting on a referral to see a urologist, but we're hoping there's a way to treat this without it becoming worse. We've been a couple for 12 years, but we've never had sexual intercourse. Without the hormonal shots, he has no desire, but with them, his health is now adversely affected. I do hope that we can have a sex life once we get marrie
  13. I could never see myself doing this unless I had a personal vendetta against the person or location. Not at random. I'm a person who is horrified by the inconsiderate people who desecrate handicap accessible facilities, because they're the only type I can use. That said, my fantasies of piss vandalism have limitations. If it was completely anonymous, then I would take advantage of carpeted stairs, beds, closets, and fitting rooms. But my intent is not to destroy or inconvenience. Mine is only for pleasure and necessity. I would drench carpeting but not merchandise nor apparel. I fantasize of s
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