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  1. Thanks! Guess I am new and enthusiastic! Hope that stays with me, and with all of us!
  2. Keep the stories coming. Great work.
  3. Surely you don't have time to add anything else??!!
  4. Am I the only one that isn't part of any other similar site? I'm beginning to feel a little left out... I'm going to have to work really hard to get accepted and become better known... :eek:
  5. Iain - welcome aboard, just make one more post and you're in! Just reply here, that'll do it!! But once you are in, jump in properly and post lots. This is going to be a busy place I'm sure - it already is in many ways!
  6. Chopsy


    Not a word perhaps, but a cool smilie... Hadn't noticed those... will try them out! :snow:
  7. That's a great list - but I will be the rest of this life and the next working my way through them all! Anybody have a particular favourite "not to be missed" movie??
  8. I'm liking that one @[uSER=131]steve25805[/uSER] , perhaps we should all try a bit of that... and not only online...
  9. See - we need input like that from someone who knows about these things. Thanks Lizz... As P155 says, it is about the quality of the acting and also the filming...
  10. This site is showing as number 5 - so I guess someone is voting!
  11. Just remembered to do this again... And I'm thinking that posting that fact here will bump the thread back up to the top. Is everyone doing this? If it helps the site, then it will help us all.
  12. Yes - very useful, but I fogot to mention that beyond 10 sites, you have to register - which I think is about $20 US. There are free alternatives, but I haven't tried them - been with RoboForm for about 10 years now.
  13. Seems that some of those numbers have gone away now... :confused: I see them still on my home page / profile page, but not below other peoples names in the threads... I kind of miss it...
  14. We all have a job to do here, and I (for one) am :biggrin:happy to help!
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