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    Older attached female wildly aroused by Harleys, my fiancé, and the sight/sound of men pissing!

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    It's such a desirable fluid. I love to feel it travel over my body, fresh from the tap, my preference being a circumcised cock. Spraying wildly as the cock massages my clit. I love peeing on a hard cock while it's inside my hot, wet cunt. Sometimes it reciprocates, even if it's removed from inside me to spray my pussy. I prefer peeing outdoors, and I love to watch and hear men do so. Peeing doesn't require an erection and can be induced easily. I would gladly pee for a guy, anywhere he wants me to. In a semi-public place, on his carpet, in his bed, on his body, or in otherwise naughty places. Pee is wonderful!
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    Piss fucking, pissing with an ex all over the interior of a retired stock (racing) car that we thought would never be used again. Oops!

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  1. Sexually speaking, I prefer circumcised. I like the feeling of the "ridge". As for pee watching, I have no preference. A ready hose and good supply is all that matters there.
  2. While it's sexual for me now, it was just fun as a kid. My guy doesn't see it as sexual at all, but has no qualms whatsoever at answering nature's various calls outdoors. And now that his recent surgery has taken him to places he never imagined "going" (occasional wetting), it excites me even more.
  3. Nice how the newer washers have a "Pee-soak" setting.
  4. So hot to see you pee wherever you happen to be. Nice cock too.
  5. Ever pee into a sponge? Wondering if a natural sponge would absorb differently than a synthetic. Just a random thought.
  6. I lay mesmerized as all the little droplets form a stream. Now how do I get the gif to allow your cock to aim it at me so I can feel each burst?
  7. Lonely sometimes but very warm and wet. I think peeing can be a very loving act, whether you are loving yourself or are able to share it. I know I enjoyed seeing it here. Thank you for showing.
  8. I love that sudden, forceful gush.
  9. Thank you!! My guy is recuperating from prostate surgery and occasionally dribbling into his "man pad", but is so grateful just to be able to pee again! The things we take for granted!
  10. Yes, please! Then you could have your coffee sooner...and later release some more for us.
  11. When my curiosity and desire get the better of me, I find myself wondering about urination rituals.
  12. I never got that with hangovers. I only experienced extreme pee arousal when consuming alcohol. Drinking made me want to fuck and piss like crazy. If I could do them both at once, all the more intense.
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