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    Older attached female wildly aroused by Harleys, my fiancé, and the sight/sound of men pissing!

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    It's such a desirable fluid. I love to feel it travel over my body, fresh from the tap, my preference being a circumcised cock. Spraying wildly as the cock massages my clit. I love peeing on a hard cock while it's inside my hot, wet cunt. Sometimes it reciprocates, even if it's removed from inside me to spray my pussy. I prefer peeing outdoors, and I love to watch and hear men do so. Peeing doesn't require an erection and can be induced easily. I would gladly pee for a guy, anywhere he wants me to. In a semi-public place, on his carpet, in his bed, on his body, or in otherwise naughty places. Pee is wonderful!
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    Piss fucking, pissing with an ex all over the interior of a retired stock (racing) car that we thought would never be used again. Oops!

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  1. I probably already responded to this, so delete if it's repetitive. I prefer to see men pissing. Occasionally I will watch women if they're peeing in obviously inappropriate settings. One girl was drunk and thought that a small glass tabletop was her toilet. It was fun until she and the flooded table fell over. Another drunk girl sat on the edge of the bed to piss. She wouldn't believe her guy when he told her what she was doing, so he got it on tape. She completely emptied her bladder all down the side of the mattress. I am turned off anytime the video is supposed to show the desperation
  2. The only place I peed at the nearest park was on the ground and over a then-boyfriend. But I would like, if it was deserted, to wear a short skirt or dress without panties, and leak on a bench. I wouldn't desecrate anything that kids use, even if they pee there themselves.
  3. Can you sport a kilt? There's a male employee at my local Walmart who always wears a kilt.
  4. You might be more inclined to naughty pee sober if you are desperate enough. That seems to influence many decisions regarding urination.
  5. Simpfan


    Welcome from the United States!
  6. I love leather, as it pertains to motorcycle riding apparel. My first time in the local Harley shop, that was my initial impression. The aroma was so pleasing, almost erotic. I love riding, but it does stimulate my bladder. I wouldn't dare get on the bike while full. Harleys turn me on.
  7. If they didn't have urinating penises, I wouldn't be nearly as enthralled with seeing them. I'm a hetero female, born female, and I love watching, hearing, and feeling penises piss. It's about the urine and the cock for me. Maybe that makes me shallow, but I don't really care. Body type or shape and skin color are irrelevant to me. Locations, bladder size and quantity of need are more important to me. Everybody pees and I like to watch most of them.
  8. Thanks, but I don't photograph well. (My pale skin doesn't work well with cameras. Male friends tried in the past and I wasn't meant for the silver screen, lol.)
  9. As a quirky female, I can pee while aroused, and also when not, but if I want to divert my interest from peeing, I rub my clit. Once I climax, it's extremely easy to do so again, but when I do once again acknowledge a need for release of pee, the urge is nearly uncontrollable. I'm someone who has never had a problem with bladder control, before last month, and I have no idea what triggered that, but I'm grateful that it appears to be gone now.
  10. These latter ones against the darker background were my favorites, I guess. Where you appear to be more hydrated. Nice posing though and good-looking cock.
  11. Many women like to hover, but I'm not one of them. I would rather squat over a trash can or the floor than to hover over a toilet. I have even pissed in a sink, though that was many years ago. These days, it's more like find something to cover the toilet seat with first, because having mobility impairments interferes with my balance.
  12. My ex and I used the toilet, in that he would sit on it and I would straddle him, his cock either inside me or against my pussy, and either one of us or both would pee. My stream went all over his cock and down into the toilet. No real mess, just maybe a fuck and a shower after. I love sharing my pee.
  13. You've got two different scenarios (and type sizes) going there, so it makes your post seem fictional and I thought we weren't supposed to put underage stuff here.
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